The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Talent Acquisition

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Talent Acquisition

Over the past few months, I’ve been researching artificial intelligence tools for talent acquisition to better understand the scope of capabilities and effectiveness in the marketplace. From automation, to job matching and chat bots, AI is transforming the way companies think and work. One of the most common business problems I hear from our customers is the lack of enough work hours in the day. That’s where AI comes in, allowing companies to work smarter and more effectively.


There are new tools popping up each day, so here is a quick guide for you to reference when evaluating available tools.

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(Note: These are not listed in any particular rank or order.)


Business Objective: Attract, screen, engage and onboard candidates

  • Ari Powered by TextRecruit
    • Ari is a customizable recruiting chat bot that uses natural language processing and machine learning. Add candidates from your ATS, via text-to-apply, or live chat and let Ari engage them in a two-way conversation. Ari lets you spend more time with qualified candidates to hire better people faster.
  • Olivia by Paradox.AI
    • Olivia can engage with your candidates through the web, mobile platforms, or social channels. With over 90% completion rate, she captures more people than your current process. She can also intelligently provide next steps and route “green light” candidates straight to recruiters.
  • AllyO
    • Ally is an AI recruiter that utilizes natural language processing and machine learning to automate and self-optimize the end-to-end recruiting workflow. AllyO addresses the traditional inefficiencies of lost applicants due to poor candidate experience, and high cost of recruiting due to overburdening administrative tasks on hiring teams.
  • Other chat bot vendors include Wade & Wendy, Mya, Jobpal and Arya.


Business Objective: Automate and match candidates with opportunities

  • Entelo Envoy
    • Envoy enables you to automate the tedious and time-consuming tasks associated with sourcing. By applying the power of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, Envoy surfaces those who are the best fit for your open role – and most importantly, interested in your opportunity – and delivers them directly to your email inbox.
  • TalentDiscovery by CareerBuilder
    • With Talent Discovery’s first-of-its-kind intake tool, you’re able to gather the necessary inputs to understand everything about a job requisition, align expectations with the hiring manager and keep a documented record to reference during your sourcing and recruiting process. Additionally, with real-time labor market data, you get an in-depth look at the active supply and competitive demand for a given position to better understand where to find the right talent and what competitive salaries are for the role.
  • Ideal
    • Powered by artificial intelligence, the next generation candidate screening software uses your feedback to get smarter. By combining your performance data with millions of past hiring decisions, Ideal’s AI improves rapidly. With every action you take, whether it’s dismissing a candidate or bringing them into an interview, Ideal uses that feedback to get smarter and smarter. By using automated resume screening, you avoid candidates falling through the cracks. Candidates are screened and shortlisted instantly, so you know exactly who to contact first.
  • TalentFeed by HiringSolved
    • TalentFeed provides an intelligent platform to automate candidate search and match functions across all enterprise data sources and the social web, increasing recruiter efficiency by 90%.
  • Others source and screen tools vendors include Beamery, Panna, hireEZ, Stella and the chat bots noted in the above section that can automatically screen candidates based on qualifying questions.


Business Objective: Automatically review and score a candidate’s interview

  • HireVue
    • HireVue’s platform captures video and uses artificial intelligence to give you more insight into candidates, so you can make better decisions. Customers remove steps like resume reviews, phone screens, and traditional assessments from their recruiting processes. The right candidates expect more. By using the latest technology, you can ensure a great candidate experience that keeps the best talent in your pipeline.
  • Spark Hire
    • Spark Hire, the world’s fastest growing video interviewing platform, delivers robust and affordable online video interviewing solutions for employers and staffing firms. Since its launch in early 2012, Spark Hire has helped thousands of companies eliminate phone screens, streamline recruiting efforts, and gain more insight into candidates.

The adoption of AI is still at an early stage, so many are skeptical of it’s potential. However, what’s important is that it’s not going anywhere, nor is it going to replace people or eliminate jobs. Rather, it will minimize the amount of time spent on routine everyday tasks so one can be more efficient and strategic with their time. Here are some questions to ask yourself when evaluating an AI tool for your organization.


  • What is the biggest business challenge and how can AI support that?
  • Does the tool promise a specific measurable result or performance metric?
  • How does the solution differ from other players in the market and are there industry case studies?
  • What does the tool’s roadmap look like and can they pivot or provide custom solutions?

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