Introducing Google Job Ads

Introducing Google Job Ads

Google Job Ads are finally here. This new, long-awaited product offers employers the opportunity to dynamically advertise specific jobs in the most premium inventory Google offers via a feed of jobs. Google Job Ads are modeled after Google Listing Ads which have effectively resulted in a lift in ecommerce results. Job advertising is enabled by a feed (similar to programmatic job advertising). 

Currently, this product and opportunity are unavailable to the public – still in the Alpha testing phase – and Beta opportunities are expected to open up in April 2023.


Google Job Ads

In 2017, Google launched the Google for Jobs marketplace that populated a widget with a job search experience when someone uses a search query related to jobs or careers. A monetization strategy was expected to closely follow based on Google's past verticalization strategies (i.e., travel, vehicle, consumer packaged goods (CPG)).

Up to 73% of job seekers start their job search on Google as a touchpoint to find employment. With the recent red-hot job market, it was only a matter of time before they became more serious about a monetization strategy.

With Google’s new offering, which complements a paid search strategy, companies can drive more traffic – attracting more qualified talent to open roles. With the addition of Google Job Ads to current paid Search campaigns, companies and advertisers can own more real estate on the SERP (search engine results page) with job seekers.

Google Job Ads for search ads will be a simple and efficient way to increase exposure for a company’s jobs. These listing ads will use automation combined with a company’s feed to serve the job ad to the right job seeker at the right time.


How Will Google Job Ads Work?

Google Job Ads will appear on the search result page and be recognized as paid ads with the “sponsored” message at the top left of each carousel. These listing ads allow job seekers to see key job information about an open role (like employment type, location, and salary) and display groups of similar job types in individual tiles. The job ads are displayed in a carousel format, allowing users to scroll through tiles, showcasing all opportunities. Each tile includes two call-to-actions CTAs, both of which drive to the job on the career site or applicant tracking system (ATS) – wherever the candidate can apply. This allows job seekers to find the role that fits them best – giving companies a chance to acquire more qualified leads.

During a trial, Google used listing ads in conjunction with search text ads, maximizing the page presence for participating retail and CPG advertisers. For those companies, they saw 2.9x* increase in weekly conversion. Also, vehicle advertisers who used these ads with their existing Search campaigns saw +25%* average increase in conversions.

*Google Data, US, Automobile, Aug 2021 vs. Jan 2022. Results are based on lead form submission conversions, estimated off the Aug, Sept, Oct 2021 adopters on Vehicle Ads."

“These are experiment mocks, and Google may change the ad format layout or job attributes as required before and after the pilot phase starts.”


Benefits of Google Job Ads

Benefits of Google Job Ads for companies and advertisers include:

  • More qualified leads: Use a job feed to increase Google presence by running paid Google campaigns to reach active job seekers.
  • Increase discovery & conversion: Use Google pay-per-click keyword campaigns (aka: text ads), plus organic results in conjunction with Google Job ads to optimize the search page
  • Engage a large number of job seekers: Show relevant job details to job seekers who are motivated with high intent
  • Reach the right user: Reach job seekers with automated & feed based targeting


What to Keep in Mind with Google's Job Ads

Google is still in Alpha testing, moving to Beta shortly. There’s still a lot to learn about this new offering, but this industry-shifting development is an opportunity for companies and advertisers to optimize where and how job seekers discover their jobs. 

If you’d like more information about advertising effectively on Google, contact the team at Recruitics today! We have a team of experts who are knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated to helping our clients succeed and grow online. Reach out to your rep or our sales team, and let us help you be the first to test this new Google product!

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