Here's to You, Our Award-Winning People and Clients

Here's to You, Our Award-Winning People and Clients

Last week, Recruitics won an award—a ReSI (Recruiting Service Innovation) Award for Most Innovative Recruitment Advertising Solution—and it’s not our first win either; it’s our fifth (read more on this below)!

While award-winning service and technology is certainly something to celebrate (and we do!), the true achievers are our team members and the true victors are our clients. Here’s why.


The True Award-Achievers: Our People

Award-winning recruitment technology is only one beautifully crafted gear in the engine of our agency. The true superheroes behind our award are our people. Technology is nothing but an recruitment marketing agency wins ReSI award 2019unused tool (even if it is an expertly designed tool) without our teams that work tirelessly to build it and our experts who work every day to support our clients’ recruitment marketing strategies with it. 

Here’s to every Recruitics team member who ideates, develops, designs, creates, optimizes, strategizes, and who thinks outside the data and technology alone to create talent attraction solutions recognized internationally as resources that help our clients. Cheers to you, team!

But enough about us; let’s talk about you. Because when we win awards, our clients win, too. (Tweet This)


The True Award-Winners: Our Clients

Through the awards that our recruitment marketing agency wins, our clients are the ones that truly “win”; and they win so much more than just a simple piece of hardware that sits on a shelf. 

You win recruitment advertising advancements, employer brand growth, and strategic talent attraction solutions. You win analytics to help you make smarter decisions. You win efficiencies that give you time back in your day and money back in your company’s pocket. 

You win the best team of recruitment marketing specialists with the most industry knowledge and expertise in the world, the highest quality of customer service from our amazing team that’s dedicated to helping our clients find the best candidates, and access to the industry’s first-to-market and best-in-class technologies. You win true partners in an agency that has a team with leading-edge ideas to solve the talent acquisition industry’s toughest problems. 

Ultimately, you win the ability to attract and hire top talent more easily and more cost-effectively. When we win awards, it’s our clients who truly receive the honor.


We’re Stronger Together: Recruitics, KRT Marketing, & Our Clients

For us, winning awards is recognition and validation that all we Most Innovative Recruitment Marketing Technology Solutiondo as a recruitment marketing agency helps YOU to achieve your hiring goals and makes a complex initiative, like recruitment marketing, easy and attainable. (Tweet This)

We partner with employers, recruitment marketers, and talent acquisition professionals to get things done. We truly believe that we’re all stronger together because of it, and our amazing clients believe this, too. Just as valuable as winning awards, if not more so, is the recognition from our clients that we are indeed #StrongerTogether:

"Recruitics is the best kind of partner—one that drives tremendous success and results for our business, while allowing me to take a step back from the campaign front lines because I know their data and campaign management is world-class." (Global Employer Brand & Marketing Manager)

"Before Recruitics, I had never worked with an agency in the recruitment space that I would consider a true partner, and I've worked with them all. Recruitics is truly an extension of my team." (Employer Brand & Recruitment Marketing Lead)

"We have worked with other recruitment marketing agencies in the past, but Recruitics is more like an extension of our own team. The Recruitics team is truly a valued partner for us."  (Director of Recruitment Marketing)

Winning our most recent ReSI Award not only shows that we’re always improving and innovating for our clients but it also further supports our recent acquisition of KRT Marketing. Our combined recruitment marketing agencies are truly #StrongerTogether, both for our people and our clients.


Recruitics: An Award-Winning Recruitment Marketing Agency

We mentioned previously that our recent ReSI win was our fifth award—here’s the scoop on all of our achievements.

As an agency, we’ve previously won ReSI Awards in 2015 for Most Innovative Enterprise Solution for Recruiting and in 2016 & 2017 for Most Innovative Big Data Solution, making this the fourth time we’ve been recognized by the TAtech organization. We also won the Brandon Hall Group’s Excellence in Technology Award in 2017 for the Best Advance in Talent Acquisition Technology. 

We couldn’t be more proud of our hard-working teams and more thankful to TAtech, the ReSI Awards committee and Brandon Hall Group for these amazing recognitions.

Most of all, we are proud to be extensions of our clients’ talent acquisition departments and true partners of recruitment marketers, with the best people and technologies in the business.


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