Your Complete Guide to Workplace Transparency

Salary Transparency is here to stay.

With the growing access to data and information, now is the time for your company to pull back the curtain and embrace the beauty of transparency. The popularity of sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, and Google for Jobs have created a widespread call for transparency throughout the recruitment industry. Here are some resources to help you tackle the emerging trend of transparency!

How does workplace transparency affect recruitment?

More and more companies are disclosing pay information in job descriptions. Have no fear — we’ve complied everything you need to know to make your decision on transparency!

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Your employees and candidates are talking about you online.

Are you aware of what they are saying on sites like Glassdoor and Indeed? Find out how to respond to reviews and encourage more of your employees to post on these forums.


Four reviewers you’ll see on Glassdoor (and how to respond)

4 min. read

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Glassdoor strategy 3 ways to engage your employees

3.5 min. read

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REPORT: How Radical Transparency Is Transforming Job Search and Talent Attraction

8 min. read

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Are your employer profiles up to best practices?

Being transparent includes showcasing what it’s like to work at your company on sites such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed. These guides can help you optimize your company profiles.

Glassdoor Best Practices
Glassdoor Company Page Best Practices
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Indeed Best Practices
Indeed Company Page Best Practices
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LinkedIn Best Practices
LinkedIn Company Page Best Practices
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Looking for even MORE information?

We’ve curated additional resources to help you stay informed on all things transparency.


Workplace Transparency: The Hiring Process

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Salary Transparency is on the rise…in job postings?

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Rising Workplace Trends That Are Reshaping The Work Of HR

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Transparency Means Getting Comfortable With the Uncomfortable

4.5 min. read

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Should HR Make Pay Public?

11 min. read

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4 Ways to Handle Salary Information in a Job Description

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Case Study: CareerFoundry – Took Salary Transparency to a whole new level

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The Case Against Pay Transparency

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