How to Build a Strong Employer Brand Presence Online with Company Profiles

How to Build a Strong Employer Brand Presence Online with Company Profiles

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If you’re looking to hire top talent for job openings at your company, chances are you’re looking for candidates who have the required skills and who also fit within your employer brand and company culture.

Sure, candidates can have the right answers to your questions during screenings and interviews, but newly hired employees don't always know what to expect in the work culture until they are on the job. Too often, new hires begin a new job and are surprised by their new employer’s company culture. If new hires don’t fit your company culture, they may not be the best hires, and could end up costing you time and money, either with high turnover rates or low performance and productivity. Not only can hiring the wrong employees be costly to your recruitment budget, but this can also affect your company’s bottom line.

So, how can candidates know what to expect, and how can you make sure you’re hiring new employees genuinely interested in and aligned with your employer brand and company culture? One great way to do this is through having in-depth and branded employer review profiles online.

Employer review sites offer insight into employer brand, company culture and hiring processes, both from past and current employees’ points of view and experiences. These sites are no longer a place for unhappy employees to vent (even though this may happen sometimes). Instead, they serve as an alternative to marketing materials that give job seekers a deeper understanding of your employer brand and company culture, and they serve to help talent acquisition and recruitment professionals avoid hiring the wrong candidates.

So, let’s take a look at some of the top company profile sites you should be considering to support your employer brand.

Company Profiles to Consider for Employer Branding

  • Glassdoor:
    Job seekers often use Glassdoor for insights into interview questions, salaries, employee benefits, company culture and CEO ratings and more, all of which is submitted by past and current employees and candidates. Since all company content is candidate or employee-generated, meaning it only consists of feedback submitted by Glassdoor users, all reviews and submissions are different and offer a substantial feel into a company’s culture and how the company operates. Each submission is reviewed by a Glassdoor team member for quality assurance. Having a strong employer brand presence through keeping your company profile updated, responding to reviews and advertising jobs on Glassdoor is a great way to attract skilled candidates that fit into your company culture and employer brand.
  • LinkedIn:
    With its networking capabilities and features, LinkedIn not only allows recruiters to find talent, but it also enables job seekers to research potential employers and future colleagues. Before applying for a job, candidates can use LinkedIn to see if they have any connections at the company and can reach out to them for more information on what it’s like to work there. 38 percent of job seekers look at a company’s brand presence on LinkedIn before applying for a job, so it’s important to have an up-to-date LinkedIn Company Page and optimizing your page and posts for search engines. You can also post job openings to LinkedIn so potential candidates can directly apply to your open positions after researching your brand.
  • Indeed:
    With “over 200 million unique visitors every month from over 60 different countries,” job seekers turn to Indeed when looking for job openings and to submit resumes for recruitment professionals looking to fill open positions. Indeed gives candidates and current and past employees the opportunity to write company reviews so job seekers can learn more about the companies they are applying for. With an Indeed company profile, you can share what your company does and why, and give employees the opportunity to provide feedback on their work experience at the company, work culture, salary and CEO approval. You can also attract interested candidates by sponsoring jobs on Indeed, among other Indeed product opportunities.
  • Comparably:
    Manage your employer brand on Comparably so verified employees can show potential candidates what it’s like to to work for your company. Job seekers can see a fair representation of your work culture with Comparably’s Employer Brand Protection, which protects companies against disgruntled ex-employees dominating your brand and feedback from fake sources like competitors.
  • Facebook:
    With “more than 60 million active business pages,” Facebook continues to grow as a source of potential company knowledge for job seekers and as a space for employers to showcase their brands and cultures. A business page gives current employees and customers the ability to post feedback, which employers can respond to. The post visibility gives job seekers the opportunity to see public opinion of the company when researching jobs and reviewing potential employers. With easy set up and cross-device capabilities, Facebook makes it easy for your brand to make an online presence for your employer brand, get in front of job seekers and to post job openings.
  • Headhunter:
    Headhunter, a division of CareerBuilder, was created to attract skilled professionals and match them with compatible career opportunities. The job site lets job seekers search for jobs, post resumes and sign up for job alerts. As job seekers search, they can also view “Employer Quick Looks” where employers can include a company description to include what the company does, their mission, a link to the company website and the ability to post open jobs for job seekers interested in the company.
  • Kununu:
    Kununu focuses on work culture transparency to help candidates and new hires avoid “first day surprise.” Fueled by data and transparency, this website gives job seekers insight into workplace culture while giving HR professionals the ability to understand their company’s performance across multiple variables of work life and to promote their culture. Employers can strengthen brand presence by adding pictures and other content to company pages.

What Does Your Company Profile Need to Include?

So, now that we’ve covered where job seekers research prospective employer brands, it’s important that your company pages include the necessities for a strong employer brand presence:

  • A Company Logo and Pictures:
    Give job seekers a look into what it’s like to work at your company through workplace pictures. And of course, a company logo is good to include for a professional impression of your brand.
  • A Link to Company Careers Website:
    Give interested job seekers the ability to see more about your company culture and employer brand. A link to a professional careers website provides more information on your company while strengthening your employer brand presence to potential candidates.
  • An Accurate Address:
    Make sure to include an accurate address to maintain a positive employer brand presence, as inconsistencies in information are typically easily noticed by job seekers.
  • A Company Description:
    Include what your company does, what kind of culture it fosters, a brief company history and your mission statement so job seekers can determine their interest in being a part of your company.
  • Employer Engagement and Response:
    Always respond to reviews and feedback on your profiles, when applicable, as job seekers will look at your responses for a deeper look into the company culture, especially when it comes to how you respond to negative reviews. Stay alert for all reviews or content feedback, and be open to using this feedback as a way to find culture improvement opportunities.

If you need assistance in setting up any of these profiles for your employer brand, or if you need help improving and optimizing your existing profiles, the Recruitics Agency can help!

Contact the Recruitics Agency today to discuss your needs with one of our recruitment marketing strategists.

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