RPO Firms and Recruitics: How to Hire Top Talent More Efficiently

RPO Firms and Recruitics: How to Hire Top Talent More Efficiently

Hiring top talent has never been more challenging, which is why companies are pulling out all the stops when building their recruitment marketing strategies. Companies are seeking to learn how to partner their talent acquisition teams with experts to craft strategies to ensure they’re hiring the right talent in the most effective ways – and many are turning to Recruitment Process Outsourcing companies.

More commonly referred to as RPOs, companies partner with RPOs to outsource part or all of their recruitment function. When it comes to recruitment marketing, Recruitics has unique capabilities to partner with and fit into the existing structure of an RPO engagement.

This partnership enables RPOs to provide their clients with transparent, data-driven marketing strategies to help them make hires more efficiently.

To dig into this collaboration more and its capabilities, read on to learn about what a successful Recruitics and RPO partnership looks like.


Partnering With An RPO Firm And Recruitics

Ultimately, when an RPO is brought into the picture, they're going to own the process surrounding whatever hiring needs the company has brought them in to help achieve. Recruitics has experience in partnering with RPO companies on both project-based hiring campaigns and longer term holistic hiring initiatives. Then the Recruitics team partners with the RPO to ensure the strategy allows the best ROI possible for the company’s sourcing dollars. This occurs by connecting the RPO partners with the Recruitics team and technology to help them analyze and optimize recruitment marketing campaigns.

As mentioned above, the RPO is an extension of the internal companies recruitment team, and Recruitics is an extension of that RPO team. The partnership is very collaborative in terms of the creation and execution of the sourcing strategy, particularly when it comes to paid media – which is a focus for Recruitics.

The RPO provides Recruitics with as much data as possible (i.e. hiring stats – cost-per-application, cost-per-interview, etc.) from the company, and Recruitics leverages this information to craft a data-driven approach to paid media. They will look at benchmark data internally, where Recruitics can see the historical average cost-per-application and conversion rates for role types in certain markets across their publisher partners. After review, Recruitics can share what the expected performance of the campaign will be, and turn to the RPO to give recommended budget ranges and media channels to drive the best results.

For example, a company may come to the RPO and Recruitics with an application goal for a particular role type in their operating markets. Recruitics can look at the historical performance of this customer's advertising campaigns along with the Recruitics benchmark data for the same type of jobs in the same locations to provide the RPO with both a budget estimate and suggested media channels to achieve the application goal provided.

When partnering with Recruitics, RPOs are able to leverage all of the data Recruitics has access to along with the expertise of the team to create and execute on comprehensive, data-driven recruitment marketing campaigns centered around conversion-focused media.

Optimizing Programmatic And Job Postings

RPOs can provide efficient access to talent pools through a partnership with Recruitics, however, recruiting talent is vastly different from sector to sector and industry to industry.

Recruitics provides real-time performance data at the job level from source to hire as well as consistent feedback around the performance and proactive suggestions on how to optimize budget for a better ROI. By partnering with the RPO, companies can gain better insights and market experience that can be leveraged to meet hiring needs.

This is where collaboration between the RPO and Recruitics is essential. The teams meet weekly so Recruitics can get a better understanding of where the pain points are within the hiring strategy and develop custom solutions to overcome these challenges. These solutions are based on each company’s unique hiring needs and allows them to take a proactive approach in their recruitment efforts, keeping them ahead of the competition. 

A few examples of how Recruitics can be beneficial:

  • Notifying the RPO to help solve issues around aging requisitions 
  • Guidance on the changing market: new salary transparency rules, shifts on publisher/vendor rules
  • Proposing paid media strategies: focusing on programmatically distributing jobs to platforms and other conversion focused media such as paid search
  • Leverage Recruitics’ direct connections/partnerships with both technology providers and publishers to more quickly troubleshoot issues and consolidate invoices

Additionally, Recruitics leverages a wealth of experience in employer branding, helping companies adjust their job titles and descriptions based on best practices. Updating job posting content ensures candidates are learning about the company and the role, giving them a better understanding if they’re a right fit and increasing the likelihood of converting a relevant, qualified applicant. A few of the things Recruitics will help the RPO and its customer are:

  • Are they following best practice for titles
  • Are they too long or too short? 
  • Do the job descriptions contain the right information? 
  • Are they formatted correctly? 
  • Are they concise? 
  • Do they convey why someone should work there? Are the benefits showcased? 
  • Do they meet all publisher-specific requirements (e.g. salary transparency)?


A Focus On Improving The Candidate Experience

In many instances the RPO or their customer will have other HR Technology (career site, CRM, Chatbot, ATS) involved in the candidate experience. Recruitics does not change any existing recruiting workflows nor do they impact the candidate experience (unless the RPO asks Recruitics to!). Instead, Recruitics integrates itself into a company’s existing ecosystem to provide detailed analytics, allowing hiring professionals to track, measure, and optimize sourcing initiatives based on ROI.

Recruitics assists the RPO in understanding which candidate workflows might be inefficient by looking at data points such as conversion rates per job, the number of steps in an application process, the information required in the application process, where in the process applicants might be falling out, and helping them by providing analytics when testing new candidate application workflows.

By optimizing both the paid media attracting the candidates to the company’s jobs and the candidate application workflow, Recruitics enables the RPO team to get in front of more candidates more efficiently and quickly to fill more roles and leave less aging requisitions on the table each week.


Moving Forward

When working with an RPO, Recruitics leverages all available data points to ensure media budgets are focused where they are needed and spent where they will deliver qualified candidates through the hiring funnel and efficiently as possible.

From easy integration into technology stacks and process, to helping RPOs create sourcing budgets and media proposals, to optimizing based on historical data – collaborating with a RPO and Recruitics can help ensure recruitment strategies are the most effective they can be.

If you’re interested in this unique partnership, reach out to Recruitics to learn more!

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