Product Updates from Glassdoor, Indeed, and LinkedIn in Response to COVID-19

Product Updates from Glassdoor, Indeed, and LinkedIn in Response to COVID-19

Learn about some of the recent product updates being made available by three of the recruitment marketing industry’s biggest media partners - Glassdoor, Indeed and LinkedIn.


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Glassdoor has recently launched the following new features – already available in your Employer Center.

1) Glassdoor COVID-19 Company Updates

This feature is already available to you in the Employer Center. 

You may be wondering, "what’s the difference between this and regular company updates?" Well, the newly-released COVID-19 company updates have a special visual treatment and will also be included in the weekly emails to followers.

Glassdoor Hiring Surge Status


2) Glassdoor Hiring Surge Status

Do you have an increased demand for workers? If so, you can click on the “HIRING SURGE” indicator in your profile (available to all employers with a Glassdoor account.) This way, not only your company ‘hiring’ status will be easily identified, but also it will boost the visibility of your jobs since now candidates can filter job posting by ‘hiring status.'

Glassdoor COVID-19 Company Updates

For more information on these two features (and others), check out this Glassdoor blog post and explore your Employer Center since all of these features are now live and available to all companies.



1) Indeed ‘Next’

Hot off the press! Indeed has launched a new product, IndeedNext, to help your departing employees find work and to help your company with future re-hiring when the time is right.

What is IndeedNext?

A no-cost co-branded Indeed landing page that:

  • Has a customized section of jobs that are personalized for your departing employees.
  • Enables your employees to use the #readytowork tag (learn more below) on their Indeed resume (many employers are already using this tag to prioritize applicants).
  • Makes it easy for you to reach former employees through job alerts and target campaigns when the time to hire again is right.

Indeed Next Product Update

How can you get started?

Fill out this intake form if you want to contact Indeed directly or reach out to your recruitment marketing agency.

In order to qualify, your company must have furloughed or laid-off employees.

Need more information about Indeed ‘Next’? Reach out to us


2) Indeed Hire for Healthcare Employers

For a limited time, Indeed Hire is available to healthcare employers for a flat rate of $2,000 per hire.  


3) Hiring Insights

From now until June 30th, all employers are being given access to Indeed's Hiring Insights. You should see an option labeled "Hiring Insights" within Analytics.


4) Indeed Resume - #readytowork

Job seekers can now indicate that they are available immediately for work by including #readytowork in the summary section of their resume. Conduct a search as you normally would and then use the "Availability" filter and check the "Ready to work now." box. 

Beginning May 1st until July 1st, employers can contact job seekers tagged #readytowork for free through Indeed Resume! (Note: employers will need to have an active resume subscription.) After July 1, 2020 employers will go back to being charged a contact when reaching out to #readytowork tagged Resumes. Indeed made this change to help actively hiring employers and job seekers find work opportunities during the COVID-19 crisis. 

How to find #readytowork job seekers: 

  • Employers can search for these job seekers in Resume search by using a new filter called “Availability” and checking the box next to “Ready to work now.”
  • #readytowork job seekers will also have a “free to contact” notice under their name in the Resume search results.

How to find #readytowork job seekers

Learn more about #ReadytoWork in this blog post.


5) Indeed Company Pages - "Here to help: Coronavirus update"

Indeed began adding content at the top of the "Reviews" tab on company pages related to COVID-19. The content is captured from employer career sites and websites, and typically includes links to the employer policy. 


6) Indeed Company Pages - Interview Tab Added

Indeed company pages now include an "Interview" tab that gives insight into the interview process, including overall experience, difficulty, process length, tips and more. Data on the tab is reported by job seekers. Here's an example, taken from Indeed's own company page:


Indeed Company Pages - Interview Tab Added


Learn more about "How to Stay in Touch with Job Seekers Using Indeed Company Pages."

Bonus: Indeed Resume - Extension under COVID-19

To help employers with Resume subscriptions who may not be hiring at full capacity (or at all), Indeed is extending the expiration for Resume "rollover contacts." These are the contacts you get in your account when you get a positive response from candidates (2 contacts are added back in) or negative response (1 contact is added back in). The rollover contacts are normally only good for 6 months, but Indeed is extending the exiting rollover contracts until 6/30/20. Summary: Contacts expiring between April 15th and June 30, 2020, will not expire until July 1, 2020.



1) LinkedIn Talent Marketplace: Free Jobs Initiative

LinkedIn is offering free job posts for critical organizations that need to quickly find skilled workers to fill critical roles.

2) Recruiting for Good

In an attempt to support the recruiting needs of organizations that are filling volunteer or full-time positions specifically for coronavirus response, LinkedIn is currently able to prioritize healthcare and disaster relief organizations.

If you don’t work with a recruitment marketing agency, here’s how to contact LinkedIn - they will get back to you on how they may be able to partner with your team on pro bono recruiting assistance as well as posting critical jobs for free. 


Know of any other Glassdoor, Indeed or LinkedIn updates, let us know on Twitter. Do you have questions about any of these updates? Please reach out, we’d love to chat with you.



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