Military-Friendly Employer Brands We Admire and Why

Military-Friendly Employer Brands We Admire and Why


As an employer, how do you showcase that you’re military-friendly? Do you have a solid careers site or social media campaign geared towards military talent? How about a specific commitment to hiring veterans or a display of related awards and recognitions?

All of these are great ways to present a military-friendly employer brand and attract top military talent. Whether you’ve taken steps in the direction of showcasing your military-friendly employer brand already or not, you’ve come to the right page to gather ideas and discover what others are doing well. 

Here are military-friendly employer brands we admire and why.


Careers Site Pages

What makes a good career site page? Connecting with your military candidates through resonating messages, visuals, and helpful resources. Check out these examples:

CVS Health has a great military-focused careers site page that appeals to veterans through their customized copy and values, military-friendly awards, and veteran spotlight video.

IBM has an interactive map of military recruiting events, veteran opportunities, and a variety of military-specific resume tips. 

IBM Careers Miitary Friendly Employer Veteran Recruiting

Verizon has several great tools for job seekers, such as a resume builder, skills matcher, search by installation, list of events, and more. 


Careers Microsites

Maybe you have more to say to veterans and military talent that can fit on a single careers site page. If so, a full microsite can be a great solution. 

Deloitte and Walmart use careers microsites to create a more targeted candidate experience and drive more organic traffic. They use key messaging, videos, military benefits, veteran commitments, and clear CTAs to turn visitors into applicants, and applicants into hires.  

Walmart Careers Military Friendly Employer Veteran Recruiting


Commitment to Hiring Veterans

Check out how the following companies highlight their commitment to hiring veterans on their careers website pages. Through key messaging and good design, they showcase their military-friendly employer brand and attract veteran talent.

Capital One 

Capital One Careers Military Friendly Employer Veteran Recruiting



Hilton Careers Military Friendly Employer Veteran Recruiting


Charles Schwab

Schwab Careers Military Friendly Employer Veteran Recruiting


Military Employment Awards & Recognitions

When you’re a great military-friendly employer, you’re often recognized and awarded for it. Display your awards and recognition badges clearly on your careers site pages to further showcase your commitment to hiring veterans and your military-friendly culture. 

For instance, Leidos and Windstream combine an engaging and eye-catching display of their awards and recognitions with copy that is relatable to veterans and shows their companies’ commitment. United Rentals’ list contains a brief explanation about each award to give context to their recognition. Here’s a visual example from Windstream:

Windstream Careers Military Friendly Employer Veteran Recruiting



"How Civilian TA Pros Can Better Recruit Military Talent"


Military Skills Translator

One of the biggest challenges for military talent coming into the workforce is translating their skills into employment skills. Employers can make this easier by incorporating a Military Skills Translator into your careers page or microsite. 

For example, Anthem Inc., The Home Depot, and Kaiser Permanente all use military skills translators on their career pages and job searches to make it easier for veterans to search for opportunities. It also further shows their dedication to being military-friendly. They even paired their military skills translators with engaging copy to resonate with veterans even more.

Home Depot Careers Miitary Friendly Employer Veteran Recruiting


Copy & Messaging

A picture may be worth a thousand words (and great graphics and visuals are always recommended to resonate with your audience!), but having copy that speaks directly to the heart of veterans is key with messaging. Allstate, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Novartis have inspiring copy that attracts veterans to their company. 

Novartis Careers Military Friendly Employer Veteran Recruiting


Social Media

From social media campaigns that target a military audience to using candidates’ LinkedIn profiles to match career opportunities, these companies know how to navigate social platforms to showcase their military-friendly employer brands. 

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin Careers Military Friendly Employer Veteran Recruiting







A careers-focused blog is a great way to get the attention of military talent and to provide helpful and informative resources for veteran job seekers. Here are some good examples.

Accenture’s blog has a variety of articles written by their veteran employees that showcases the company culture, work environment, and positive experience (e.g. “I’m Growing my Career as my Husband Serves Our Country” and “My Journey from Army Soldier to SAP Developer”). 

Northwell Health uses its blog to present its commitment to helping veterans with hiring events and giving back to the community.  

Northwell Careers Military Friendly Employer Veteran Recruiting



BAE Systems and General Motors use video stories on their military careers pages to showcase veteran success stories, military benefits, and company culture. 

BAE Systems Careers Military Friendly Employer Veteran Recruiting


Resources & Benefits for Military Employees

DaVita and Southern California Edison present their military benefits on their careers page to immediately demonstrate to veteran candidates that they are committed to their well-being and will support their growth and development.

Edison Careers Military Friendly Employer Veteran Recruiting


Veterans are skilled workers who make great employees. By using these examples of employer branding components as inspiration, you can strengthen your veteran recruitment marketing strategy and attract top military talent. 

Want to learn more? Dive into our Employer’s Guide to Veteran Recruiting for an in-depth look at military recruitment marketing, and check out our ranking of the Top 60 Veteran & Military-Friendly Employers for 2020.



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