Talent Attraction News: March Edition

Talent Attraction News: March Edition

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March’s Talent Attraction News

10 Years of Growth: A Decade of Recruitment Marketing Evolution

While the methodology for recruiting talent has changed drastically over the past 30 years from help wanted print ads to the evolution of the online job board, the most significant changes may have come in the past decade. The move to a marketing-based approach to recruitment and the introduction of programmatic buying solutions have dramatically affected the way companies vie for talent. With all that has changed, we thought it would be fun to take a walk down memory lane to look at the recruitment marketing evolution. Check it out here!


How Happiness Can Make Your Workforce More Productive...And How to Achieve It

One factor that has been proven to directly impact productivity is employee happiness. Put simply, a happy employee is a more productive one. For this reason alone, companies should be putting measures in place to promote a happy workforce, not only for office morale but for the ultimate success of their firms. Recruiting Times outlines some of the main strategies recommended that businesses can adopt to achieve a happier more productive workplace. Read on to learn more here!


Employee Appreciation Day: How Recognition Transforms Workers, Teams and Companies

Everyone wants to feel appreciated, including at work. Employee Appreciation Day gives US employers a chance to show staff how much they care while boosting employee engagement. This annual event is a great excuse to do something special for workers, but there are lots of ways to show your gratitude every day of the year. See how Indeed outlines the positive impacts of employee appreciation programs and how you can implement them. Continue reading here.


3 Reasons Why You're Not Getting Results From Your Programmatic Job Advertising Budget 

If you've been in business long enough, you remember when placing an ad for a job meant calling up your local newspaper, but we all know those days are long gone. Now, the process has been made a lot easier for us through the use of programmatic job advertising. Reason being is, this process is more efficient, less hassle and allows you to pay for actual traffic or applicants that you receive. Review the basics of a programmatic job advertising budget, and the three biggest reasons your programmatic job advertising budget may not be getting you the results that you need. Read on to learn more.


Improving Candidate Quality: Three Steps to Finding The Best Fit For Your Role

Finding the best fit for a job isn’t easy, especially in a time crunch. Of course, when it works like it’s supposed to, it’s a great feeling — but when it doesn’t, you must either live with the situation or correct it later down the road, and that’s not pleasant for anyone. If you’ve ever experienced a situation like this, you’re probably wondering how you can prevent making unqualified hires in the future and improve your candidate quality when hiring. Here are some tips that Indeed outlines on how to find the right match — and avoid making hires you might later regret. Read more here.


Educating The Next Generation of Leaders

The need for leadership development has never been more urgent. Companies of all sorts realize that to survive in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment, they need leadership skills and organizational capabilities different from those that helped them succeed in the past. It's time to move beyond traditional approaches to executive education to successfully meet the challenges of today's business world, organizations and the individuals that steer them. The Harvard Business Review elaborates on the importance of educating future leaders correctly. Read all about it here!


Qualities of a Successful Recruitment Marketing Strategy

What traits do organizations have that consistently net them positive results? In a job market where there is an increasing demand for talent and shortages of technical skills, it requires a great deal of strategy to remain ahead of the competition. We've identified some of the key qualities required to sustain a successful recruitment marketing strategy. Learn more here!


Competing Up: Succeeding Against Bigger Companies

We're all pretty much aware of the companies that have been branded the 'big boys.' Those who continue to grab attention, market share, and investment. Sites like Monster, OCC, LinkedIn, Indeed, HotJobs, and CareerBuilder. They sought the #1 position and managed to garner market share. But, if you weren’t a big boy, you inevitably had to make the case to the employer as to why you also provided recruiting value. The Job Board Doctor elaborates on how to survive and thrive as a non-big boy player. Read more here to learn how to succeed no matter who you're up against.


9 Critical Components of Recruitment Marketing

Fast-forward through all the scary campfire stories that foretell the demise of talent acquisition. Yes, there are challenges to be sure, but let’s spend our time exploring solutions instead of re-hashing the same statistics that we already know. Undercover Recruiter identifies how recruitment marketing can be beneficial for your business and solve many of the problems you may face. Check it out here!



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