Achieving Targeted Talent Acquisition Success with Objective-Based Campaigns

Achieving Targeted Talent Acquisition Success with Objective-Based Campaigns

Key Takeaways:

  • Objective-based campaigns assist in overcoming diverse hiring obstacles, from seasonal hiring to testing new platforms.
  • Leveraging programmatic platforms with objective-based campaigns enhances optimization and automation in ad placement.
  • These campaigns enhance ad customization, ensuring alignment with organizational goals, and provide detailed tracking and analytics for better decision-making.

As the talent acquisition landscape continues to evolve, organizations must apply fresh recruitment techniques to keep pace with hiring trends and compete for talent more effectively. As one of the latest recruitment innovations available to organizations, objective-based campaigns are redefining how recruiters attract talent. By enhancing recruitment precision, cost efficiency, and data-driven decision-making, objective-based advertising can help organizations take their talent acquisition activities to the next level, ensuring they reach the right candidates with maximum efficiency and impact. 


How Objective-Based Campaigns Work

Despite how critical attracting the right talent is to organizational growth and competitiveness, many organizations struggle to make it happen. In fact, a 2022 survey found that only half of companies met their hiring goals the previous year. Objective-based campaigns can increase the odds of meeting hiring targets by allowing talent acquisition teams to not only fill open positions, but also realize more targeted achievement of their strategic hiring goals.

So, what exactly are objective-based campaigns? They’re recruitment advertisement campaigns tailored to meet a specific recruitment goal. Objective-based ad campaigns are crafted to address the organization’s overall recruitment goals, thus making advertising more efficient and more cost-effective. Examples of the hiring goals organizations can target with objective-based campaigns can include:

  • Increasing candidate engagement
  • Reaching a specific cost-per-application target
  • Attracting a specific number of views, clicks, and applicants per job ad
  • Adjusting campaign attributes based on job type, location, or specific ad platform

With the right tools and a strategic recruitment partner, organizations can use objective-based campaigns to direct recruitment budget dollars to the relevant target and goals. Instead of creating job ads all focused on the same objective, for example, applicant conversions, organizations can adjust ad campaigns to address unique recruitment goals, opportunities, and challenges.

Recruiting remains an ongoing struggle for most organizations, and the increasing time to hire across almost all industries is just one indicator. However, objective-based campaigns can help organizations facing a broad range of hiring obstacles. For example, they can improve hiring success for:

  • Organizations embarking on a seasonal hiring push across multiple retail locations 
  • Staffing agencies managing ad campaigns for a diverse mix of organizations, each with unique hiring objectives
  • Organizations testing job ads in a new geography or on a new ad platform

Tip: ‘Tis the hiring season for many organizations. Those wanting to attract a high volume of quality applicants with greater precision can follow these helpful steps to getting prepared for high-volume hiring season.

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5 Ways Objective-Based Campaigns Improve Recruitment

Whether organizations want to build more awareness among prospective candidates, manage ad spend, drive higher applicant volume for specific roles, or a combination of those goals, objective-based recruitment ads can make it easier to achieve. By building campaigns that ultimately tie back to fundamental hiring goals, recruitment teams can begin to move the needle on overcoming their most stubborn hiring challenges.

Here are five ways objective-based advertising optimizes recruitment in any organization:


1. Integrate with Programmatic Job Advertising

Programmatic job advertising has already revolutionized hiring by allowing recruitment marketing teams to execute dozens of job ad campaigns using a single programmatic platform. With the addition of objective-based campaigns, programmatic job ads become even more optimized, because each campaign can be automated based on rules tied to pre-set recruitment goals. As the programmatic platform generates job ad performance data, job boards can automatically adjust the delivery of ads based on specific organizational hiring objectives.

Tip: Programmatic advertising is a must-have for any modern recruitment program. It can help organizations improve candidate reach and engagement while also moving the needle on a host of critical recruitment metrics.


2. Improve Vendor-Level Budget Management

Organizations using job ad platforms such as Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and others must be careful to ensure advertising budget dollars are divided across those platforms according to how well they support organizational hiring goals. Objective-based campaigns use advanced built-in technology to simplify API integration across vendors and job ad platforms, so recruitment teams have better visibility and control over how the advertising budget is allocated between and within campaigns.

Additionally, because many objective-based campaign vendors accept direct, real-time, programmatic performance feedback, organizations have the ability to improve campaign pacing and optimize overall ad performance at the holistic and granular level.

Tip: Objective-based campaigns can include multiple job ad platforms and vendors, each with its own budget allocation. Innovative data visualization tools enable recruitment teams to see how each campaign is performing against its goal in real-time.

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3. Define Applicant Volume and Cost-Per-Application (CPA) Goals

Managing ad costs effectively is key to a well-run recruitment program, and objective-based campaigns are an excellent vehicle for running job ads in alignment with cost-per-application (CPA) goals. Additionally, recruitment marketing teams can set application volume targets for all campaigns and set alerts when campaigns reach those targets. Having this capability can be helpful for organizations seeking to test job ad performance in new markets, as well as for those who need to continue hiring on a smaller recruitment budget. With the help of objective-based campaigns, job ads will only run for as long as they need to and only as long as they are performing according to the goal.

Tip: Annual budget planning season isn’t the only opportunity to identify opportunities for recruitment cost-savings. Talent acquisition teams can explore AI-powered automation tools to streamline candidate screening and engagement activities.


4. Improve Ad Precision and Efficiency

With objective-based advertising capability, when recruiting professionals send an ad to a job board, they’re also communicating the parameters for what defines success and desired performance. As a result, objective-based campaigns don’t just lower recruitment costs or increase clicks and applicant conversions; they become customizable job ad campaigns that ultimately align with organizational performance and hiring goals. By avoiding the performance pitfalls of traditional blind programmatic click bidding, objective-based campaigns ensure the right ads are delivered to the right candidates at the right time. 


5. Enhance Ad Tracking and Analytics

Combining objective-based campaigns with advanced recruitment analytics allows recruitment marketing professionals to measure and track ad performance down to the objective level. For example, with Recruitics’ Vision Analytics, recruitment teams can enjoy end-to-end visibility into the full recruitment marketing funnel. With the benefits of centralized, consolidated ad reporting, recruitment marketing teams can track and measure the following:

  • Job ad campaign ROI
  • Cost-per-application by campaign, source, and/or job-attribute
  • Ad performance across multiple job ad platforms

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Maximize Hiring with Objective-Based Advertising

Organizations that have already realized the game-changing benefits of programmatic job advertising can go even further with the addition of objective-based campaigns. With this innovative solution, it’s possible to customize job ads so they align more closely to hiring goals for a specific campaign, job type, or geography. With smart analytics to provide full visibility into ad performance and metrics, recruitment teams can do more with job ads and ensure they deploy to target candidates.

For help building a recruitment strategy that leverages the full capabilities of objective-based campaigns and analytics, the team at Recruitics is here to help! The Recruitics team can provide strategic support and customized advertising solutions to help organizations reach their desired candidates more effectively.

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