Recruitics Unveils Vision: An AI-powered, Next-Generation Recruitment Analytics Platform

Recruitics Unveils Vision: An AI-powered, Next-Generation Recruitment Analytics Platform

Vision is Analytics for Tomorrow - delivering unmatched omni-channel data and reporting capabilities powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Recruitics, a leading provider of data-driven recruitment marketing solutions, is proud to introduce Vision analytics, the first AI-powered recruitment data analytics platform. Vision offers unrivaled accuracy and speed while delivering the most comprehensive recruitment analytics solution in the industry.

As a centralized reporting hub for recruitment marketers, Vision seamlessly connects data from career sites, applicant tracking systems, job boards, social networks, and media. Direct API integrations and Recruitics’ robust live data tracking platform enable real-time, actionable conversion and attribution data all the way to the hire and beyond. 

Vision automatically integrates essential labor market and benchmark data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and other sources. This data empowers users to analyze and compare their performance to market-level data and trends in worker availability and competitive intensity, providing unprecedented context for data-driven analysis and decision making.

Vision gives talent acquisition teams ultimate control over their data through a wide range of filtering, sorting, and viewing options. With Vision, enterprise TA teams can fully customize reporting to align with their business’s unique attributes, goals, and objectives. The results are rich data visualizations and dashboards tailored to specific business needs – that can be shared and scheduled to drive high impact, data-driven decisions. 

"Data analytics has always been at the heart of who we are, and we are redefining recruitment analytics with Vision," explains Adam Stafford, CEO of Recruitics, "Vision perfectly aligns recruitment marketing data to our clients' nuanced needs and business objectives – that’s critical to achieving data-driven hiring success. What I’m most excited about though is the ability to easily surface deep data insights using AI – by asking a simple question. It’s an absolute game changer in the industry – you really need to see it to believe it."

With unmatched data and unique AI-powered capabilities, Vision empowers businesses to understand what’s happening in their talent acquisition funnel faster and more fully than ever before. Paired with Recruitics’ full suite of Talent Attraction and Conversion Solutions, Vision enables enterprises to streamline their recruitment processes, maximize marketing efficiency, and accelerate hiring success.

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