What Are Job Maps and How Do They Work?

What Are Job Maps and How Do They Work?

job maps

Jobs maps are an interactive way of displaying all of the different locations where your company or job board has jobs available. Some job boards, aggregators and other employment websites already have jobs maps, while others are currently developing jobs map applications for their job seekers.

Searching for work using an interactive jobs map works similarly for job seekers to the way they might search for a retailer using an app like Google Maps. For instance, when a search is conducted for a gas station using Google Maps, the user would search “gas station,” and dots would populate on the map representing all of the gas stations in the location which they’ve conducted their search. Zooming allows the user to see more location details for areas that might be clustered with gas stations. This is exactly how a jobs map works, but swapping gas stations for employment opportunities.

Jobs maps don’t just provide an alternative way to display search results, they are also a way to differentiate yourself from the competition when it comes to advertising jobs online. This is because using jobs maps allow HR and talent acquisition professionals to intrinsically tie their jobs to specific cities, regions or states. Furthermore, jobs maps add an extra layer of information and engagement for the job seeker to work with, a value-add for anyone currently in the job hunt.

Jobs maps for employers and staffing companies

In particular, CareerArc--a global HR technology provider of social recruiting and outplacement services--has been a true pioneer with jobs maps, providing businesses with this powerful recruitment marketing tool for the past few years. For employers and staffing companies, CareerArc can power an interactive, branded jobs map that can live on your careers website.

And, CareerArc goes a step further by coupling your jobs map with social media job distribution. Services like these are not only unique, but also important because they help you effectively kill two birds with one stone.

Job advertising tools like these help you save time by getting your jobs advertised on social media--a recruitment channel that’s become increasingly important--while also providing a visual aid in the form of job maps, allowing you to better appeal to job seekers on a medium dominated by visuals.

A good example of a jobs map powered by CareerArc can be found on the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs careers website. (And, Recruitics clients can easily implement a jobs map and automated social job distribution through our partnership with CareerArc!)

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Jobs maps for job boards and employment sites

While some hiring companies have integrated jobs maps, these interactive job search tools are still far from ubiquitous for candidates. However, recruitment industry has taken notice of this trend, and we believe job maps have the potential for rapid adoption for businesses, and also for job boards.

Here’s just a few examples of the job boards, aggregators and employment sites that are currently offering or developing jobs map features:


Glassdoor has been a leader in the rethinking of employment websites, making their mark with honest reviews from current and former employees that promote corporate transparency. With their jobs map, they continue down this path. However, where Glassdoors job maps differ from others is in their goal. Rather than showing the available positions for a given state, Glassdoor’s job map shows where your skills are most in demand, and where opportunity is the highest.

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Jobbio is a job board that puts a premium on employer branding. When it comes to their jobs map, they’ve taken a mobile-first approach--in fact, using their mobile app is the only way to get access to the Jobbio jobs map. The app is user-friendly and can geo-target your exact current location (thanks to GPS location services) to show you all of the jobs available in your area. You can even search the map using specific keywords, such as “digital marketing” which we used in our example here.

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Indeed JobsMap: *

Indeed is already a world-leading job aggregator, but they’re not done innovating yet. Although their jobs map is still being developed, their goal is to provide an interactive experience similar to Jobbio’s, but for desktop as well. You can start searching the Indeed JobsMap, but as has been reported, their map only currently works for Austin, TX and Boston, MA.

job maps


While Indeed is the job aggregator for all, Whoishiring.io is a niche job board serving coding talent specifically. Their job board fully integrates jobs maps, displaying search results side-by-side. By providing only coding jobs and coupling that with their jobs map technology, Whoishiring.io shows us the true potential job maps have.

job maps

How to start leveraging jobs maps

As the need to differentiate yourself from other hiring companies or employment websites continues in a talent-driven marketplace, tools like jobs maps will become more common and necessary. The best and easiest way to leverage jobs maps is through a media channel you’re already using.

For instance, Recruitics clients already have access to automated social job distribution through our partnership with CareerArc, which can also include an integrated jobs maps.



To learn more about how Recruitics partners with CareerArc to provide automated social job distribution and jobs maps and how you can incorporate social media into a larger recruitment marketing strategy, contact us today.


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