10 Takeaways from JobG8 - Job Board Summit of North America 2015

Posted by Emily Tanner  |  June 24, 2015  |  HR Technology

Whether you attended JobG8's event this week or simply followed along in the Twittersphere with #jobg8summitNA, you were sure to learn a lot. Candidate experience and strategic content marketing were the big topics this year, and if you weren’t able to make it, thankfully master-tweeters Matt Charney (@RecruitingBlogs), Jessica Miller Merrell (@Blogging4Jobs), Jeff Dickey-Chasins (@JobBoardDoctor), Ward Christman (@HRTechAdvisor) and Cory Kapner (@CKapner123) have your back. Here are 10 takeaways (in tweets!) from the conference:

  1. There’s no competition when you’re doing something original, relevant and valuable. (via @MattCharney)

JobG8 Tweet via @MattCharney - competition

  1. The user experience is the candidate experience. Invest in the user experience. (via @JobBoardDoctor @MattCharney)

JobG8 Tweet via @JobBoardDoctor - candidate experience

JobG8 Tweet via @MattCharney - candidate experience

JobG8 Tweet via @JobBoardDoctor - user experience

  1. It’s all about your content strategy. (via @HRTechAdvisor @MattCharney @RecruitingBlogs)

JobG8 Tweet via @HRTechAdvisor - content strategy

JobG8 Tweet via @MattCharney - content strategy

JobG8 Tweet via @RecruitingBlogs- content strategy

  1. HR people are not data or marketing people. It’s up to the industry experts and HR technology to push HR practitioners forward. (via @JMillerMerrell @Blogging4Jobs)

JobG8 Tweet via @JMillerMerrell- hr tech

  1. It’s about building communities and communicating with candidates in authentic ways. (via @CKapner123 @HRTechAdvisor)

JobG8 Tweet via @CKapner123 - job board

JobG8 Tweet via @HRTechAdvisor - job board

  1. Not surprisingly, mobile, employer branding and market segmentation are shaping the recruitment industry. (via @MattCharney)

JobG8 Tweet via @MattCharney - hr trends

  1. SEM (search engine marketing) on Google is, and should be if it isn’t already, a key component to your recruitment efforts. (via @MattCharney)

JobG8 Tweet via @MattCharney - google

  1. Measuring your spend is a must. This allows you to determine what is cost-effective and what isn’t. (via @Recruitics)

JobG8 Tweet via @Recruitics - spend

  1. Job boards are having to change their ways, moving from the “post-and-pray” models to more performance-based options. (via @MattCharney)

JobG8 Tweet via @MattCharney - ppc

  1. The future HR is certainly going to be interesting. (via @JMillerMerrell @HRTechAdvisor @CKapner123)

Tweet via @JMillerMerrell - future of hr

JobG8 Tweet via @HRTechAdvisor - future of hr

JobG8 Tweet via @CKapner123 - future of hr

Tweet via @HRTechAdvisor - future hr

There were so many other things discussed at #jobg8summitNA – what were your favorite presentations and biggest takeaways? If you didn’t get to attend this year, we’d suggest you go next year! And if you can’t make it, be sure to follow along with us on Recruitics on Twitter.

Posted by Emily Tanner

Emily Tanner

Emily Tanner is no longer with Recruitics. During her time with us as VP of Marketing, Emily worked on both the client and business side of marketing, partnering with top enterprise customers on their talent acquisition and recruitment marketing strategies as well as developing inbound content marketing plans, paid advertising campaigns, and lead generation initiatives for Recruitics. A true data nerd at heart, Emily finds joy in analyzing deep performance metrics and finding the story in the numbers. When not working on marketing strategies or in Excel documents, you can find Emily hanging with her husband, two sons, and their dogs.

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