Talent Attraction News: May Edition

Talent Attraction News: May Edition

Check out our "Talent Attraction News: May Edition" – a monthly content roundup that pulls together all of the articles and blogs we’ve been reading about recruitment marketing, talent acquisition and more.This is a compilation of all the content we’ve sent to our newsletter subscribers over the course of the past month. Sign up for our newsletter to get these updates sent directly to your inbox each week.

May’s Talent Attraction News

Attracting and Hiring New Graduates Using Recruitment Marketing Techniques

Recruitment marketing is vital to the success of your talent acquisition efforts, especially when it comes to hiring college grads. It’s no longer a matter of advertising your jobs and expecting candidates to jump through hoops to apply. Research from the MRI Network indicates that 90 percent of the job market is presently driven by candidates. In other words, you may think you are in control of choosing candidates when in fact, candidates must choose your company first. To make a plan, we asked our own team of recruitment marketing experts to put together a list of effective methods that can help any company position itself for attracting and hiring more new grads in the next few months. Read the full article here.

Five Ways to Land The Best Hires For Your Company

People with new skills are the lifeblood of every company’s future. Attracting new, highly sought-after skills drives competitive advantage. From old-line car manufacturers building capabilities in software to a whole new generation of farmers who use drones, smart sensors and weeding robots to increase yields and reduce costs, the future will be won by organizations that attract new skills. That’s why businesses spend billions worldwide on attracting and hiring top talent. So, how do you attract in-demand talent to your business? Forbes provides the inside scoop. Read all about it here.

Text Recruiting Is The Future

CDW rolled out text recruiting globally in 2017 to fill roles quicker and more efficiently at a time when employers were feeling the pain of low unemployment rates. As the organization has grown, finding areas that increase productivity and drive efficiency have been essential. In a tightened labor market, time-to-fill is higher, so speed to market is everything. CDW has realized that text messaging is what candidates want. Leaving a voicemail no longer works as it once did. Read more here to learn how CDW makes this process work and how you can, too.

5 Ways to Avoid Over-Optimizing Your Programmatic Job Advertising Strategy

Your programmatic strategy is likely driving the majority of applications coming into your open jobs, so it needs to be managed carefully. But, programmatic job advertising is not a “set it and forget it” sort of campaign. True efficiency in programmatic job advertising cannot be achieved without optimization, but ROI from programmatic can also decrease if you optimize too much. So, in order to improve the return of your talent acquisition efforts, it's vital that you manage your programmatic job advertising strategy without over-optimizing it and setting yourself up for failure. We've come up with five tips to ensure you don't run into this issue while staying on top of your programmatic job advertising strategy for talent acquisition. Read all about it here.

Facebook Job Board Opens Up to Employers Through ATS Partnerships

Since its launch more than a year ago the Facebook job board has been missing jobs from one key segment: corporate employers. They simply did not have an easy way to share their jobs to the Facebook audience other than their own business page. But good news has arrived in the form of the announcement posted to their newsroom blog last week. Facebook will be partnering with ATS vendors to include their client's jobs into the Facebook job board automatically. This move will certainly add a huge number of credible, professional listings alongside the thousands of small business jobs already posted. Read on.

The Difference Between Recruiting Millennials and Generation Z

Generations are a funny thing and a concept that we have yet to define in concrete terms. Millennials changed the proverbial ball game, with their supposed online expertise and interest in things like transparency and feedback. It took years for recruiters to figure out how to hire them, and amid all that learning, millennials went and grew up. No matter which way you categorize them, older millennials are now approaching 40 and their successors are nothing like them. When they arrived on the scene, recruiters weren’t ready but, now it’s time to focus on Gen Z, and luckily, there’s still time to prepare. Read on to learn more here.

Recruitics Continues Rapid Growth and Expansion with Launch of New Offices in Chicago and Los Angeles

As the industry-leading global recruitment marketing agency, we've announced our continued effort in regionalization to better serve our clients through the expansion of our US operations and the opening of two new office locations in Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA. Recruitics is currently headquartered in New York, with other offices in Atlanta, GA; Wilton, CT; London (UK), and Amsterdam (NL). We currently have plans to continue building out teams across the US throughout 2019. Be sure to read all about it here!

Mother’s Day Report: What Do Working Moms Need from Employers to Succeed?

Having a child changes everything. In addition to being responsible for a brand new human being, parents have to adjust their lives to fit in this new order. One of the hardest things to reconcile is work: how can you be successful as a parent and a professional? In celebration of Mother’s Day, Indeed spoke to 1,000 working parents to hear how mothers are balancing career and family, what their biggest challenges are, what the impact is on families, and how employers can both retain moms and set them up for success. Read all about it right here.

US Economy Has Added Jobs For 103 Straight Months, Unemployment Rate Falls.

The US labor market keeps getting stronger. Employers added 263,000 jobs in April, another surprisingly strong month of hiring. The unemployment rate fell to 3.6%, the lowest level since December 1969. One of the greatest headwinds for the labor market right now is a lack of workers to fill the job openings that employers have. The unemployment rate fell partly because the size of the labor market contracted slightly during the month. Still hiring has hummed along at an impressive pace, far longer than many economists had expected. Read on for more info.

5 Reasons Why You're Not Receiving Applicants to Your Jobs Online

If you’re in recruitment marketing or talent acquisition, it’s critical to have analytics that show how many applications your jobs are receiving in order to properly optimize for an improved recruitment ROI. In fact, understanding application volume data is one of the most basic and easiest ways to measure and optimize the effectiveness of your recruitment marketing strategy, especially if you know the number of applications needed in order to reach your hiring goals. Assuming you have access to the necessary recruitment marketing analytics, and if you’re still not getting enough (or any) applicants to your online jobs, there may be something fundamentally wrong with your job postings. However, before you can solve the issue, you first need to identify the problem. Read on to learn more here.

Indeed Interactive Day One Highlights: Indeed Partners with Goodwill and more!

Indeed Interactive 2019 was filled with a ton of great keynote speakers, breakout sessions, talent attraction eye-openers, and special announcements. On the first day, Indeed and Goodwill announced that they have decided to collaborate in helping one million job seekers around the world find employment over the next five years. They have identified the problem and plan to provide solutions to help job seekers who are overlooked or face barriers to find employment. Read more here to learn about their partnership as well as other great presentations and events that took place directly from the main stage.

LinkedIn Helps Applicants Get An Employee Referral

For a job seeker, having an employee referral from someone already working at a company is always a valuable leg up, but that’s a 2-way street. Employers’ talent acquisition efforts also benefit when a trusted employee can vouch for an applicant’s skills. Research shows that applicants are four times as likely to hear back from a potential employer if their application includes an internal reference. LinkedIn has created a new “Ask for a Referral” feature which is aimed at simplifying the process of identifying people in an applicant’s network already working where they’d like to apply for a job. Read on to learn more about this update here.

Why We Offer Free Recruitment Marketing Analytics

In an ever-competitive market, having access to solid recruitment marketing data is paramount to success. Recruitment marketing analytics enable recruiters to make careful fact-based decisions, rather than going on a hunch. This can save time, money, and most importantly, increase the likelihood of attracting the right talent with programmatic job advertising and other recruitment marketing strategies. Just about 2 years ago, Recruitics disrupted the recruitment industry by releasing our free recruitment marketing analytics platform in the US and UK - Recruitics Analytics. During this launch, Joel Cheeseman of the Chad and Cheese podcast dubbed us “the Google Analytics for Recruitment” on ERE Media. Read on to find out why!

Recruitment Marketing Automation: The Future of Hiring

Getting the attention of top talent is much harder than it used to be. There are more demands on people’s time than ever before, and an extremely high rate of employment for skilled workers means that there simply aren’t as many people actively searching for jobs as there used to be. This is where recruitment marketing automation comes in to make the best use of your time and to help you get the most reach to find those perfect candidates where they are. Read more here.

4 Insights Analytics Can Deliver From Your Recruitment Software

It’s a job seeker's market right now, and hiring and recruiting is more complicated than ever. Those difficulties go beyond just finding the right person for the specific opening you have. What about candidates who are well-suited to your company, not just to your current positions? Keeping track of those candidates, as well as all the others you’re considering, gets confusing. Luckily, an applicant tracking software (ATS) solution can help. Read on to learn how here.


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