Why You Need a Recruitment Marketing Agency

Why You Need a Recruitment Marketing Agency

In the present time, a recruitment marketing agency is vital to the growth of any organization. The job market is not showing any signs of letting up in terms of talent shortages, therefore the leading way for companies to gain the advantage is by using strategic recruitment marketing practices to attract and hire the best candidates. Traditional marketing departments often have little to no time or understanding of the unique aspects of recruitment; therefore, it takes a solid team of dedicated specialists in this area to make it happen.

What makes a recruitment marketing agency so valuable?

There are a number of reasons why a recruitment marketing agency is so valuable. First, a recruitment marketing firm already has all the right connections with the top players in your industry. They also know how to connect with high-quality candidates and communicate an employer brand well. But, perhaps the biggest advantage is that recruitment marketing agencies are (or should be) 100% dedicated to helping your team reach your talent acquisition goals and partnering with you as an extension of your team.

In fact, here’s what Andrew Levy, Senior Director of Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing at Employera (previously the Director of Talent Attraction at WeWork and the Global Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing Lead at Uber) had to say about the value of having a recruitment marketing agency:

“A recruitment marketing agency is essential for any company who plans on growing and hiring top quality AndrewLevytalent at scale. Here's why. If you think about the KPIs and goals of a traditional marketing function, they exclusively focus on and are measured by the sales funnel for the particular ‘widgets’ that the company produces. In most cases, the marketing department has no space, bandwidth, experience, and in many cases, interest in marketing for ‘employees.’ The value of a recruitment marketing firm is that they know the best players in the space, they know how to reach quality candidates, and they understand the system nuances of recruiting and HR. The best part -- they're dedicated to your goals and your goals alone!”


5 reasons you need a recruitment marketing agency

In addition to the above points, there are a number of key advantages to partnering with a recruitment marketing firm, and we’re often asked by companies who’ve never worked with an agency before, “why do I need a recruitment marketing agency?”

So, to answer that question, here are 5 reasons why you need a recruitment marketing agency:


#1 - To activate your employer brand and EVP

You’ve likely spent a lot of time, effort and money developing your EVP (employer value proposition) or your employer brand, but if it’s not activated properly in the marketplace, it may not be seen or appreciated by anyone.

A recruitment marketing agency can help you activate your employer brand by using proven, data-centric methodologies like the Four Pillars of Talent Attraction, you can rest assured that your employer brand will speak to and attract the right candidates.


#2  - To manage vendor agreements and relationships

You’ve got many tasks to accomplish and this often involves managing multiple vendor contracts, agreements, and relationships. This can become overwhelming for an in-house recruitment team pretty quickly, and this also pulls your team away from doing more important things like interviewing and on-boarding new hires.

A recruitment marketing agency can support your goals by taking on this responsibility of managing all your vendors for you. In fact, many times, the best recruitment agencies can find ways to streamline systems and negotiate discounts in order to save your company both time and money.


#3 - To provide access to real-time data

The right recruitment marketing agency should not only give you access to in-depth recruitment marketing analytics for every job, source, and campaign, but it should be available to you on-demand whenever you need it and in real-time. Having deep recruitment marketing reporting and ROI data like this allows you to have immediate insight into the performance of your talent acquisition efforts consistently and regularly.

This will help you make decisions for the hiring needs you have today, rather than waiting a month or a quarter later to review historical data after your campaigns and hiring needs have passed.


#4 - To make data-driven media decisions

And with more current data as per the above, you can make more intelligent and informed decisions.

Top recruitment management agencies help companies to develop creative strategies to make media buying decisions based on data, rather than on gut instincts or vendor relationships. This reduces the potential waste of resources and validates decisions based on hard data. It may cost upwards of $4,000 to hire a new employee (and sometimes more), and when you’re hiring hundreds or thousands of candidates, you cannot afford to guess on recruitment marketing decisions.


#5 - To augment your current efforts

While all of the reasons above are great, possibly the best part of working with a recruitment marketing agency is that it allows you and your team to focus on other important aspects of recruiting.

When you have a great recruitment marketing agency partner and your internal recruitment team isn’t busy posting jobs one by one, compiling data into an excel spreadsheet from a variety of vendor dashboards, and constantly emailing your many vendors, your team can focus more on assessing, interviewing and hiring the right talent and filling your open roles more quickly and cost-effectively.


If you have never worked with a recruitment marketing agency before, or if you currently have a recruitment marketing agency that isn’t providing the above value to your organization, we can help! Contact us to learn more about Recruitics, the industry-leading global recruitment marketing agency.

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