10 Quick Takeaways from Indeed Interactive 2016

10 Quick Takeaways from Indeed Interactive 2016

Indeed Interactive 2016 was held last week, between May 25-27, and Recruitics was there to participate in yet another amazing event. Talent acquisition professionals from all over the United States were in Austin, TX to talk about how recruitment can shape employee engagement, employer branding, content and a number of other important topics. Here are 10 quick takeaways to reflect on:

1. Too many employees today aren't engaged, which could be a sign of poor recruitment efforts:


2. Recruiting more engaged employees can lead to better production:


3. Top talent is actively seeking better employment opportunities:


4. These top candidates can transform your organization. But how do you identify transformational talent?


5. And once they're identified, attracting transformational talent to your jobs requires a mix of strong employer branding:


6. ... A solid content strategy:


7. ...And an easy apply process. Unfortunately, many companies today are struggling with the latter:


8. For those considering a revamp of their apply process, mobile must remain top of mind:


9. And when all else fails, remember the cornerstones of Recruitment Marketing, such as job segmentation:


10. And this summary on how to recruit transformational talent:


It would be impossible to recap all of Indeed Interactive 2016 in just 10 tweets, but these important points are worthy of reflection. Have something to add to this post? Let us know in the comments below.

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