4 Ways to Integrate “Easy Apply” with Programmatic Recruitment Advertising

4 Ways to Integrate “Easy Apply” with Programmatic Recruitment Advertising

At Recruitics, one of the most common questions we get asked is, “Our recruiters used to get more applications using ‘easy applies’; how can we use that but also use programmatic?”

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) have their benefits, but a smooth, seamless application process usually isn’t one of them. “Easy applies” allow candidates to quickly send a resume directly to a recruiter without filling out a long application. This is especially valuable for users on mobile, since most candidates don’t have a resume saved on their mobile device; submitting an application with their job board profile makes applying on the go easy.

Pairing programmatic and the “easy apply” products offered by Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and others can bridge the gap between a cumbersome ATS application and the difficulty of tracking direct job site postings. “Easy apply” across several job boards are basically the same thing – a quick, easy way for candidates to send a resume or job board profile directly to the employer.

You can integrate your HR stack with “easy applies” and programmatic in a few different ways:

  1. Send Resumes to an Email Address – Most publishers can assign an email to each job and send the applications directly to the recruiter. This is a highly effective tactic but does require that the recruiter either manually enter the candidate info in the ATS or to ask the candidate to go back and fill out the application.
  2. Recruiters can log in directly to the job board platform to view applicants and then follow up with them from there. Some publishers, like ZipRecruiter, prefer this method because their algorithms can optimize which candidates you’re matched with based on which candidates you move along in the process.
  3. Aggregate applies across all easy applies and import them into the ATS. Soon, we'll have the ability to take all “easy applies” from all different job boards offering this feature and aggregate them into one single database. From there, you can upload it into a variety of ATS and CRM platforms and run drip marketing campaigns to keep candidates engaged. 
  4. A true ATS integration would be the holy grail. If you’re lucky enough to use an ATS that is integrated with these products, it’s a no brainer. Conversion rates are dramatically higher on both mobile and desktop, and you aren’t requiring your recruiters to use any extra platforms or receive tons of candidate resumes as emails. ATS’s that have integrations include Bullhorn, MyStaffingPro and SmartRecruiters (iCIMS coming soon too). Not all job boards support the same ATS integrations, find a partner to help you understand which ones make the most sense for your specific case.

Once you have the best integration setup for easy applies, Recruitics can apply the powerful rules of programmatic job advertising allowing you to set limits on the amount of budget allocated to a role, the number of applications, and tons of other options.

Adding “easy applies” to your recruitment marketing strategy is a great way to get a high volume of candidates and stretch your budget. However, in order to turn those applicants into hires requires companies to create a timely and consistent way of following up with candidates who apply with this method.

Integrating your programmatic strategy with easy applies is a great way to increase ROI, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Reach out and see how we can help add this to your media portfolio!

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