Recruitment Analytics and Job Advertising News: May Edition

Recruitment Analytics and Job Advertising News: May Edition

Welcome back to Recruitment Analytics and Job Advertising News–our monthly content roundup that pulls together all of the articles and blogs we’ve been reading about recruitment analytics and job advertising.

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May’s Recruitment Analytics News

Recruitment Analytics Checklist: What to Track and Why
If you advertise your open jobs online and want to better understand their performance, then you need to have access to recruitment analytics. These analytics can help you optimize your strategy and get more out of each job ad. But before you can optimize, you need to understand, and this checklist will help you figure out which metrics you should be tracking and why.

These Jobs Lead in Longest Time to Fill
If you’re struggling to find the right talent today, you’re not alone. Time to fill, a metric which describes how long it takes to fill a position from the time the job gets posted, is at an 8-year high. But, which industries are struggling the hardest and are in need of a proactive recruitment marketing strategy most? Read on to learn more. (Hint: we wrote about the healthcare industry being a bellwether for the recruitment space last year)

Lessons Learned From Transforming the U.S. Military’s Approach to Talent
The U.S. Military is the largest organization in the world, so when they have problems attracting, engaging and hiring top talent, people tend to listen. In this article from the Harvard Business Review, former Secretary of Defense Ash Carter explains how he was able to transform recruitment for the armed services through a data-driven approach. More importantly, he explains how private businesses like yours can adopt similar a mentality and become a recruitment marketing machine.

Why Your Recruiters Should Think Like Marketers
The number one concern for company founders in 2016 wasn’t research and development, funding or even marketing--it was hiring. Hiring, as we all know, is becoming more difficult in the age of technology, and one of the biggest problems is that the best candidates are often passive (as is pointed out in this post). Read on to learn how having your recruiters adopt a marketing mindset can help them better meet your organization’s talent needs.

Why Your Recruitment and Talent Management Strategies Need to Change
It’s no secret that it’s getting more difficult to hire today, and one key reason for this may be that, while the talent companies are hiring is changing, the way companies are hiring is not. As candidates now have more access to information about potential employers than ever before, businesses must retire old recruitment tactics and start approaching talent acquisition in the same way a marketer might approach lead generation. In this article, you’ll learn four areas of change that can turn your HR department into a recruitment marketing machine.

Strong but Puzzling: The April Jobs Report
As it gets more difficult to hire top talent, many will have their eyes on the monthly US Jobs Report to get a feel for where these hiring trends are headed. April’s Jobs Report is now out, and for most, it was a welcomed sign as hiring bounced back from a weak March. Read on to learn more insights from iCIMS on their most recent analysis.

7 Trends That Will Define Talent Acquisition in 2017
There are two types of yearly trend articles: those that are released before, or at the very start of, the year (like this one here) and ones that are written as the year progresses. Both have their unique benefits, with the former providing a baseline prediction for the year ahead and the latter serving as a bit of a check in. In this article, uses the results from a LinkedIn survey to check the pulse of the space and analyze where it’s headed in the months ahead.

May’s Job Advertising News

A Quick Introduction to the Gig Economy and How It Affects Recruitment
There’s a growing subsection of the national workforce that most US adults are unaware of, and it has the potential to completely disrupt work as we know it. This subsection of the workforce is called the “Gig Economy,” and while it’s not well known, it’s already having a serious impact on employment today. In our latest blog, we’ve put together a quick and comprehensive introduction to the Gig Economy and how it could directly affect your recruitment strategy.

Google Announces Long-Rumored Job Search Engine
On May 15, we wrote about one of the most buzzworthy topics in the industry today: Google Hire. Not even a full 48 hours later, Google broke news by announcing their long-rumored job search engine. In our latest blog, learn about what we currently can share about “Google for Jobs” and how it might affect your recruitment strategy.

How Recruiting Will Evolve in the Next 10 Years
The HR department has always had a wide range of responsibilities, recruitment being just one. However, in today’s talent-driven market, recruitment is at the forefront of many HR and talent acquisition professionals’ minds. In this post by Recruiting Trends, experts take turns predicting what the next 10 years might look like in the recruitment space. (Hint: Technology will only become more important!)

Sainsbury’s Shifts its Recruitment Advertising in a Bid to Challenge Google and Facebook
How constrained are today’s talent markets for data and analytics professionals? So much so that grocers are now trying to compete with the likes of Google and Facebook for top candidates--and they’re doing it by revamping their recruitment advertising content. In this post by Marketing Week, learn how one brand is putting data at the center of its recruitment advertising strategy.

Why I’m Not Betting on Google for Jobs to Change Recruiting
If you closely follow our blog or newsletter, then you know we’ve been closely following the story behind Google for Jobs. In our quest to continue to bring you content around this important topic, we’ve come across this piece from industry influencer Jessica Miller-Merrell. Read on to learn why she doesn’t believe Google for Jobs will (alone) change recruiting and what important problem the search giant might fail to solve.

Targeting Today’s Job Seeker
The recruitment space today is very much on its head compared to where it was a decade ago. Job seekers now run the show in talent-starved markets, and an increasing array of technology offerings has fundamentally changed the way we recruit. In this recent blog, Indeed highlights some tips to help you better target talent in the context of today’s industry landscape.

How to Promote Company Culture to Recruit Top Talent
As we’ve mentioned in the past, successful job ads always start with great content. Why? Because in today’s talent-driven marketplace, the best candidates often have their choice of employment opportunities, which makes these professionals harder to come by. In this post, you’ll learn how you can better promote your company culture in your job ad content to target your ideal candidates more effectively.

Mergers, Sales and Money: News of the Recruitment Marketing World
As the recruitment marketing space matures, we continue to see job boards, job aggregators and other employment sites jockeying for position through a series of mergers, sales, acquisitions and the like. The Job Board Doctor always keeps a keen eye on the space in this respect, and his latest roundup highlights some of the most important recruitment marketing news you can put on your radar today.

How Red Banyan Writes Their Job Ads
As we’ve discussed in recent posts, successful job ads start with great content. But don’t just take our word for it--rather, take a look at some of the businesses that are positioning themselves as leaders in recruitment today. In this post, Red Banyan--a public relations firm based in Washington D.C.--shares their job description and the math behind their commitment to great content.

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