10 Brands Redefining the Recruitment Marketing Landscape

10 Brands Redefining the Recruitment Marketing Landscape

Key Takeaways:

  • Crafting an attractive and memorable recruitment strategy is crucial for creating an irresistible experience for candidates and employees alike.
  • Elevating employer branding through innovative strategies and initiatives helps companies attract top talent, enhance employee satisfaction, and achieve organizational success in talent acquisition.
  • Regularly revisiting and revamping a company's EVP and employer brand ensures alignment with evolving market trends and candidate expectations.

As February unfolds, love fills the air. At Recruitics, passion lies in assisting clients in navigating the complex marketplace. From boosting employer branding to crafting cutting-edge recruitment marketing strategies and delving into full-funnel KPIs, the team is passionate about driving success in the world of talent acquisition.

Amidst the team's unwavering commitment to client's success, inspiration is continually drawn from the innovative strides taken by other brands. Here are just a few brands the team at Recruitics admires.


1. CVS

CVS Health, always eager to embrace innovation, sought to accelerate hiring goals to fill their hard-to-fill roles ahead of the busy season. Faced with a labor shortage, CVS recognized the need to explore new media channels to connect with potential job candidates – focusing on TikTok.

Together, Recruitics and CVS devised a strategy to utilize TikTok's Lead Generation forms effectively. By seamlessly integrating these forms into the TikTok platform, candidates could express interest without interrupting their browsing experience. The content crafted for this purpose resonated authentically with the target audience, featuring hiring announcements and prompting viewers to fill out the form instantly.

CVS was able to tailor the form to include specific hiring details and qualifying questions, ensuring that prospective candidates met their criteria. This strategic approach facilitated candidate engagement and streamlined the recruitment process, ultimately helping CVS find suitable talent amidst challenging market conditions.


2. Chewy

Chewy has an outstanding reputation as an exceptional employer. At Chewtopia, employees are empowered to dream big and excel, fostering an environment where results-driven individuals thrive, and extraordinary opportunities abound, regardless of their role or location.

Their culture is meticulously crafted from within, cultivating a community of Chewtopians that instills a sense of pride among employees and attracts prospective candidates eager to join the fold.

This underscores the importance of a robust employee value proposition (EVP), something candidates can connect with and proudly support, especially as brand ambassadors. Being able to stand behind the company and its values instills a sense of pride and attracts like-minded individuals to the team. These proud employees serve as ambassadors, amplifying talent acquisition efforts and bringing the EVP to life as a genuine representation of the organization, its culture, and its employees.

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3. Marriott

Marriott introduced its new people brand, "Be," in 2023, featuring three distinct pillars: begin, belong, and become. Marriott's brand resonates deeply since it prioritizes its employees as much as its guests. For the 26th consecutive year, Marriott has been recognized as one of Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For®.

At the heart of our operations are their associates, and "Be" symbolizes the essence of their experience. It signifies that at Marriott, individuals can excel in their roles, shape their careers, be part of an exceptional global team, and evolve into their best selves. This approach emphasizes the importance of giving everyone a voice and fostering a sense of community and inclusion for employees.

Tip: Outdated content could negatively impact the candidate experience and the connection with job seekers, resulting in them looking elsewhere for employment. Revisiting and revamping a company’s EVP and employer brand every 6-12 months ensures it resonates with top talent hiring professionals are actively seeking.


4. Disney

Disney's commitment to brand consistency across all touchpoints, including theme parks, movies, merchandise, and digital platforms, is crucial in recruitment marketing and enhancing the candidate experience. By maintaining a cohesive brand experience, Disney effectively communicates its core values and mission to potential candidates. This consistency creates a strong brand identity that attracts individuals who align with Disney's values and culture.

Disney's mission to entertain, inform, and inspire people worldwide through storytelling is also a powerful recruitment tool. This mission reflects the iconic brands, creative minds, and innovative technologies establishing Disney as the world's premier entertainment company.

Prospective candidates are drawn to companies with a clear and compelling mission, especially one as impactful as Disney's. This mission statement not only resonates with potential employees but also enhances the candidate experience by providing a sense of purpose and direction.


5. Apple

Apple stands as the most iconic brand globally. In 2023, Apple claimed the top spot among U.S. companies with the highest employment growth, with job openings soaring as of January 2024.

The beauty of Apple's "Think Different" message lies in the close alignment between its marketing and the employer brand. Apple's message to its customers emphasizes uniqueness, innovation, and a pioneering spirit.

Employer branding is a platform to showcase the company's value to job seekers, employees, and key stakeholders. By effectively managing the employer brand, Apple cultivates a well-defined culture aligned with their business ambitions and aspirations. This fosters stronger relationships with staff and develops a public reputation that is consistently superior to competitors.

Understanding its employer branding enables Apple to strategically market itself to job seekers and employees, thereby attracting and retaining top talent. In today's landscape, where candidates and employees prioritize meaningful connections with their workplaces, Apple places emphasis on its employer brand – highlighting the significance of belonging and feeling valued and connected to one's role. Remarkably, the employees it attracts share these qualities, creating a workforce that mirrors the brand's ethos of pushing boundaries and achieving greatness.

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6. Brother

Brother is a compelling testament to the significance of employer branding and creating an engaging experience for job seekers. Following a brand overhaul, Brother International achieved impressive results:

  • 140% increase in completed applications
  • 45% increase in total page views
  • 40% increase in total job seekers
  • 15% increase in returning job seekers
  • 25% decrease in apply time

Brother's revamped site offers engaging and transparent content, including powerful employee testimonials and videos covering various topics. Additionally, it provides personalized job recommendations and a seamless application process, driving traffic, engagement, and conversions.

With a focus on visuals and content, the site effectively communicates everything a candidate needs to know when considering employment at Brother: mission, values, social initiatives, as well as targeted job opportunities, benefits, and FAQs. This rebranding effort has enabled Brother to effectively communicate its employer brand and attract talent to the organization in the most compelling manner possible. It underscores the importance of revamping strategies and keeping content engaging and fresh.

Tip: A great way to do this is by utilizing employee-generated content. Platforms like Jamyr make it easy for employees to be brand ambassadors and create engaging, transparent content.


7. Nike

Nike's core ambition is centered around elevating human potential, a goal that resonates deeply with their dedication to cultivating an environment founded on principles of equality, inclusion, empowerment, and respect. Their diversity and inclusion policies are a cornerstone in recognizing and embracing individuals from varied backgrounds. Through carefully crafted web content, Nike explicitly showcases their support for diverse groups, including military personnel, individuals with disabilities, and indigenous communities – while keeping a tone that effortlessly combines warmth and wit.

Nike shares that they firmly believe diversity of perspectives and experiences fuels innovation and problem-solving. Thus, alongside hiring top talent, Nike highlights how they prioritize promoting and developing existing team members, ensuring that structures, hiring practices, and company culture empower representation and opportunity at all levels. Initiatives shown on the webpage, such as employee resource groups, further contribute to Nike's commitment to fostering an inclusive culture.

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8. In-N-Out Burger

A well-established, clearly defined, and robust EVP can directly impact recruiting top-quality candidates, enhancing employee satisfaction, and improving staff retention rates. Companies need to articulate their unique values and go beyond mere expectations by elaborating on how they fulfill these promises. Providing detailed insights into company values and practices helps job seekers gain a deeper understanding of the organization and encourages them to apply, while also ensuring the company stands out from its competitors.

In-N-Out Burger does this well by highlighting the unique perks they offer their employees on the career site, including:

  • “Extremely flexible scheduling, designed to put employees with similar personalities on the clock at the same time,
  • Free meals,
  • PTO, health insurance, dental insurance, the full workup of benefits – whether full or part-time.”

By highlighting their values and offering comprehensive details about how they are put into action, employers can attract candidates who share similar interests, which can help reinforce their company culture. This approach also fosters an environment where candidates and employees feel valued and recognized as individuals, not just as workers, thereby enhancing overall satisfaction and retention. 


9. Spotify

Spotify excels in leveraging social media platforms to showcase its brand. Specifically, on Instagram, they maintain a dedicated account called @lifeatspotify. This approach offers opportunities to highlight the company's culture, values, and accomplishments – while engaging potential candidates in an authentic and interactive manner. Building employer branding on social media requires consistent effort over time, aiming to humanize the brand and delve deeper than the surface-level information found on a typical "about us" page.

Through its Instagram account, Spotify provides a behind-the-scenes look into its working culture while maintaining an authentic and employee-focused approach. This transparency and authenticity resonate with followers and reinforce the company's brand identity, ensuring people “feel like you belong here and can thrive here.”

Tip: Consistency on social media platforms enhances brand awareness and keeps followers informed and engaged. It's crucial for companies to promote their employees in a natural and unforced manner, allowing them to connect genuinely with their followers and cultivate meaningful relationships.

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10. Airbnb

While many businesses have adopted hybrid working policies, Airbnb has introduced an unparalleled flexible working policy, allowing employees to live and work in any of 170 countries for up to 90 days.

Airbnb co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky believes that offering flexibility to live and work anywhere has the potential to unlock creativity, innovation, and make work more enjoyable. Chesky also says, “I’ve always believed that you design the culture you want, or it will be designed for you.” This underscores the importance for companies to strengthen their relationship with their employees by understanding their hopes, desires, and needs, thereby creating a culture of care and increasing satisfaction and retention.

Tip: This approach should be tailored to a company's unique culture and people. Hiring professionals can start by conducting a pulse survey to understand how employees feel about the company and their offerings. The insights gained can help professionals tailor the EVP, employer brand, and offerings to better align with employees.

Flexibility is vital for attracting and retaining a diverse and talented workforce, as it caters to various needs and preferences. This approach boosts employee satisfaction, leading to increased retention rates and stronger organizational loyalty. Additionally, flexible work models provide adaptability and resilience, essential for effectively addressing unforeseen workforce challenges.



Creating an attractive and memorable recruitment strategy is essential for crafting an irresistible experience for candidates and employees. The team at Recruitics is driven by a passion for making talent acquisition easier for you; let us help you amplify your brand and redefine what's possible in the world of talent acquisition.

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