22 Annual Recruitment Media Contracts to Consider for 2020

22 Annual Recruitment Media Contracts to Consider for 2020

22 Annual Recruitment Media Contracts to Consider for 2020

‘Tis the season for annual recruitment media planning questions! It’s that time of year when budgeting and planning for the new year has begun (or may already be in full swing), and we often get many questions about what media channels should be included for the next year.

If you’ve wondered, “Should I renew my contract with Glassdoor?” or “What should I look for in my DirectEmployers contract?” you’re not alone. We hear as many of these questions as holiday greetings, so we’ve compiled this list of annual recruitment media contracts you should consider or renew. 


Which Annual Contracts You Should Consider in Your Recruitment Media Plan and Why

Proper planning and budgeting now can put you on a path toward hiring prosperity in the year ahead. Whether you’re considering new channels or renewing current annual contracts for recruitment advertising sources such as job boards and company profiles, it can be complicated. Good news, though, we want to help make it easy. 

First, let’s start with the basics. Running programmatic performance-based strategies, like PPC and PPA campaigns, are a must-have for your recruitment media strategy. This media channel is often the most efficient and cost-effective, especially for high volume hiring needs. However, to reach both active and passive top talent, you may need more than just one type of media. That’s why we recommend diversifying your recruitment marketing strategy with the right mix of media contracts. 

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Consider annual contracts with recruitment media channels like the ones below, in addition to your programmatic job advertising campaigns, to increase your recruitment ROI. Evaluate your goals, research the contract options (you’re here, great start!), and craft a full strategic recruitment media plan that fits your talent acquisition needs.  

Expert Tip! With the 2020 US Election and the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games approaching, more traditional forms of recruitment advertising (e.g. print, TV, radio, billboard, etc.) will likely be priced higher with lower inventory levels compared to other years. Digital channels may be even more cost-effective recruitment media options in light of these events. (Tweet This)

Which recruitment media channels and annual contracts should you consider? That depends on your hiring needs and talent acquisition goals. Your objectives are unique, which is why we’ve sectioned some of the contracts into categories so you can find the right media mix for your needs. (Tweet This)

Hopefully, this list will point you in the right direction to get started in your annual recruitment media planning and budgeting.


So, here are some annual recruitment media contracts to consider for 2020.


For EVP & Employer Branding:

For Social Media Recruiting:

For Healthcare Recruitment:

For IT & Tech Talent Recruitment:

For Military & Veteran Recruitment:

[Want to learn more about recruiting veterans and military talent? View the full Employer’s Guide to Veteran Recruiting here.]

For Diversity & Inclusion Recruitment:

For College Students & Early Career Recruitment:

For Compliance:


While this certainly isn’t an exhaustive list of recruitment channels to consider, it is a good starting point for you and your talent acquisition team to look into. The key to strategic media planning is understanding your hiring goals and diversifying your recruitment marketing media mix with programmatic job advertising AND other forms of media, like annual contracts, based on your specific objectives. 

If you’d like to learn more about what our team of recruitment marketing experts would specifically recommend for one of the above media channels, reach out to us! We’re happy to help.


Have any other recruitment marketing media we should add to our list? Share it with us on social!

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