5 Reasons No One Will Apply to Your Job Posts

5 Reasons No One Will Apply to Your Job Posts


[View the 2019 updated version of this post here: 5 Reasons Why You're Not Receiving Applicants to Your Jobs Online]

If you’re a recruitment marketer, it’s important to track the candidates that apply to your job posts. In fact, tracking applicants is one of the most basic and easiest methods for measuring the effectiveness of your recruitment marketing strategy. It answers the question: is the way which I post jobs and execute PPC campaigns producing the results I’m looking for?

If you consider yourself among those who aren’t hitting their applicant goals, it’s probably because there’s something fundamentally wrong with your job posts. However, before you can fix the problem, you first need to find out what’s causing it.

These are the five reasons why no one will ever apply to your current job posts:

1. You’ve provided an alternative apply method:

There is such a thing as too much information when it comes to a job description. If you’re providing contact options such as a hiring manager's email address or telephone number, then you’re providing an alternative apply method. Essentially, this allows candidates to circumvent your ATS and send their resumes and cover letters right to the source, making it almost impossible to track their apply.

2. You’re sending job seekers mixed signals:

Inaccessible job posts present job seekers with a most frustrating experience. This means they’re either trying to apply for a position that’s already filled, and receiving a message saying so, or the position is open but they’re receiving a “404 Error” signaling a broken link. In any event, you’re not receiving the application and deterring potentially top quality candidates from possibly coming back to your site.

3. Your apply process is broken:

Your apply process is where tracking occurs, so if the process is broken, you’re likely receiving no applies. There are a number of reasons your apply process might be broken. For one, you might not have properly integrated your ATS to your career site, leading to broken links and forms. Another reason is due to a lack of mobile optimization, making the process impossible for mobile users. Or, more likely than not, your apply process actually works, and is just long and tortuous meaning applicants are electing not to finish it--technically it works, but let's face it, it’s broken.

4. Your job description is misleading:

Creating a job description, title and filling out the form that sets which state and vertical a job belongs in is the most manual process of recruitment marketing these days. And overly manual processes are where errors abound. First and foremost mislabeled or mistitled job descriptions mean the wrong people are seeing your jobs and therefore not applying. Secondly, poorly written, unattractive job descriptions leave job seekers with glazed eyes and force them to move on to the next open position. Without properly labeled, titled, well written and enticing job descriptions your applies will remain low … if you receive any at all.

5. Your budget is out of whack:

Performanced-based advertising, such as PPC job advertisements, may be the new gold standard for recruitment marketers, but it’s not a silver bullet. What I mean by that is performanced-based advertisements will help eliminate waste from your recruitment marketing budget, but to truly take advantage of them recruitment marketers will have to do some hands on management. Particularly when it comes to setting the budget. To properly take advantage of performance-based advertising, recruitment marketers need to be sure their budgets are proportional to their job volume and that bids are set competitively to reach designated goals. All in all, this process requires daily management by an experienced recruitment marketer.

Any number of factors can contribute to the success or failure of a given job post’s campaign. While these aren’t the only five reasons your jobs are underperforming, they are the most prominent.

Want to learn how Recruitics can help you remedy these common causes of no applies? Sign up for a demo today, or stay tuned to our blog to learn more tips and tricks that will help improve your recruitment marketing efforts.

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