How to Attract Top Talent to an In-Person Hiring Event

How to Attract Top Talent to an In-Person Hiring Event

Over the past decade, thanks to continually evolving technology, virtual hiring and recruiting events have become the norm, even before the global pandemic. Yet, although convenient, providing easy access and limiting costs, virtual events shouldn’t replace all methods for attracting talent. 

Enter the in-person hiring event. Yes, in-person hiring events are back, and companies and job candidates alike are glad. However, taking in the lessons from the global pandemic, these hiring events may look and feel a little different than those held in the past.

Keep reading to learn about four ways to advertise (and optimize) in-person hiring events for all talent.


Tip #1: Embrace a Diversified Media Mix

When advertising for in-person hiring events, drive awareness by using a diversified media mix. Here, hiring professionals can lean on creative teams or brand ambassadors for social media best practices.

Here are some examples of how to harness good organic traction across multiple social media channels.



When advertising on Google, hiring professionals can garner outstanding organic traction through paid search, Gmail ads, and display ads. Organizations can enjoy high clicks, impressions, and conversions across Google channels. 

Additionally, Google advertising allows companies to target and re-target job candidates, especially through display ads – redirecting job seekers to sites where they can review information on in-person hiring events or even sign up for an in-person interview.



TikTok is another platform that has positioned itself as a “must” when advertising. With one billion global daily active users, it’s no wonder that TikTok is the “second most effective platform for video content,” according to a HubSpot marketing survey.

But TikTok videos aren’t only about dances or cute pets. It’s now a top contender for advertising across all business models, including talent recruitment. With this in mind, attract both passive and active talent to in-person hiring events by running TikTok ads. Also, get the team involved, and make it an inclusive event. 

For example, run contests with company departments or locations, allowing them to create their own TikTok video content, such as a day-in-the-life at the company. Then the team can vote on the best video, which will then get posted on TikTok to attract impressions, likes, and shares. Hiring professionals (and their teams) might be surprised at how much traction the winning TikTok receives!

Here are some other statistics that may perk some interest when it comes to advertising for in-person hiring events:

  • Of marketers who buy social media ads, 65% of them purchase TikTok ads
  • 67% of TikTok users say that the platform’s ads capture their attention (which is 10% higher than other social media platforms)
  • 71% of TikTok users say that TopView ads (those that have a longer run time) successfully capture their attention
  • In-feed TikTok ads achieve 23% more detail memory than television ads
Bottom line – TikTok is a great channel for getting the word out about hiring events.


Facebook and Instagram

Also, hiring professionals should consider using both Facebook and Instagram in advertising strategies for in-person hiring events. Both platforms are ideal for static imagery. They are both key to helping elevate a company’s employer brand and reach new audiences.  

Utilize engaging images or videos on each platform to create interest in the employee experience at the organization. On Facebook, content can be used to showcase every stage of the candidate funnel: to help attract, re-engage, and hire – since it’s a hub where anyone can get information about your business. On Instagram, highlight unique advice or tips to add variety to content, while showcasing the amazing people who work for the company.



Finally, Snapchat fits nicely into recruitment strategies, allowing hiring professionals to diversify their outreach. Like other social media platforms, Snapchat marketing allows for awareness, targeting, and re-targeting.

Also, Snapchat allows hiring professionals to connect with the audience in real-time who are already interacting with the brand. This can be good for localized campaigns, since companies can target their ads to lookalike audiences. The interactive posts and stories can drive people to the website, where they can take action.


Consider Other Mediums

The advertising strategy may include direct-response tactics, including email, SMS (text messages), and other promotional solutions. These can be used to supplement the campaign, along with other offline tactics – including print ads and radio. 

Tip: It’s important for hiring professionals to cater their strategies to their specific hiring needs. Consider the market, the roles, and the timeline for the hiring event – to create a strategy that works for the company and meets all its needs.


Tip #2: Don’t Just Rely on Social Media Ads

Although social media ads can be quite powerful for attracting organic traffic, they shouldn’t be the sole advertising method. 

Hiring professionals should remember that not all job candidates have access to computers, wi-fi, or social media. So, embracing non-social media advertising methods will help target a wider audience.

Also, put flyers at every physical location, including a QR code to direct them to a hiring microsite. Programmatic advertising is beneficial as well, allowing hiring professionals to attract those not using social media, while helping to target active job seekers in a greater capacity. 

Finally, consider publishing press releases to help get the word out about in-person hiring events. A press release can reach job seekers who read the news but may not be on social media.

Remember, the advertising goal is to make both passive and active job seekers aware of the in-person hiring event. The more awareness garnered, the better the turnout. Of course, the better the turnout, the better the talent options.


Tip #3: Engage Audiences with Clear & Compelling Content

Like any content, hiring professionals must ensure that all content (whether a press release or a Facebook post) is clear. For example, the content should be able to answer the following questions: 

  • What is the event for; is it a hiring event for entry-level positions or certain positions within the organization (such as finance or marketing)?
  • When is the event? How long does it last?
  • Where is the event? Provide clear directions to the venue, as well as parking information.

Also, hiring professionals may want to include content on what happens if an interested job seeker can’t attend. Is there another way to get information? This is an ideal way to direct them to the company’s career page.

Additionally, the content should be memorable. Include catchy wording, hashtags, and marketing-approved images, ensuring that these ads capture jobseekers’ attention. When creating visual content, add text and logos, and ensure to keep branding the same from image to image. Consistency is key for the overall brand feel and can help candidates begin to trust a company.

When focusing on the copy, creativity is critical. Ad copy should be 100 characters or less, allowing the lead generation form or career microsite to shine. The lead generation form or microsite describes the job, its benefits, and the organization’s culture. Further, interested job seekers can learn how to schedule an interview when reviewing the lead generation form or microsite.

Tip: Take time to perfect the lead generation form or microsite. This is where the audience gets to learn about all the best aspects of the company. Ensure content is up-to-date, fun, engaging, includes imagery, etc.

This helps keep ads clean, short, and clear so candidates don’t lose attention or get confused and scroll away after too long of text. This also ensures candidates do not have issues finding and acting on the CTA.

The ad should give attention to the CTA, and then the candidate knows what to do next to learn more about the opportunity. The ad itself aims to get their attention and direct them to the landing page, where they’ll schedule an interview. Remember, the landing page is not to get a job seeker to apply, but to register for the in-person hiring event. 

Tip: An example of a catchy CTA for job seekers who want to learn more: “Interested in working here?” 

When catching the job seeker's attention, the ad should be clear so that the job seeker doesn’t get confused, lose attention, or scroll away.


Tip #4: Let the Engagement Team Follow-Up

Where and how hiring professionals advertise for the next in-person hiring event is critical to its success. However, the advertising strategy doesn’t stop there. The engagement team must follow up with interested candidates so that the company can build a talent pool and better prepare for the event’s volume. 

For example, the engagement team can send additional content to job candidates, like texting and emailing updates about the event itself. 

This does more than keep job candidates informed. It also helps to keep the talent pool nurtured while decreasing event no-shows. If the company’s hiring event has no-shows, don’t be discouraged! This is an opportunity for the engagement team to reach out to those candidates who didn’t show up, since they were previously interested in the role and the company. By re-engaging these candidates, the company can try to reschedule an interview time with the candidate for some time after the event.

In today’s market, having a huge talent pool is significant. It can help solve hiring needs sooner, while ensuring that the best of the best is nurtured for future opportunities. Optimizing advertisement strategies for in-person hiring events is a top way to build this talent pool – helping businesses grow and stay competitive in an ever-changing marketplace. 

Advertising for an in-person hiring event for all talent is critical in today’s still-hot job market.

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