5 Interesting Ways to Use Video in Recruitment Marketing

5 Interesting Ways to Use Video in Recruitment Marketing

Capturing the attention of top candidates is a constant necessity. The ability to utilize new and innovative tactics is priceless. This has never been truer as unemployment rates hit historic lows in markets across the nation—the lowest the United States has seen since 1969. The candidate pool is atypically low, and it’s all hands on deck for companies to give candidates an experience that surpasses their competition. So, that begs the question: how can your company separate itself from the rest of the pack? 

One of the most exciting trends we’ve seen employers jump into is the use of video in their recruitment marketing and employer branding efforts. Although the concept of using video in recruitment channels has been around for several years, its consumption, popularity, and effectiveness have only increased (check out this article from Insivia to see how video trends have increased). 

How you can use video in your recruitment marketing? Ask, and you shall receive. 


How To Use Video in Recruitment - Sigstr-1Learn from Recruitment Marketing Leaders at ADP, AMGEN and ALTRU.

5 Areas Where You Could (& Should) Be Utilizing Video For Recruitment:

1. In Your Job Descriptions:

As mobile device usage soars, a company’s ability to put information in front of a candidate shrinks with the size of the device screen. Video offers a great way to present the company experience without taking up valuable real estate in the job description. A video can also highlight company culture, office space perks, and employer values in a much more visceral way than plain text on a page. Another idea, and possibly the perfect video for a job description, would display what the daily duties are for the job being advertised.

A great perk of adding video to your job description comes in the form of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A search result with a video in it drives a 157% increase in organic traffic, lowers bounce rates, and creates quality backlinks


2. On Your Career Site and Company Profile:

If a job seeker has found their way to your career site or company profile on sites like Glassdoor or Comparably, then they are ready to ingest information about your employer brand. There’s nothing better than a video or two displaying company culture and work experiences to speak to a candidate. Videos connect with the candidate in a way that text cannot. 


3. Throughout the Applicant Journey:

The hiring process has historically been a source of uncertainty and anxiety for job seekers across the board. It’s fraught with little communication and vague details that cause unnecessary stress for job seekers. Video can help to clarify steps of the application, interview, and hiring process. A video can be automatically sent to the candidate as their application progresses through the various stages of the hiring journey. Frequent updates and constant communication gives a candidate a much better impression of a company. A video can make the experience feel tailored and offers reassurance to candidates in a time where they might feel the most vulnerable.


4. To Your Talent Community:

Warm candidates are active leads—engaging with individuals who are opted into your CRM is a must. Sending a video to your talent community offers a great opportunity to highlight relevant job openings to an audience who is already bought into your brand.


5. In Your Employer Brand Awareness Advertising Campaigns:

With the increased popularity in streaming services, there are seemingly countless opportunities in the marketing space to put a video in front of a passive audience. Media outlets like YouTube, Hulu, and even Pandora offer great advertising placements for video, as well as social sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. This tactic can get your employer brand and career opportunities in front of an audience that may not be actively searching for a job. A memorable video is a fantastic way to get someone thinking about your company as a potential employer of choice, even if it is later down the line.


Do you have any additional ways that your company has successfully utilized video for recruitment? Share with us on social media!

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