Recruitics Launches Free Recruitment Marketing Analytics Dashboard in US and UK

Recruitics Analytics makes it easy for employers, staffing agencies and job boards to understand the ROI of their job ads for free

NEW YORK, NEW YORK--Recruitics, a leading recruitment marketing analytics and advertising platform, will officially launch Recruitics Analytics, a free recruitment marketing analytics dashboard in beta, at two simultaneous conferences on June 7.

The two conferences are Bullhorn Engage and the UK Recruiter Technology Showcase, taking place in Boston, MA and London, England, respectively.

The launch of the free offering is a first of its kind for the recruitment and talent acquisition space. It comes after a successful pre-release program where early access to Recruitics Analytics was given to select parties prior to its official launch, for testing and fine-tuning.

“After seeing the success of the pre-release program, we couldn’t be more excited for the official launch and to open up Recruitics Analytics to anyone interested in better understanding the data behind their job ads,” said Recruitics VP of Product Adam Stafford. “Understanding your current efforts is the first step to optimizing your strategy, and our goal is to make that easier for recruitment professionals with the launch of free Analytics.”

While many HR and talent acquisition professionals have access to some recruitment marketing analytics through source dashboards and ATS platforms, it is often difficult to understand the performance of all of your job ads across multiple sources. With Recruitics Analytics, employers, staffing agencies and job boards can easily consolidate their data and pull valuable insights that will help them make better data-driven decisions with their recruitment dollars.

Those who leverage Recruitics Analytics will have access to:

  • Real-time, job-level analytics
  • Centralized, one-click reporting
  • Consolidated data from all paid and unpaid sources
  • A single, trusted source of data

“What we often see from clients, before they start working with us, is waste in their strategies created through no fault of their own,” said Recruitics CEO Josh Gampel. “Unfortunately, this waste often goes unnoticed due to a lack of visibility into job-level performance. Recruitics Analytics provides easy access to that data for free, so all talent acquisition teams can get the analytics they need to make informed decisions that eliminate wasted spend, cut costs and drive their business forward.”

To get started with Recruitics Analytics for free, visit the website here.

About Recruitics:
Recruitics is the leading recruitment marketing analytics and advertising platform that makes it easy for companies to understand and optimize their job advertising strategies by leveraging real-time data and programmatic technology. Founded in 2012, Recruitics works with the nation’s largest employers, staffing agencies, and job boards to drive more applicants to their online job postings, hire great talent, and achieve their recruitment goals. Recruitics also partners with a number of other ATS systems in the US to provide seamless integration and tracking. The company is headquartered in New York City, NY and is privately owned and operated. You can find Recruitics online or follow @Recruitics on Twitter.

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