Top 10 Staffing Conferences For 2016

Top 10 Staffing Conferences For 2016

Editor's Note: Recruitics now conducts business in both the United States as well as abroad, with our European operations conducted out of London, England. If you are a UK or EU visitor, click here to read The Best UK Recruitment Conferences for 2016.

Each year, American staffing companies hire more than 14 million employees for temporary and contract work, according to the American Staffing Association (ASA). In the U.S., there are about 17,000 staffing and recruiting companies, which altogether operate around 35,000 offices, creating stiff competition in the marketplace.

That said, it is important for staffing companies to keep abreast of what’s going on in their industry. There are a number of great conferences for staffing companies to attend that include speakers who teach about best practices, coming trends and the latest technology that will help their attendees continue to exceed in making meaningful job placements for their candidates and clients alike.

With 2016 hot on our heels, it might be time to consider saving the date for the conferences that will keep you ahead of the game in the staffing industry. To help, we’ve put together our list of the 2016 staffing conferences you can’t miss.


  • SIA Executive Forum North America – (February 22-25, Phoenix, AZ):
    The Executive Forum North America is one of the world’s premier staffing events, and this year the prestigious event turns 25 years old. Geared towards staffing leaders, the conference aims to share best practices, trends and information on new technology that will help firms find greater success.
  • SHRM Talent Management Conference and Exposition – (April 18-20, 2016, Orlando, FL):
    This conference is geared directly towards recruitment and talent management professionals and looks to provide tools, resources and solutions for their specific job functions. Keynote speakers for 2016 include Jim Knight, Kate Cole and Peter Bregman.
  • ASA Staffing Law Conference – (April 20-21, National Harbor, MD):
    The laws and regulations the staffing industry must meet and abide by are difficult to understand and almost always changing. That makes staying abreast on all of the latest legal code a top priority of your legal department. ASA Staffing Law Conference is the only event dedicated exclusively to this.
  • Contingent Workforce Strategies Summit – (October 19-20, Dallas, TX):
    Each year, CWS Summit draws representatives from all over the country and world. This conference will bring together senior executives, directors and VPs, consultants, managers and specialists from throughout the staffing world to lead discussions based on personal experience.
  • ASA Staffing World – (October 25-27, San Diego, CA):
    ASA Staffing World is the largest industry expo in the world. The expo is primarily focused on staffing industry technology and allows attendees to learn, demo and even buy the latest tech that will make firms successful for years to come.
  • TechServe Alliance Conference and Tradeshow – (November 3-5, Amelia Island, FL):
    This conference is focused on IT and engineering staffing and solutions firms where you’ll learn about specific strategies that are targeted directly at distinct tracks such as executive, sales and recruitment.
  • Alternative Staffing Alliance Annual Conference – (October 19-21, Charlotte, NC):
    The AltStaffing conference is an annual event that aims at teaching those in the staffing industry how to work smarter rather than harder. This conference is ideal for small agencies and especially startups.
  • NAPS Annual Conference – (September 19-21, Henderson, NV):
    The National Association of Personnel Services puts on a yearly educational conference that informs staffing professionals on best practices through the understanding of case studies and is also a leading industry networking event.
  • National Staffing Association Conference by TempNet – (Date and Location TBD):
    TempNet focuses on building relationships between staffing leadership to allow for the fair and appropriate exchange of vital information that is critical to success. Half conference, half networking, TempNet’s annual conference is all about getting out what you put in.

As 2016 approaches, staffing companies will want to look ahead to conferences that they can not only attend, but work towards presenting at. We’ll even help you get there! Let us know if you’re interested in speaking at any of the above events and we can help you prepare a speaker proposal. If you get approved, we can even help you prepare your presentation.

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