Recruitics' Talent Market Index Offers Previously Unseen Insights into Shifting Jobs Market

Recruitics' Talent Market Index Offers Previously Unseen Insights into Shifting Jobs Market

Recruitics Launches Innovative Talent Market Index to Offer New Data-Driven Insights into Shifting Jobs Market and Talent Acquisition Landscape

Recruitics, a leading provider of data-driven recruitment marketing solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking Talent Market Index™, designed to provide unparalleled insight into talent acquisition costs across various industries.

The Recruitics Talent Market Index tracks the fluctuating price of attracting talent through paid advertising across a diverse range of media channels. These prices are indicative of the competitiveness in marketplace environments where employers vie for the attention of top talent.

Unlike traditional employment metrics, such as those found in the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) monthly jobs report or job posting data from employment websites and similar platforms, the Recruitics Talent Market Index offers a unique new lens into the job market that accounts for employers' willingness to invest in paid advertising for open jobs. 

Rooted in billions of data points spanning organizations of all sizes across diverse verticals, and derived from observed advertising campaign metrics such as cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-application (CPA), Recruitics’ Talent Market Index provides a more accurate and current assessment of employer demand and job seeker supply than existing measures.

One of the key advantages of the Talent Market Index is its ability to reflect true underlying demand for talent as indicated by the shifting market prices paid to attract talent in specific job families over time, regardless of the volume of jobs posted at any given moment.

"We're excited to introduce the Recruitics Talent Market Index as an integral component in our data and AI-powered talent attraction and conversion platform," said Adam Stafford, CEO of Recruitics. "Our new index offers a unique perspective to a data-hungry market in talent acquisition analytics and U.S. labor market intelligence by focusing on how prices paid for actual applications are trending. With the release of this index, we’re thrilled to give our customers a new data signal that can help shape talent acquisition and business strategy based on real-time insight into the shifting dynamics of the talent market."

The Recruitics Talent Market Index serves as a complement to traditional economic indicators like the BLS jobs report and ADP payroll data. By offering real-time insight and a two-sided marketplace perspective, it completes a comprehensive view of supply and demand dynamics in the employment space.

Recruitics' Talent Market Index is poised to become a go-to resource for HR leaders, economists, and analysts seeking to gain deeper insights into the evolving job market.

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