12 Must-Read Recruitment Marketing Blogs

12 Must-Read Recruitment Marketing Blogs

When do you catch up on the happenings of the recruitment industry? Whether you take your coffee with a little bit of talent acquisition insights or squeeze the latest news between morning emails, blogs are a valuable resource to get high-quality information on the industry. 

They’re updated more frequently than website copy and are easier to digest than the long-form white papers. Do you know which blogs you can rely on for accurate reporting, interesting insights, and quality writing, though? Not all blogs are created equal, and spending time hunting for solid resources is not how you should spend your day. Instead, dive into our selection to get your daily dose of recruitment marketing’s news, insights, best practices, latest trends, and more! 

Stay informed with these 12 must-read recruitment marketing blogs:

  1. ERE - With recruitment industry news and insights from some of HR’s top leaders, ERE is an important resource to stay up to date on the latest talent acquisition happenings. 
  2. Forbes - While not a traditional blog, Forbes’ recruitment marketing, recruiting, and talent acquisition articles feature high-quality, informative content that all TA professionals should read for a deeper dive into the industry.
  3. Glassdoor Blog - Glassdoor’s blog is a great go-to resource for recruitment best practices, tips, trends, and news. 
  4. Indeed Blog - Filled with a myriad of how-to articles, industry reports, and insights, Indeed’s blog has best practices and tips for successful recruiting, employer branding, recruitment marketing, and more.
  5. LinkedIn Talent Blog - LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site in the world, and their blog is filled with industry updates and posts that TA professionals won’t want to miss.
  6. Ongig - With numerous how-to articles and blogs showcasing recruitment done well, Ongig is a great resource for practical recruiting tips that you can apply to your work.
  7. Recruiting Brainfood - A massive library of recruitment content, Recruiting Brainfood’s blog pulls the latest talent acquisition news and insights from a variety of sources that you can filter according to your recruiting needs.
  8. RecruitingDaily - This blog has breaking news, best practices, and latest trends. Between daily blogs and a monthly “Talent Acquisition Movers, Shakers, & News Breakers” posts, RecruitingDaily will keep you in-the-know.
  9. TAprose - Created by the innovators behind the TAtech conferences, TAprose discusses trending talent acquisition issues, innovations, and ideas.  
  10. Undercover Recruiter - Uncover quality recruitment news, insights, and tips from this UK-based blog that is a great resource for TA professionals everywhere. 
  11. Workology - Lead by Jessica Miller-Merrell, the CEO of Xceptional HR and a leader in the HR community, Workology includes content on everything HR from recruiting, sourcing, employee retention, EVPs, company culture, and more. 

Since you’re already here, you may already follow along with our blog regularly, which is great! We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the Recruitics Blog as our eleventh recruitment marketing blog recommendation.

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Now that your bookmarks are full of blogs to consume whenever you want, dive into The Ultimate Recruitment Marketing Resources Guide for additional great insights including books, podcasts, conferences, and more for your talent acquisition needs. 

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