The End-to-End Recruitment Marketing Analytics Funnel [INFOGRAPHIC]

The End-to-End Recruitment Marketing Analytics Funnel [INFOGRAPHIC]

The insights talent acquisition professionals can learn from end-to-end analytics are very valuable. With access to these analytics, companies can see what they're doing right in the recruiting process and potential gaps that need focus or adjustment. End-to-end analytics also provide a data-driven framework to measure the full life cycle of recruiting and can help companies understand how their recruitment marketing efforts are playing throughout the funnel.

Here's a breakdown of the important KPI's and what metrics are at each stage of the funnel:


Track Your Funnel Better

With Recruitics, companies have the ability to identify which job category, location, and even recruiter is producing the most interviews and hires. This can help talent acquisition professionals better understand their efforts and easily see which of their talent needs requires more resources and which can have resources allocated elsewhere.



To learn more about end-to-end recruitment analytics and how to create better recruitment marketing strategies based on these metrics, contact Recruitics today!

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