10 Best Recruitment Video Examples

10 Best Recruitment Video Examples

Key Takeaways:

  • Video content is a versatile tool with the potential to foster engagement, inspire, and drive action in recruitment marketing.
  • Recruitment videos can enhance candidate engagement, showcase company culture, facilitate authentic communication, enable better storytelling, and expand company reach.
  • Various types of talent acquisition videos serve different purposes throughout the hiring funnel, from testimonials and employee spotlights to virtual tours and company values videos.

A well-crafted video has the potential to offer candidates a clear vision of themselves fitting seamlessly into a company's workforce. Alternatively, it also provides the opportunity for a candidate to clearly see themselves not working at that company – which is a good thing because it saves resources and increases candidate quality.

Videos also serve as potent tools that extend well beyond recruitment benefits. They have the capacity to generate leads, impart knowledge, amplify brand recognition, and refine engagement strategies.

Surprisingly, 43% of companies lack a video-specific strategy, despite the staggering 3.37 billion internet users consuming video content in 2022. Even as video's reach soars, 48% of respondents feel their organizations weren't using existing video to its full potential.

With 92% of marketers saying video gives them a strong ROI, it’s important to understand how video can transform a company’s recruitment marketing strategy. Whether a company is just getting started, looking for fresh ideas, or looking to make a case for investing in a video recruitment strategy, dig into what to keep in mind and ten examples from companies who’ve done it right.

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Investing in Recruitment Videos Pays Off

Incorporating videos into a recruitment marketing strategy can provide a multifaceted approach to engaging candidates and showcasing a company in a more dynamic and memorable way. Benefits to these videos can include:

  • Enhanced Candidate Engagement: Videos capture the attention of candidates more effectively than text-based content, creating a more engaging experience and helping candidates remember the company’s brand.
  • Showcasing Company Culture: Videos provide a dynamic way to showcase the company's culture, values, and work environment, giving candidates a realistic preview of what it's like to work at the organization.
  • Authentic Communication: Videos allow recruiters to communicate directly with candidates, enabling a more personal and authentic connection early in the recruitment process.
  • Better Storytelling: Videos enable storytelling that resonates emotionally with candidates, making the company's story and mission more compelling and relatable.
  • Company Reach: Videos can be easily shared and viewed globally, expanding the company’s reach to a wider pool of potential candidates – including passive job seekers. This could also help with attracting the new generation workforce.
  • Demonstrate Innovation: Utilizing video demonstrates that the company is forward-thinking and embraces modern recruitment strategies, appealing to tech-savvy and progressive candidates.
  • Social Media Advantage: Video content performs exceptionally well on social media platforms, increasing the likelihood of the recruitment campaigns reaching a larger and more targeted audience.
  • Employer Profile and Website Revamping: Videos provide engaging content that can be served up on the company website, YouTube pages, and other branding sites like Indeed and Glassdoor profiles.
  • Brand Awareness: Creating videos maintains a genuine, uniform message that connects with candidates and the wider audience. When people are familiar with a brand and have positive associations with it, they are more likely to choose it over competitors.


The Different Kinds of Talent Acquisition Videos

There are many different styles of videos hiring professionals can utilize, and they all have different benefits and purposes in the recruitment process. These can include:

  • Testimonials
  • Employee Spotlights
  • Day-in-the-Life 
  • “Meet the Team” 
  • New Hire Introductions
  • Video Job Descriptions 
  • Virtual Tours
  • Holidays and Events
  • Company Values

These videos provide a clearer understanding of the role's responsibilities and who the candidate will be working with if hired, helping candidates assess their fit and interest in the position. This gives candidates a deeper understanding about the company and a peek behind the curtain – which helps with transparency and authentically showing how the company functions.

Tip: Before involving employees, companies should carefully outline essential discussion points to ensure they are highlighted in the content. Talking points can help navigate the conversation and spark thoughtful responses, without hindering an employee’s message.

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Creating Effective Recruitment Videos 

Companies need to understand their target audience before creating recruitment videos. Different groups of potential candidates are motivated by distinct factors. For instance, consider the contrast between nurses and tech professionals. Nurses, who have been on the frontlines during the pandemic, seek assurance that leadership values their contributions and understands their unique challenges. On the other hand, tech-savvy individuals are often drawn to innovation and the prospect of effecting change. One size does not fit all when it comes to communicating about company culture and values. 

When communicating the company culture, it’s essential to:

  • Be crystal clear: The message should encapsulate what it means to be a part of the team. 
  • Embrace the richness of diversity: This can be from faiths and disabilities to races and ages. This helps attract potential employees who value diversity and those who appreciate a company that truly embodies its principles.
  • Keep the message brief: This can make it easy for potential candidates to remember.
  • Be authentic: Ensure the message aligns seamlessly with the company's brand. It's not enough to talk the talk; hiring professionals need to walk the walk
Tip: By elevating employees, ensure members from different levels and departments have a chance to participate. This sends a clear message that everyone is included and that the company values diverse perspectives and backgrounds, while also allowing employees to share where the company is now and where it can grow.


10 Best Recruitment Videos

1. Apple


This video from Apple explains how the culture is open and elaborates on what “open” means to the company. This includes embracing various aspects of diversity, including faiths, disabilities, races, ages, ideologies, personalities, and differences. Also, by representing 68 diverse employees, the message clarifies that everyone is included. This is important in a message about diversity and inclusion.


2. Netflix


Netflix’s video gives space for Latino employees to discuss what it's like being Latino and working at the company. This showcases Netflix's dedication to uplifting their teammates' voices, ensuring everyone is heard. They are honest and talk about where the company is now and how it can grow, allowing candidates to have transparency on what it’s like to work there and the conversations being had to ensure progress is being made.


3. Southwest Airlines


This Southwest Airlines video showcases the company’s commitment to their diversity journey and how they value equity among their employees and customers. They also take the time to highlight their drive for an inclusive workplace and business, the work they’re doing, and their commitment to every employee and customer.


4. Spotify


Spotify’s video is a great example of sharing how their values are informed and influenced by “every member of the Spotify band.” This showcases how they’re “walking the walk” and how their guidelines allow teammates to achieve their goals and mission.


5. Appian


This “About Us” video from Appian dives into how the company is fast-paced and how the friendly culture defines the Appian employee experience. It also allows employees to share their thoughts and perspectives on the culture, allowing audiences to hear their unique stories.


6. Ford Motor Company


Ford Motor Company has an employee spotlight series that elevates an employee every month. Ford’s CEO, Jim Farley, travels to different factories to meet different teammates, hear their stories, and learn why they love working at the company. This is a great series that captures teammates' unique stories and highlights the company's different opportunities. Also, having the CEO meet teammates at different levels highlights the connection leadership has with all teammates.


7. General Mills


Starting a new role can be intimidating, so having a video virtual tour is a nice way to introduce the company to a future employee. General Mills does a great job making the tour engaging and easy to follow – so new talent can be prepared for their first day at the company.


8. Intel


Intel’s video is an excellent example of a day-in-the-life of one of their employees. This video takes time to share what the teammate loves most about working and gives a behind-the-scenes look for prospective talent on what being in that role would entail.


9. Indeed


Indeed’s video breaks down what a project manager does, which helps the audience decide if this is the right role and company for them. The employee also highlights the skills and education needed for the position, which can help prepare and inform candidates on what can help them be successful.


10. Nike


This “meet the team” video from Nike allows audiences to see the company as more than a retail giant. The video digs into one facet of the company, their Consumer Air Manufacturing Innovation (Air MI) team, to share state-of-the art manufacturing facilities and what the culture looks like. It also highlights “how Nike empowers our teammates to be their best.” This allows audiences to understand how the work done by these roles translates externally, which can help garner interest in wanting to work at Nike.



In today's competitive recruitment environment, video has emerged as an asset for distinguishing an organization from its rivals and leaving a lasting mark on potential candidates. This is especially true since 52% of people are more likely to share video content than other types of content.

Recruitment videos are versatile in their ability to foster engagement, inspire, and drive action positions them at the forefront of recruitment marketing strategies. In an era where standing out is paramount, harnessing the power of video can markedly enhance the effectiveness of recruitment endeavors.

The Recruitics team has experts who specialize in video production. Get in touch today to see how we can assist your team in creating engaging video content and an unforgettable candidate experience.

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