Talent Attraction News: February Edition

Talent Attraction News: February Edition

Check out our "Talent Attraction News: February Edition" – a monthly content roundup that pulls together all of the articles and blogs we’ve been reading about recruitment marketing, talent acquisition and more.This is a compilation of all the content we’ve sent to our newsletter subscribers over the course of the past month. Sign up for our newsletter to get these updates sent directly to your inbox each week.Talent Attraction News: February Edition

February’s Talent Attraction News


We’ve Revealed our Four Pillars of Talent Attraction™ Methodology! 

As an industry-leading recruitment marketing agency, we’ve just announced our methodology for strategic recruitment marketing - The Four Pillars of Talent Attraction™ - our proprietary methodology to help companies attract and hire top talent. The Four Pillars approach marries strategy and technology to solve today's toughest problems in candidate targeting and acquisition, applicant nurturing and engagement, employer branding, and effective sourcing, among others. Read the full press release here.


Rethink Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy for 2019: The Four Pillars of Talent Attraction

If you work in human resources, talent acquisition or any other recruitment department, then you likely know how often the recruiting space changes and grows. In order to keep up with change, new methodologies and approaches are often required. In this post, we’ll reveal how you should rethink your recruitment marketing strategy for 2019 using the Four Pillars of Talent Attraction, our methodology for the most successful recruitment marketing strategies, and the foundational components required to support it. Read on to learn more.


John Krasinski Narrated Google's 2019 Super Bowl Commercial In the Best Way Possible

Google's commercial focuses on "Job Search for Veterans," and the voice of our favorite character Jim Halpert from "The Office" makes an appearance throughout. Krasinski points out in this moving commercial the many sacrifices and commitments men and women make to serve our country. To read more, check out this post from Elite Daily.


Employee Engagement Starts with Recruiting

Candidates will be highly engaged when they get a great candidate experience and what if, you as an organization can continue to provide that great experience even after the candidate comes on-board? Read on for seven key points where you can make sure you are nurturing your top candidate and help them come in engaged right from the start, from Social Recruiting Strategies.


19 Recruitment Marketing Trends for 2019

The rules of the recruitment marketing game are constantly evolving. For instance, currently 73% of candidates searching for a job turn to their social media first, when just a few years ago, social media was still relatively “new” in the eyes of recruitment marketers. And with new rules come new methods, making it vital to stay on top of the current trends in recruitment marketing. Read more here to learn what new recruitment marketing trends are evolving, what trends are coming back, and what methods you should consider utilizing today.


LinkedIn's Head of Recruiting Weighs In on the Top Talent Trends of 2019

LinkedIn recently asked 5,000 talent acquisition and HR professionals around the world to help identify the major trends that will shape their work this year. Those survey results became the basis for LinkedIn’s just published, "Global Talent Trends 2019." Read on to get an insider's perspective from LinkedIn's Head of Global Recruiting, Brendan Browne.


How to Wrangle Your Inbound Recruitment Marketing Channels to Attract the Right Talent

Employers looking to hire are faced with lots of candidates and lots of ways to reach them. To find out how industry leaders tackle this problem, Indeed recently chatted with employer brand leaders at Delta Air Lines, T-Mobile, Banfield Pet Hospital and Proactive Talent to get their take. Here are a few of their secrets. Read all about it here from Indeed.


Top 20 HR & Talent Attraction Conferences to Attend in 2019

Chances are you’re looking to the year ahead to plan for conferences and events that you and your team will attend. It’s important to set goals to stay updated and ahead of industry trends and best practices, and there’s no better way to accomplish this than by attending and participating in talent acquisition industry events and conferences. While the number of HR and talent attraction conferences continues to climb, we’ve put together a round up of 20 such events you’ll definitely want to consider. You can also find someone from the Recruitics team at some these upcoming events. Take a look here to see where Recruitics plans to be this year!


Google's Newest Push To Radically Improve The Online Job Hunt For Everyone

As you may already know, the tech giant Google launched its own suite of job search products as of last summer. The initiative was created to power smarter job search and recommendations within career sites, jobs boards and other job-matching sites and apps. The company has taken the next step in its proposal by aiming to connect Americans to job opportunities across the United States that are specifically tailored to match their needs. Read more about it from CNBC here.


Jobvite Raises $200M+ and Acquires Three Recruitment Startups To Expand

Jobvite, an early mover in leveraging social networks to help source job opportunities and find interested candidates, has announced two big moves to double down on their ambition to build a bigger platform for recruitment and applicant tracking. With a large investment, they are planning to use the funds to acquire three smaller companies focusing on different aspects of the recruitment process. Read all about it from TechCrunch.


10 Reasons Why You Can't Find Your Jobs Online

More than half of Americans use the internet to look for available jobs being that it has become the go to method - being fast and efficient. If you're an employer looking to fill a vacancy 9 times out of 10 , there's a good chance you've posted an ad on a job board. If that sounds like you, you'll probably go back onto said job board to try and find your posting (just like a candidate would). However, more often than not, you'll plug in the keywords and/or location of your job, and it doesn't come up! This begs the question; Why is that? Well, we've broken that down here in this article. Read on to learn more.


The Future Is Now: Three HR Trends That Will Transform Your Organization in 2019

Record low unemployment and skyrocketing turnover rates are presenting new challenges and opportunities as HR grapples with sourcing and keeping the right mix of talent in today’s fluid workforce environment. While the number of individuals seeking new opportunities is on the rise, it's left to HR to up their game in attracting and retaining the best talent. Forbes depicts the three areas that are particularly top of mind for HR leaders. Read all about it from Forbes here.


Five Key Recruitment Technology Trends To Watch In 2019

The recruitment industry has never been shy about embracing innovation: the internet arrived and online job boards followed soon after. With new developments in data analytics, marketing technology, social media and more, the industry now benefits from a hugely diverse ecosystem of technology. The challenge for agencies in future will be keeping tabs on emerging trends, evolving their infrastructures to accommodate new tools, and adopting best practices. Read more from Information Age here!



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