Best Practices to Optimize Landing Pages for Hiring Events

Best Practices to Optimize Landing Pages for Hiring Events

As many companies continue to navigate hiring challenges, it’s becoming clear that they need to audit their recruiting procedures to ensure processes are smooth and efficient to attract qualified talent.

One top aspect to consider is a company's landing page for hiring events because it can help bring in qualified leads and candidates that convert.

Landing pages for hiring events often serve as the first experience job seekers have with companies. Don't forget to have a significant purpose: to capture leads and convert online users. 

A recent study shows that 96 percent of online users visiting a website will leave that online session without converting to a lead or sale (or in the case of hiring event landing pages, the submission of a job application or interest in an interview).

So, how should talent acquisition professionals improve their landing pages to ensure lead generation and applicant conversion? Read on for best practices when building lead capture landing pages.


Best Practice #1: Add More Testimonials From Employees

According to a LinkedIn study, “candidates trust the company’s employees 3x more than the company to provide credible information on what it’s like to work there.” This is why boosting the organization's social brand with employee testimonials is key to attracting more qualified leads and conversions from the hiring events landing page.

Here are some best practices to consider when highlighting employee testimonials on landing pages:

  • Visually show a timeline/roadmap of an employee’s growth with the company.

    Source: Texas Roadhouse

  • Include a picture of the employee along with the testimonial.
  • Highlight employees who have tenure with the company, such as those employees with several years under their belt.
  • Share why each employee likes their role with the company, as someone with three years of experience may describe different experiences than someone with 20 years of experience.
  • Share what employees look forward to within their departments or with the company on the whole.

A great example of this is from Texas Roadhouse. The restaurant shares an employee (or “Roadie” as they’re called at the company) that started in a back-of-house role and moved up to Managing Partner. This not only showcases the employees growth, but also demonstrates how the company is willing to invest in its employees, helping them to grow all the way to leadership positions. 

Source: Texas Roadhouse

Simply, candidates want to hear authentic stories. Don’t showcase manufactured experiences. Instead, let the company’s employees shine. After all, they are the employer’s best brand ambassadors for job seekers.


Best Practice #2: Post A QR Code

Another way to attract job seekers is to post a QR code on the hiring events landing page. With 94 percent of job seekers using their smartphones to browse and apply for jobs, having a QR code on the landing page can help bridge the gap between physical and digital career platforms. 

Source: Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse has found great success with posting a QR code on their hiring events landing pages as well as on all their store merchandise – attracting more traffic to the landing page. By just scanning or taking a picture of the QR code, job candidates can automatically link to the hiring events landing page, helping employers create organic success with their recruiting numbers. 


Best Practice #3: Include Personalized Engagement Options

Including personalized engagement options is another way to attract the right job candidates to open positions. A more personalized experience encourages higher engagement while tailoring interests to job seekers.

According to a recent study, 74 percent of marketers state that “targeted personalization” increases engagement. With 71 percent of consumers expecting personalized interactions, don’t think that recruiting is any different.

Further, “extremely focused and strategic landing page optimization can bring up to five times more conversion” while personalized call-to-actions on landing pages “convert 202% better than templated and generic ones” – all the more reason to personalize the hiring events landing pages.

For example, on one of Texas Roadhouse’s landing pages for their hiring event, they added a blurb saying “click here” if interested in a management position. For job seekers interested in these positions, this one-click will steer qualified candidates from a more general landing page that may focus on back-of-the-house positions to one specifically designed for management and leadership positions.

Source: Texas Roadhouse

Once clicked, the Texas Roadhouse team reaches out to these interested job candidates separately to schedule an interview, giving the candidate individualized attention and personalized engagement end-to-end.


Best Practice #4: Ensure That Landing Pages Include Details

Brevity has its place – but not on the hiring events landing pages. To increase qualified traffic, talent acquisition professionals should ensure that landing pages include details. 

Here are some best practices to consider when ensuring that the landing pages include details:

  • Don’t think of a landing page as a landing page. Think of it as a microsite – highlighting a more holistic view of the company with a beautiful, engaging design instead of a simple form to complete for more information.
  • Pay attention to the flow of the landing page (or, rather, microsite). Consider where the candidate fills out contact information, where the employee testimonials will live, where the company addresses culture, employee benefits, and videos about different available positions.
  • Ensure that the page doesn’t just flow from the candidate’s viewpoint. Talent acquisition professionals must also ensure that the landing pages flow from a technical perspective (such as load times).
  • Although landing pages need to have detail, they don’t need to keep a job seeker longer than necessary. So, when optimizing landing pages, recruiters should ensure that there are no more than two to three steps for candidates to take.
  • Finally, test the landing page among job applicants. According to a recent study, using the “right types of targeting and testing can boost landing page conversion rates by up to 300%.

To attract top talent, Texas Roadhouse ensures that the landing page itself is clear and concise while linking to locations and interview times. After all, recruiters don’t want job candidates to get lost when going to an interview. 

Additionally, Texas Roadhouse has seen success by including engaging content, like videos, at the top of their hiring events landing pages, getting prospective employees interested in the company and the advertised job. 

Further, according to a recent study, landing pages with videos have “34% higher conversion rates” – setting one company apart from the others, creating a competitive edge for talent.


Moving Forward

Showcasing a strong employer brand through personalized hiring events landing pages can boost traffic, helping companies find the right job candidates for a company in a still hot job market.


If you'd like to learn more about how to best attract qualified candidates, contact Recruitics!

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