Recruitment Analytics and Job Advertising News: January Edition

Recruitment Analytics and Job Advertising News: January Edition

Welcome back to Recruitment Marketing Analytics and Recruitment Advertising News–our monthly content roundup that pulls together all of the articles and blogs we’ve been reading about recruitment analytics and job advertising.

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January’s Recruitment Marketing Analytics News

Five Ways HR Can Maximize Data and Analytics
As advertising has become critical to successful recruitment marketing strategies, talent acquisition professionals have come to realize the importance of data and analytics. In this article, Hunt Scanlon provides guidance on understanding data and optimizing for data-driven strategies. Read on to find out how to take your use of data and analytics to a new level. If you’re ready to take the next step towards data-driven recruitment strategies, Recruitics makes it easy to understand and analyze your data, as well as optimizing for more successful recruitment strategies.

2018 Recruitment Trends
As with every new year, 2018 brings new strategies and trends to transform the ways recruitment and talent acquisition is managed. From data analytics and technology to employer branding, Value Walk uncovers the top trends you should incorporate in your recruitment strategy this year. Read on for more recruitment trends you can expect to see this year.

2018 Recruitment Trends According to Experts

The internet is full of 2018 predictions and expectations for the recruitment industry. HR Technologist takes a look at its own forecasts for the year, which includes AI’s presence in the hiring process, the use of data and analytics and the importance of candidate experience. Read on to see the full list of anticipated 2018 trends and what it means for the industry.


January’s Recruitment Advertising News

Recruitics Programmatic Job Advertising Platform Wins Best Advance in Talent Acquisition Technology Award
Recruitics has earned the highest honor for the “Best Advance in Talent Acquisition Technology” category in the Brandon Hall Group’s Excellence in Technology Awards for 2017.  The award-winning Recruitics Action is a programmatic job advertising platform that makes it easy for employers, staffing companies and job boards to optimize their recruitment marketing ROI. Read on to see how Recruitics stood out and became the recipient of this coveted award.

5 Big Challenges Recruitment Marketers Face When Managing Annual Job Board Contracts
Recruitment marketing can include various methods online, which is why we recommend finding the right media mix for your recruitment marketing strategy. Consider PPC strategies. These can be better understood and managed using programmatic buying technology Recruitics introduced to the industry. Some forms of recruitment marketing, like job boards, require more of a human touch, and with human touch there is a higher chance of human error. Read on for the five biggest challenges recruitment marketers face when managing annual job board contracts.

Top 10 Books Recruitment Marketers Should Read in 2018
Looking for inspiration and new strategies for your recruitment marketing strategy? Books can be a great resource for knowledge, insights and findings from others’ studies and real-world experiences as you review your recruitment efforts. Read more for our list of recruitment-focused books to help you strengthen your talent acquisition strategy and processes in 2018.

What is Programmatic Job Advertising?
Chances are “programmatic job advertising” is a phrase you’ve been hearing more and more in recruitment marketing news and trends. So what does it mean? Programmatic job advertising is the optimization and automation of job advertising based on rules and data that determine where and when to place your job ads, and at what bids. This blog post is an oldie but goodie, and worth sharing again as a reminder as technology advancements are expanding across the industry. Read more to get in the know and see how this growing trend pertains to the world of recruitment marketing.

The Last Recruiter: AI and Recruiting
Recruitment technology vendors are integrating AI into products to conduct everyday recruitment tasks like sourcing and evaluating video interviews. ERE shares that this trend is expected to advance in the years to come as AI technologies improve and grow, which has some wondering if this is the end of recruiters. Read on to see ERE’s take on AI technology’s effect on recruiters’ roles.

A.I. and Big Data Could Power a New War on Poverty
While it is feared that Artificial Intelligence will put millions of people out of work, The New York Times points out its potential benefits on society. Big Data and AI advancements could provide solutions to help fight poverty, as well as promote economic stability. Read on to see how these technological developments can be used for society’s advantage.

To Transform Government, Start With the People
With technology advancements and workforce demographics changing, agencies’ cultures and mindsets are shifting, which has led to a need for managing talent for the the workforce of the future. Such changes mean that government leaders need to create and manage a workforce that is capable of keeping up with changes. Read on to see Government Executive’s recommendations for the government to overcome obstacles when looking to hire talent.

Taking Corporate Recruiting To A Whole New Level
With technology changing and affecting recruitment practices, companies are working towards finding the balance between utilizing both technology and traditional recruitment techniques. The growth of popularity in social media to mobile platforms is driving a need for changes in the recruitment arena to reach candidates. Check out this Forbes article to see how technological changes are affecting the success of your recruitment marketing strategy.

Social Media is a Valuable Tool in the Job Search
The use of social media for job searches has grown in the past few years and continues to grow. In response to social media’s expansion to the talent acquisition niche, companies are also using social platforms for tasks like posting jobs and networking with potential talent candidates. Read more to learn about the influence of social media on both candidates and companies with recruitment marketing strategies.

How to Optimize Job Listings for Google Search
Since its launch in June, Google for Jobs has been adding new features, including salary ranges and reviews from well-known sites like Glassdoor. Recruitics has made blog posts (found here, here and here) and an eBook to help recruitment marketers prepare and adjust for the new Google for Jobs. This new job search tool offers candidates a different experience and results, and recruiters are having to adjust and optimize job ads to keep up with the changes and stay relevant in potential candidates’ searches. Read on as SHRM shares job post necessities for appearing in candidates’ job searches.

Smartphone Spending Overtakes Tablet Spending; Programmatic Ad-buying is Set to Soar in 2018
As the use of smartphones grow, Exchange Wire projects that by 2021, over half of all retail e-commerce purchases will be made via smartphone. With that expected growth, brands and agencies are turning to programmatic ad buying to attract audiences. So what does this mean for your recruitment marketing strategy? As your audience, or potential candidates, changes their behavior, your advertising methods must evolve with these changes so you can attract top talent and fill your job openings. Read on for more insight into the increase in smartphone usage, importance of utilizing programmatic ad buying for job advertising and complications seen by those who are currently using it.

Why Programmatic Is Leading The Technology Revolution In Marketing
With advancements like programmatic advertising, technology has evolved the industry of recruitment marketing. As programmatic job advertising leads the revolution, this technology simplifies the digital media buying process through automation. While helping marketers understand audiences better, it also helps with planning, analysis and making data-driven decisions. Read on to learn more about the benefits of utilizing programmatic job advertising in your recruitment marketing strategy.

Top PPC Advertising Mistakes to Avoid
PPC is constantly changing, and with the growing list of changes and improvements comes new best practices and more chances of mistakes from following outdated best practices. This article discusses mistakes any marketer could make while taking advantage of PPC advertising technologies and practices, and how to avoid them. Read on as shares the top mistakes marketers should avoid when managing PPC advertising.

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