Talent Attraction News: July & August Highlights

Talent Attraction News: July & August Highlights

Check out our "Talent Attraction News: July & August Highlights" – a content roundup that highlights some of the articles and blogs we've shared this summer about recruitment marketing and talent acquisition that you wouldn't want to miss.

It has been a busy summer in the recruitment marketing industry, and keeping up with all that activity can be a challenge. Whether you're catching up post-vacation, looking to refresh your memory in preparation for fall, or simply curious about the content you may have missed, we've got you covered. We've put together a recap of 10 articles and blog posts we've shared with our newsletter subscribers throughout July and August. Sign up for our newsletter to get these updates sent directly to your inbox each month.iStock-1006593770

July & August's Talent Attraction News: 10 Pieces You Wouldn't Want To Miss

Recruitment Marketing in 2019: The New Black Hole

"In 2018, global research firm IDC reported that investment in employer branding and recruitment marketing would reach $2 billion by 2022. And recently, several other reports — including one from The Talent Board — indicated this tech category will be one of the primary areas of investment in 2019. And that’s great. There are a lot of fantastic technologies out there that can help companies tell their story, grow their pipelines, deliver better candidate experiences, and pass higher quality talent to hiring managers. The problem? Companies might be buying this stuff, but they aren’t using it..." Read the full article here.

The Impact of Google For Jobs

"There’s no doubt that Google for Jobs has disrupted the recruitment marketing industry, especially as it relates to other major players in the space. During the launch, some of the biggest job board vendors such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor and ZipRecruiter were quick to jump on board, and then there were some late adopters, such as CareerBuilder, that waited until later to join Google as a partner. However, other job boards and aggregators have opted to remain independent from Google for Jobs. So, what has the impact been for Google, the partnered job sites, and careers sites since the launch of Google for Jobs a couple of years ago?" Read on to find out.

The Lines Between Consumer and Employer Branding Are Blurring

"Your talent brand is the highly social, totally public version of your employer brand that incorporates what talent thinks, feels, and shares about your company as a place to work. Think of talent branding as employer branding 2.0. No longer owned solely by recruitment advertising agencies or even human resources, talent branding is moving into the spotlight and sharing the stage with other branding, advertising, and marketing players and tactics employed by the savviest chief marketing officers. And they are applying the same rigor to the talent-brand development process as they do with any other high-stakes marketing efforts." Check out the full article to learn more.

Indeed's Company Pages Premium: 5 Advantages of Upgrading

"In today’s job market, visibility and the strength of your online presence are essential. One effective way that employers can extend the influence of their employer brand is developing company profiles on major job boards and business networking sites, and according to Similar Web, Indeed is the number one job search site in the world… the popularity of Indeed means that your Indeed Company Page may be one of the top results when potential candidates search for careers with your company. This makes developing a strong Indeed Company Profile particularly important in terms of increasing your brand’s visibility." Learn more about the advantages of a Premium Company Page in the full article.

The War For Talent Keeps Escalating: Here's A Formula To Win

"Companies always had to work to attract and retain customers. Winning required a good product or service and strong differentiation. You had to present the benefits and sell the value...Employees, on the other hand, didn’t need to be pursued in the same manner. Companies had the jobs that people wanted. Sure, employers sometimes competed for talent, but there were usually plenty of good people to go around. Now, however, for the first time in recent history, there are actually more open jobs than there are people available to fill them. As of the latest numbers, it’s one million more. Demographics indicate that it’s a long-term trend. In most industries, whether technology, healthcare or manufacturing, marketing to attract and retain talent is now just as important as marketing to attract and retain customers." Check out the full article.

Recruitics Acquires KRT Marketing

"Recruitics, a global data-centric recruitment marketing agency, announced today that it has acquired KRT Marketing. The acquisition combines the world’s two fastest growing recruitment marketing agencies to create the industry’s leading provider of talent attraction solutions for the Fortune 1000. 'We are very excited for KRT Marketing to become part of Recruitics,' stated Josh Gampel, CEO of Recruitics. 'KRT has an unparalleled reputation for their industry expertise, quality of service, and dedication to their customers. This alliance creates an amazing team of recruitment marketing professionals, backed by best-in-class technology, to service the enterprise market.'" Read the full press release.

10 Reasons Candidates Drop Out of Your Hiring Process - And What You Can Do

"There’s been a 20% increase in job seekers dropping out of the hiring process over the past year, according to the Washington Post. That’s a major shift and makes one thing abundantly clear — in a tight talent market, candidates can afford to be picky and aren’t afraid to shift gears quickly. To help you avoid candidate drop out, we’ve put together a list of common reasons candidates leave the hiring process — plus simple strategies to keep them engaged." Read the full list here.

Important Updates to Facebook Employment Ads

"This summer, Facebook has rolled out a new segment called “Special Ad Category” within Ads Manager specifically for ads pertaining to employment, housing, and credit. This update will have a significant impact on the employment related ads recruitment advertisers are running today. It’s important to be aware of these changes and examine your social recruiting strategy to ensure that your Facebook campaigns will continue to drive a strong ROI." Learn more about Facebook's new employment ad policies.

How To Build Meaningful Employer Brand Gravity

"You know about employer brand, and you may have heard of brand gravity, but are you on top of your employer brand gravity? Brand gravity is defined in many ways, being a newer concept on the scene, so for our purposes we’re defining it as: 'the pull your brand creates in people, on an emotional level, that makes them want to interact with you.' In technical terms, this is a combination of your SEO pull and your overall brand recognition. In other words, it’s what you get when someone Googles both your brand name AND your ranking keywords...There are a couple of things you need to have a firm handle on before you can start worrying about employer brand gravity: your EB itself and your target candidate persona." Read more here.

What You Need To Know About Search Rankings on Indeed

"I constantly get asked by clients 'how can I get my job to appear on the first page of search rankings' and while the Indeed Search Engine Results Page (SERP) algorithms are complex, there are certainly some best practices that can help you improve your chances for better page rankings. Indeed claims that the average jobseeker will visit up to the 10th page in the SERP. Obviously, the closer to the first page you are the better. Here are some points to consider in order to leverage Indeed’s search engine to net more relevant applications on your jobs." Learn more about improving your Indeed search rankings.


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