Top Takeaways from HR Tech Conference 2017

Top Takeaways from HR Tech Conference 2017

Last week, Human Resource Executive held their annual HR Technology Conference and Expo in Las Vegas. Also referred to as HR Tech, the conference focuses on “helping forward-looking professionals rethink HR and leverage technology to exceed employee expectations and succeed in business.”

For those of you who were unable to attend the 2017 HR Tech Conference, we’ve put together a few key takeaways from this year’s event:

  • Having the newest and best in HR technology is sought out by thousands of attendees looking to add efficiency to their roles. (via @CPeters1024)


  • The knowledge of and need for advancements in HR technology is increasing. Even big brands like Google and Oracle made an appearance in the expo hall. (via @HRmarketer)


  • HR Technology Conference and Expo continues to be a source of interacting with market leaders and new products. Sessions were filled with recruitment and talent acquisition professionals looking to learn and network. (via @elaineorler)


  • The continuing growth and increasing investment in recruitment technology startups makes the HR tech industry a hot marketplace right now. (via @SteveBoese)


  • As the HR tech space advances, Voice and Artificial Intelligence are driving forward towards the future of recruitment and talent acquisition technology. (via @browncj2004)


  • With the focus on advancements in recruitment analytics and automation, it’s important to also remember the key role that human interaction still plays in HR and recruitment. (via @JoshZywien)


  • It’s important to rely not just on what you know now, but to be willing to learn something new. (via @shelano)


  • The commonly used phrase “Working smarter, not harder,” remains relevant, as always, and emphasizes the need to enable and empower people to work more efficiently. (via @SHRMKaylor)


If you attended HR Tech in Las Vegas last week, and have something to add to this post, contact us here or tweet us @Recruitics.

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