Using Video in Recruitment With Jamyr

Using Video in Recruitment With Jamyr

Key Takeaways:

  • Incorporating video into various recruitment channels, including career sites, job postings, and social media, helps boost candidate awareness and engagement with the employer brand.
  • Compelling recruitment videos have the potential to reach a wider audience through social media sharing, expanding the organization's reach and attracting diverse talent.
  • Recruitics' Jamyr platform simplifies the process of creating, editing, and sharing recruitment videos, making it accessible for recruitment professionals without extensive video production experience.

With the rising popularity and influence of video platforms, such as TikTok, YouTube, Instagram Reels, and others, it’s not surprising that video also enhances recruitment. Video uniquely combines visual imagery and storytelling to help prospective applicants learn more about an organization and engage with its employee value proposition (EVP).

Video content captures attention in a truly unique way; viewers retain 95% of what they see in a video compared to retaining only 10% of what they read. For this reason and many others, it’s essential for talent acquisition teams to leverage a video solution like Recruitics’ Jamyr to elevate employer branding and talent onboarding activities.


How Video Supports Recruitment Efforts

Incorporating video into every stage of the candidate experience is no longer a “nice-to-have,” but a necessary element of any successful recruitment and hiring process. Studies show that 82% of internet traffic will be video by 2025, and talent acquisition teams must take advantage of the many benefits video offers to their recruitment program.

Here’s what incorporating video content can do to improve any organization’s talent attraction and onboarding efforts:


1. Video Elevates Employer Branding Activities

Videos are among the most versatile tools recruitment teams can use to boost candidate awareness and engagement with their employer brand. Recruitment videos can be company-produced and employee-generated, and embedded in any of the following mediums:

By adding video across recruitment advertising channels, recruitment teams can also distinguish their organization from other organizations using static images and written content for the bulk of their employer branding.

Tip: Job postings with video can yield 34% more applicants than job postings without video. The Jamyr video platform makes it easy to embed videos directly into job postings and candidate communications seamlessly.


2. Video Provides the Transparency Candidates Seek

Recruitment videos offer genuine and transparent insights that connect individuals to brands and encourage them to apply. By featuring actual employee experiences, testimonials, and highlights about open positions, videos provide an authentic view of the organization, helping candidates envision themselves working there.

In a Monster survey, 80% of people said a video featuring someone discussing a role enhanced their understanding of the position. Here are some other examples of videos that add more transparency to the recruitment process:

  • Live videos of company events and team gatherings, streamed directly to social media
  • Video messages explaining the interview and hiring process
  • Employee-generated “day-in-the-life” videos

Tip: Investing in highly polished recruitment marketing videos that state all the benefits of working in the organization may be tempting, but unscripted, natural videos featuring actual employees do it better. In fact, candidates trust employees three times more than the organization to tell them what it’s really like to work there.


3. Video Showcases Company Culture and Personality

In recruitment, introducing prospective applicants to company culture is a necessity. A Glassdoor survey found that 73% of people would not apply to a company if its values didn’t align with their own. As a result, the company’s authentic culture and personality must shine through in recruitment videos so candidates have an opportunity to see how they would fit in.

Highlighting company culture also builds overall brand awareness. By presenting fun, light-hearted, and informative videos, recruitment marketers can make a memorable impression on potential candidates and bring the company’s culture and brand to life. In one survey, 64% of marketers said video was effective in helping them increase brand awareness. 


4. Video Enables a Deeper Reach into Talent Pools

In an environment of social media likes, shares, and follows, compelling recruitment videos can go far, reaching pockets of prospective candidates that were previously elusive. In fact, LinkedIn found that video content is shared 20 times more often than any other kind of content. The more recruitment professionals, employees, and others share videos across their social media networks, the more others will learn about the organization’s brand and potentially apply.

Tip: Modern technology makes recruitment videos more accessible to a larger population of prospective applicants. Jamyr's multi-language video translation and transcription tools help recruitment marketers create highly shareable custom videos.


5. Video Improves New Hire Onboarding

A comprehensive onboarding program helps organizations retain the talent they’ve worked hard to attract and hire. Video onboarding guides, tutorials, and team introductions give employees the tools and knowledge necessary to hit the ground running and maintain excitement about their new role. Video onboarding also ensures remote hires feel included and don’t miss out on critical information.

Tip: In many industries, more than one in three hires are remote. An onboarding video solution helps ensure these hires have ample opportunities to connect with organizational culture, people, and processes.


How Recruitment Professionals Can Leverage Jamyr

Though using video in recruitment offers many benefits, it’s understandable to wonder how possible it would be to incorporate video into an existing recruitment strategy. After all, some video production strategies are better than others, and no one wants to spend time and money creating branding videos that fail to resonate with target candidates. Thankfully, Jamyr’s intuitive, end-to-end video platform simplifies the process of recording, editing, and sharing recruitment content, so virtually anyone can manage it.


Here’s what recruitment marketing teams can do with Jamyr by Recruitics:


1. Create Customizable and Editable Recruitment Videos

Recruitment professionals can use Jamyr to edit and create videos directly on their desktop or mobile site, and no login or download is required. There’s no costly video editing team required; recruitment marketers, employees, and others can immediately get started creating videos for a variety of uses.


2. Use Integration Features to Share Video Content Broadly

Jamy’s video widgets and integrations enable embedding and sharing of video job postings, culture messaging, employee testimonials, onboarding guides, internal communications, and more. After adding a piece of code to the designated webpage, recruitment marketers can easily add and remove videos, and keep content updated and fresh.


3. Gather Videos Directly from Employees

Jamyr’s user-friendly platform empowers employees to craft and distribute genuine videos describing their experiences at work. From there, the recruitment team can scale and build a library of employee-generated video content that can be used across a range of mediums. For example, Jamyr makes it easy to group employee-generated videos together to create landing page experiences for specific campaigns. 


4. Make Video Content More Engaging

With Jamyr, organizations can create authentic company-produced and employee-generated videos that tell employee stories and resonate with prospective applicants. Videos featuring company leaders, hiring managers, new hires, and long-tenured employees give job seekers a glimpse into actual day-to-day life in the organization, providing them with opportunities to connect to the company brand and EVP.


5. Measure the Impact of Video

The ROI of video in recruitment can be game-changing for the recruitment budget. Jamyr integrates with the Recruitics Fusion Talent Conversion platform and Vision Analytics tools, making it easier to track and measure the impact of videos in job ads, on the career site, on landing pages, and across other mediums.


Tell Authentic Employee Stories with Jamyr Video Solutions

Prospective applicants seek real, raw content in employer branding videos. They want to know what employees feel about working there, not just what the organization says. With the help of video, recruitment marketing teams can get employees involved and share their experiences more broadly across social media and other platforms.

For help getting started, the team at Recruitics is here to help! Jamyr by Recruitics helps organizations produce and add visually stunning videos to any web page, social media platform, or job posting. As a result, the organization improves its capability to attract and engage target candidates.

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