Recruitics Launches its Automated Marketing Platform (AMP) for Staffing and Direct Employers

Recruitics Launches its Automated Marketing Platform (AMP) for Staffing and Direct Employers

Recruitics’ advanced programmatic buying technology and advertising automation deliver cost-effective and targeted recruitment campaigns at scale globally.

Recruitics, the data-driven recruitment marketing agency, is excited to announce that its Automated Marketing Platform (AMP) has completed its beta phase and is now in production release for all customers and companies, including staffing agencies and direct employers. 

AMP is an advanced programmatic job advertising technology that optimizes cost-per-applicant (CPA) efficiency and applicant volume velocity by actively balancing market-level labor supply with employer demand. AMP is purpose-built for high volume hiring – AMP’s algorithmic bidding and advertising automation enables customers to achieve optimal candidate flows from pay-for-performance job sites across hundreds or thousands of global markets simultaneously.

Recruitics' AMP offers unprecedented delivery of value, consistency, and predictability across varied hiring needs in multiple locations simultaneously. Using customer-specific algorithms and hiring goal structures, AMP creates a high-level strategy that tailors candidate flow to each employer’s unique talent acquisition needs and geographies. The platform can also customize jobs, market definitions, algorithms, and goal structures, allowing recruiters to create automated recruitment campaigns tailored to each specific need.

One of the main features of AMP is automation, making recruitment advertising scalable and less time-consuming by eliminating manual processes such as inputting campaign data or adjusting settings. Automation does all the heavy lifting, allowing employers to focus on determining their needs while AMP takes care of the rest - on an unprecedented scale. The result is improved ROI, time-savings, and hiring predictability across roles and markets. 

The AMP solution provides a unique competitive edge for companies hiring at scale. It offers flexibility and customization when targeting active and passive candidates. Its algorithms incorporate down-funnel quality signals, making it a game-changer for employers seeking to optimize campaign performance  to quality applications, hires, starts, or placements. Employers can tailor jobs, market definitions, algorithms, and goal structures with AMP's flexible architecture.

As summarized by Adam Stafford, CEO of Recruitics, “Our Automated Marketing Platform (AMP) is the most advanced recruitment advertising technology available in the industry. By leveraging programmatic buying algorithms, our iON data platform, and our performance analytics capabilities, AMP creates and maintains optimal candidate flow across hundreds of markets at once – at peak efficiency. AMP is capable of delivering performance beyond our client’s best expectations, and we are very excited to make this technology available to staffing and direct employers today.”

AMP helps employers meet hiring goals with market-supply and demand driven algorithms, providing cost-effective, targeted recruitment campaigns. The public launch of AMP redefines state-of-the-art in programmatic recruitment marketing.

Read the full press release here.

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Recruitics is a data-driven recruitment marketing agency with an innovative recruitment technology platform, iON, that makes it easy for the world’s leading brands to attract and hire great talent.

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