Glassdoor’s Premium Company Profiles: 9 Reasons to Upgrade

Glassdoor’s Premium Company Profiles: 9 Reasons to Upgrade

With 62 million users worldwide and a user review submitted every seven seconds, Glassdoor is the second largest job site in the U.S. and a great place to build a positive employer brand. 

Prospective candidates often use Glassdoor not just to find job openings they are interested in, but also to learn details about the company, such as the mission, vision, culture, values, benefits, compensation, and more. As we evaluate the advantages of a premium profile, it’s important to keep these factors in mind, and that employers engage job seekers by showcasing their company culture, creating brand awareness, and responding to reviews. 

While we recommend displaying your employer brand across all top profile sites (Indeed, LinkedIn, Comparably, etc.), the sheer number of Glassdoor users vastly increases your company’s chances of being seen and engaged with. In this job seeker’s market, communicating the advantages of working at your company is more important than ever. According to Glassdoor’s analytics, “79% of job seekers consider a company’s mission before applying”, and 93% of employees mention company culture in their reviews (company culture even beat out vacation time, senior leadership, and 401K for most important value!). 

A Glassdoor profile undoubtedly helps showcase your company culture, and any information candidates may want to know. The more quality content on more sites, the better! But is upgrading to a paid profile worth it? Keep reading, and we’ll break down the benefits of each paid feature. 

First, let’s recap what a free, basic profile includes.


Free Glassdoor Company Profiles

A basic Glassdoor company profile includes the following features: 
  • Profile Logo
  • Company Overview
  • Locations
  • Awards & Accolades
  • Pledges & Certifications
  • Company Benefits
  • Company Updates
  • Company Photos
  • Glassdoor Reviews
  • Glassdoor Interviews
  • Basic Analytics (page views and current rating)

Essentially, the free profile offers basic company information and photos, as well as the ability to respond to reviews and post company updates. For some employers, these features are great and do the job just fine. But if you’re reading this, chances are you’re curious about what a paid profile includes and what the benefits of upgrading are. Let’s dive into it. 


Enhanced Glassdoor Company Profiles 

Here are 9 additional features with a Glassdoor Premium Company Profile:

  • Add Video to Your Profile - A video can bring your company culture to life. With this feature, you can capture a job seeker’s attention and show candidates what it’s truly like to work at your company.
  • Feature a Review of Your Choice - This will be the first review that job seekers see on your page, so think carefully about which one you choose to highlight. Don’t just select the highest rated review. You’ll also want to look at what the reviewer is saying about aspects, such as pay, benefits, work-life balance, company culture, management, etc. The right review can give candidates a snapshot of what it’s like to work for your company and a good first impression that keeps them searching for more. 
  • Integrate Social Media Feeds - Add up to 5 social channels, links to your blog, or RSS feeds. Not only are you cross-promoting to social and blog channels with this feature, but it also adds more content to your page. If you have a recruitment marketing social campaign, candidates will see those posts, which will increase engagement. 
  • Why Work For Us - In this section, you can explain why candidates want to work for your company. Add up to 5 custom tabs that highlight initiatives, company mission, company culture, people, benefits, and more to make your company stand out. 
  • Customize Content - Customize your profile content for up to 4 different audiences. If you already have candidate personas for your high-quantity roles, you can use this section to target them.
  • Remove Competitor’s Ads - With a free profile, your competitors (that have paid profiles) can target your candidates by placing their job ads on your profile, which could lead prospective candidates away from your jobs and toward theirs. When you upgrade to a premium profile, you can remove your competitors’ job ads.
  • Advertise on Competitor’s Profiles - In addition to removing competitors’ job ads, you can turn the tables and target up to 5 competitors (that have a free profile) with your ads. 
  • Brand Advertising Campaigns - Job postings on Glassdoor will be branded with your content, which will increase brand awareness and engagement.
  • Advanced Analytics - With a free profile, you can only see page views and your current rating. With a premium profile, you can look up other customers and view your rating trends by job title, location, or any of your competitors’ rating trends.


Should You Upgrade to a Premium Glassdoor Company Profile?


To pay or not to pay?

Yes, premium profiles have many fantastic features that will increase engagement in your company and give you valuable data. But is a paid profile worth it? Before asking, “Should I upgrade to a premium profile?” ask yourself, “Do my competitors use a paid profile?” If they do, then they may be actively blocking your job ads from appearing, targeting your candidates with job ads on your profile, and using all the wonderful features to attract qualified candidates to their jobs instead of yours.

How can you determine if your competitors are using a paid profile?

Check out their profile and see if they have any of the above features (e.g. video, featured review, social feeds, and why work for us tabs are all dead giveaways). You can also look at your profile and see whose job ads are appearing there. If several direct competitors are using premium profiles, then it may be worth upgrading to keep pace with the competition. Or conversely, if no competitors are using paid, you can get ahead of the game. 

Also, evaluate your recruitment marketing needs.

The number of job openings, time before they’re filled, cost per application (CPA), and how easy or difficult it is to fill your openings will indicate if your job advertisements are reaching enough candidates and if your employer brand is engaging them enough. Determining whether you’re attracting, hiring, and retaining qualified candidates that fit with your company culture will indicate the health of your employer brand and if you need to communicate it more clearly. 

If you want to dive deeper, check out these HR & Recruiting Stats that evaluate what information a job seeker finds valuable on company profiles. 


There you have it! You now have the information you need to make an informed decision on whether to upgrade to a Glassdoor Premium Company Profile.

Questions? We’re happy to discuss more! Reach out to your recruitment marketing strategist to set up a meeting or contact us.


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