Elevating Healthcare Hiring: Utilizing Video for Healthcare Recruitment

Elevating Healthcare Hiring: Utilizing Video for Healthcare Recruitment

Key Takeaways:

  • Recognizing the importance of customizing candidate engagement approaches, healthcare recruitment professionals must prioritize efficiency, personalization, and differentiation from competitors to navigate these challenges effectively.
  • Video content is a powerful tool in healthcare recruitment. It engages candidates, conveys information effectively, humanizes the recruitment process, and reaches a broader audience.
  • Leveraging employee-generated content allows organizations to showcase their culture and values authentically, with employees serving as brand influencers who provide valuable insights into working within the organization.
  • Transparently depicting company culture during the recruitment process helps set realistic expectations for candidates, leading to better job satisfaction and performance outcomes.

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare recruitment, organizations face a myriad of challenges in attracting and retaining top-tier professionals. Shortages in qualified personnel coupled with intense competition among healthcare institutions underscore the necessity for innovative strategies and tools to effectively navigate these hurdles.

Recognizing the significance of tailoring candidate engagement approaches, recruitment specialists must prioritize efficiency, personalization, and differentiation from competitors.

In a previous blog, the discussion centered on how video content captures attention in a truly unique way and how it can elevate recruitment activities. Read on to explore how video can elevate how healthcare organizations connect with and engage prospective candidates.

The Importance of Effective Healthcare Recruitment

Effective healthcare recruitment plays a pivotal role in ensuring the delivery of high-quality patient care and maintaining organizational success. In an industry where skilled professionals are in high demand and shortages are prevalent, the ability to attract and retain top talent is paramount. Healthcare recruitment not only directly impacts the quality of care provided to patients but also influences organizational efficiency, innovation, and overall reputation. 

By employing strategic recruitment practices, healthcare organizations can enhance their ability to secure the best candidates for critical roles. Moreover, effective recruitment fosters a positive workplace culture and fosters employee engagement, which are essential factors in reducing turnover and promoting long-term organizational stability. 

Ultimately, investing in effective healthcare recruitment is not just about filling vacancies – it's about building a solid foundation for delivering exceptional care and achieving sustainable success.


Personalization in Healthcare Recruitment

Healthcare candidates seek personalized communication from recruiters for several reasons, each crucial to their decision-making process. Firstly, personalized communication signals that the recruiter values the candidate as an individual, not just another name on a list. This personal touch can be a significant differentiator in a field as demanding as healthcare, where professionals are highly sought after, making candidates feel appreciated and respected. 

Secondly, personalized communication demonstrates that the recruiter has taken the time to understand the candidate's unique skills, experiences, and career aspirations. This level of attention suggests that the organization is genuinely interested in the candidate's success and growth within the company.

Thirdly, personalized communication allows recruiters to tailor their messaging to address specific concerns or interests that the candidate may have, increasing the relevance and effectiveness of their interactions. In a competitive job market, where candidates have multiple options, this targeted approach can be instrumental in attracting top talent and laying the groundwork for building long-term relationships that contribute to organizational success.

By addressing candidates' specific needs, preferences, and aspirations, personalized content showcases an organization's commitment to understanding and meeting the expectations of potential hires. 

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Video in Healthcare Recruitment

Video is king, allowing companies to create a more tailored connection to its audience and foster a connection. According to 88% of marketers, incorporating video into their marketing strategy is crucial. Speaking directly to the audience ensures it resonates to the candidates on a personal level, driving higher engagement and conversion rates.

Video content is exceptionally beneficial for healthcare recruitment due to its ability to engage, inform, and resonate with candidates on a deeper level. Video provides a dynamic and visually compelling way to showcase a healthcare organization's culture, facilities, and team members. This immersive experience allows candidates to gain a better understanding of what it's like to work within the organization, fostering a stronger connection with people they likely would work with and increasing the likelihood of them applying for positions. Viewers readily consume, and often favor, modestly-funded video material that feels more genuine and fosters a deeper connection with brands. According to a survey on the current landscape of video content in 2024, 62% of participants stated that they enlist individuals within their own organization to produce videos.

Also, video content allows recruiters to convey complex information clearly and concisely. Whether it's detailing job responsibilities, benefits packages, or career advancement opportunities, video can effectively communicate key messages in a way that is easy to understand and retain.

Video content enables recruiters to humanize the recruitment process by featuring current employees and providing insights into their experiences within the organization. This authentic storytelling helps candidates envision themselves as part of the team, increasing their motivation to pursue opportunities within the healthcare organization.

Note: Check out this guide on creating video content. For further information, the Recruitics team can help

Additionally, video content can reach a wider audience and be easily shared across various platforms, including social media, websites, and email campaigns. This broad distribution ensures that the organization's recruitment message reaches a diverse pool of candidates, including passive job seekers who may not actively be searching for new opportunities but could be persuaded by compelling video content.


Leveraging Employee-Generated Content

The primary hurdle for 61% of businesses in generating video content is managing time and bandwidth effectively. Employee-generated content serves as a powerful means for employees to advocate for their employer and share their experiences with their connections and followers. By positioning employees as brand influencers who are uniquely qualified to provide authentic insights into working within the organization, this content promotes the human side of the organization. It brings its employer brand and culture to life. While collecting such content can be challenging, video platforms can streamline the process, optimizing the recruitment strategy.

Jamyr’s intuitive, end-to-end video platform simplifies the process of recording, editing, and sharing recruitment content, making it accessible to virtually anyone. From virtual office tours to employee spotlights, this platform enables organizations to paint a vivid picture of what it's like to work within their organization, enticing candidates with a glimpse into their future workplace.

Employee testimonials play a pivotal role in healthcare recruitment – they provide valuable insights into what it's like to work at a particular organization. By leveraging the voices of their own employees, healthcare organizations can build trust and credibility with candidates, ultimately driving higher application and retention rates.

Also, creating videos that transparently depict company culture during the recruitment process helps set realistic expectations for candidates, leading to better job satisfaction and performance outcomes. Highlighting company culture contributes to broader brand awareness. Through engaging, lighthearted, and informative videos, recruitment marketers can leave a lasting impression on potential candidates, breathing life into the company's culture and brand. According to a survey, 64% of marketers found video to be effective in boosting brand awareness.

When candidates have a clear understanding of the organizational values, work environment, and expectations, they can make informed decisions about their fit within the organization.

Note: Videos leave a lasting impression, as demonstrated in Recruitics’ collaboration with CVS. Although having videos on platforms like TikTok is advantageous, it's essential to consider the transition users make from social media to the company’s website. Are there videos available? Because video is what initially attracts them to the company’s recruitment website, including it on the site is crucial as it's the content they seek to engage with.

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Adding Personality to Employer Value Proposition

At the heart of effective healthcare recruitment lies the employer value proposition (EVP) – the unique set of benefits and rewards an organization offers its employees. A robust employee value proposition (EVP) is pivotal for recruitment success, outlining organizational expectations and what candidates and employees can anticipate in return. 

Employee-generated content articulates the EVP by illustrating genuine employee experiences and organizational culture in action. It can spotlight various aspects of working within the organization, including the hiring and onboarding process, opportunities for rewards and career growth, available support and training, and experiences of inclusion and belonging.

Videos allow healthcare companies to add a human touch to their EVP, showcasing the people behind the organization and highlighting the values that drive their work. By infusing personality into their employer brand, healthcare organizations can attract candidates who align with their mission and vision, fostering a stronger sense of connection and engagement from the start.

Note: Prospective applicants are drawn to authentic, unfiltered content in employer branding videos. They crave insights into how employees genuinely feel about their workplace beyond the organization's official statements. By using video, recruitment marketing teams can actively engage employees, enabling them to share their experiences dynamically.


Moving Forward

Fifty-four percent of video consumers express a desire to view video content created by their favorite brands – showcasing how video content can enhance healthcare recruitment efforts by engaging candidates, effectively conveying information, humanizing the recruitment process, and reaching a wider audience. Healthcare companies must embrace video recruitment strategies to gain a competitive edge in talent acquisition.

Jamyr presents a transformative solution for healthcare recruitment. This platform empowers organizations to leverage video to attract, engage, and retain top talent effectively. By embracing video recruitment, healthcare companies can stand out in a crowded market, showcasing their unique culture, benefits, and values in a compelling and relatable manner.

Reach out to Recruitics to see how we can help you create stronger connections, increase engagement, and lead to more successful hires with recruitment videos

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