Top Takeaways from ASA Staffing World 2017

Top Takeaways from ASA Staffing World 2017

American Staffing Association just held its annual Staffing World Convention and Expo in Chicago, which gives staffing and recruiting professionals the opportunity to learn about new products and services to make their jobs easier and more efficient. The event allows attendees the opportunity to test products on the expo floor, and to sit in on learning sessions pertinent to the staffing industry, which are designed to “help you advance your career and future, but also help fuel your company's success.”

For those of you unable to attend Staffing World 2017, we’ve put together a few takeaways:

  • Drummer Mark Schulman lead a motivational presentation, where he shared his steps to “top performance.” Make your recruitment marketing outreach and branding reflect you and your company’s goals. Attract the employees you’re looking for through your energy and attitude in your efforts. Use active listening and be the disruption instead of fearing it. (via @myjobtutor)

  • One learning session focused on the need to tie your purpose to everything a company does. When you match your intentions and goals to those of a company, you’ll have a better chance at finding appropriate candidates to fit in with a company. (via @CHartman3508)

  • The importance and need of technology was greatly noticed, and this presence emphasized the need of engaging technology as we live in a world of constant technology benefits and advancements. Refusing to do so risks the possibility of being left behind by the competition and losing out on position-filling/candidate opportunities. (via @TempQueen)

  • Training and developing employees is a key aspect in order to grow your company. Grow employees whose goals and intentions match that of  your company’s. An important step to company growth is employee growth. (via @binghamcp)

  • Decision-making, a critical skill for success was discussed at the event. Making a bad decision is better than missing out on opportunities through inaction and hesitation. When you have the choice between making a decision or doing nothing, take a chance and make a decision. (via @Gerkingnrf)

If you attended Staffing World 2017, and have something to add to this post, contact us here or tweet us @Recruitics.

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