Recruitics Launches Job Slot Optimization

Job Slot Optimization is the newest feature of Recruitics’ Analytics and Automation Platform, Recruitics Action™

NEW YORK, NEW YORK--Recruitics, a leading provider of recruitment marketing solutions, announces the addition of Job Slot Optimization to their recruitment advertising analytics and automation platform, Recruitics Action™. This new Recruitics Action™ feature helps businesses use rules to more easily manage their job slots on industry-leading vendors. Job Slot Optimization allows users to limit wasted spend and save time by helping them more efficiently utilize their purchased slots--similar to the value Recruitics already provides to companies advertising jobs on performance-based job sites.

Job board sites offer job slots as a more flexible way to advertise jobs online, as opposed to traditional online job advertisements. With job slots, recruitment professionals have the ability to move different jobs into and out of slots throughout the contract period. This requires careful management to realize the full value of job slots.

“While job slots provide talent acquisition professionals with a great deal of flexibility, they can be difficult and time consuming to manage,” said Josh Gampel, CEO of Recruitics. “Effectively monitoring, managing and refreshing job slots requires a recruitment marketing platform that provides job- and campaign-level analytics, and allows you to automate slot management through programmatic software.

“Our goal with the new Job Slot Optimization feature in Recruitics Action™ is to make it easier to understand and optimize how your job slots are contributing to your overall recruitment strategy.”

Recruitics Job Slot Optimization works first and foremost to ensure 100 percent job slot utilization, by eliminating empty slots and ensuring old or closed jobs are no longer living within the inventory. HR and Talent acquisition professionals can also leverage powerful automation features which allow them to set rules around the management of their performance media. This ultimately reduces time spent managing slots, while increasing efficiency and maximizing ROI.

For instance, by leveraging Recruitics Job Slot Optimization, one client was able to lower their average cost-per-applicant (CPA) from $9.10 to $4.22, on a major job board. As a result of this 54 percent decrease in CPA, this client was able to increase the number of applicants they received by 102 percent.

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About Recruitics:
Recruitics is a recruitment analytics and programmatic buying platform that makes it easy for companies to achieve amazing results from their recruitment marketing strategy. Founded in 2012, Recruitics works with the nation’s largest corporations, staffing agencies, and job boards to drive more applicants to their online job postings, hire great talent, and meet their recruitment goals. Recruitics received the 2015 ReSI Award for Most Innovative Enterprise Solution for Recruiting. The company is headquartered in New York City, NY with its European headquarters in London, UK. You can find Recruitics online at

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