The Impact of COVID-19 on Talent Acquisition: Planning for the Future [WEBINAR]

Actionable insights for you to start your strategy for the future on this on-demand webinar.

Recruitment Strategies Post COVID: Hiring Demand vs Hiring Capacity

Find Out The Shape of Your Recruitment Recovery

5 Potential Impacts of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the Recruitment Marketing Industry

Get Insights on how the coronavirus is affecting different industries and ideas for adjusting.

Results of The Impact of COVID-19 on TA

Interesting results that can help you plan for the future.

COVID-19 Employer Brand Messaging Examples

Here's how some companies are handling candidate messaging.

How To Host a Virtual Hiring Event Without Leaving Your Desk

See what to consider when hosting a virtual event and options you have.

Managing Employer Brand During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Article by Roy Maurer on SHRM

Employer Brand Resources [HUB]

Valuable insights on employment brand and COVID-19 in one place.

Diversity and Inclusion Resources [HUB]

Relevant resources for Diversity & Inclusion Planning. Essential reading now, more than ever.

Virtual Hiring Events and Virtual Interviews Resources [HUB]

All you ever wanted to know about the virtualization in recruitment in one place.

Staffing and Recruitment Marketing Resources [HUB]

Are you in the staffing industry? Navigate through free recruitment marketing resources.

Healthcare Recruiting During COVID-19 Resources [HUB]

Must-visit resource hub if you are a Healthcare Talent Acquisition Leader

Product Updates from Glassdoor, Indeed and LinkedIn in Response to COVID-19

Find out what's new and if you should take advantage of these updates.

Optimism's New Outposts: Real Estate, Law, Manufacturing and Software

Article on LinkedIn.

Recruitment Planning After a Crisis

Relevant article on 

COVID-19: The Pulse of HR – What Is HR Doing Now?

Josh Bersin's interesting findings based on his survey and discussions.

Employer Brand Crisis Messaging eBook

Access an action plan, dos & don'ts, and an interactive checklist.

How The Biggest Companies In The World Are Preparing To Bring Back Their Workforce

Companies in different industries and officials are starting to think about what getting people back to work may look like.

Coronavirus and US Job Postings

Data from

Hiring in a Time of Crisis

Strategy Column at ERE by MARY FAULKNER

How COVID-19 is Changing the Work and Hiring Landscape

Interesting article by Ryan Leary on Hiring Daily.

Put Your Pants On! Plus 5 Other Tips to Successfully Work from Home

Tips for those practicing social distancing and teams that are now working from home. Several tips and additional resources.

Navigating a Pandemic: Resources for Talent Teams Working Through COVID-19

Browse the useful resources TALENT BRAND ALLIANCE compiled.

Glassdoor Economic Research Hub

Glassdoor’s research and analysis on the impact of COVID-19.

Workforce Confidence Index: Introducing a biweekly pulse on the mood of workers

Full results of LinkedIn's new Workforce Confidence Index.

The Future of Talent Acquisition & Hiring in 2025

Podcast with JD Cummings - Raising Caine's

Coronavirus HR Comms & Resources

This is a crowdsourced collection of resources for HR and business leaders to help inform and support Coronavirus response plans. This guide will be updated regularly.

15 Tips to Hire Talent Post the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

The perspective of several leaders on the HR Technology blog.

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