What are Employer Profiles?

What are Employer Profiles?

Key Takeaways:

  • Candidates are increasingly researching companies before applying, including exploring the leaders, values, benefits, and corporate responsibility.
  • Employer profiles increase visibility, help create a competitive advantage, and attract top talent.
  • Educating candidates about the employer brand is essential to attract the right fit and increase the quality of applicants.

There were 9.8 million job openings in May – which is 1.61 openings for every unemployed person. While this number is trending back down closer to 1.0, the labor market is still tight. 

During economic uncertainty, it becomes vital for businesses to proactively nurture a strong reputation as an appealing workplace in order to attract highly skilled job seekers. Now more than ever, candidates want to align employment opportunities with personal values. This is leading to job seekers doing more research on companies before applying – including who the leaders are, the values, the benefits, their take on corporate responsibility, etc.

Seventy-one percent of candidates are doing research before applying to a company. The impression they form during their search can significantly impact their experience – which is why it’s essential for hiring professionals to revamp, nurture, and foster their employer profiles.


What are Employer Profiles?

Employer profiles provide information to candidates about a company. They are a key component of a company’s overall brand strategy, since they give a glimpse into what it is like working at a company. By leveraging employer profiles, companies can take control of their employer brand narrative and create a compelling and dynamic page experience. feature this option, empowering organizations to showcase their unique strengths and attract top talent.

These profiles enable businesses to effectively engage with candidates, transforming uninformed individuals into interested applicants. Prominent platforms such as Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Comparably, and Jobcase feature this option, empowering organizations to showcase their unique strengths and attract top talent.

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What are the Benefits of Employer Profiles?

In a crowded market, having visibility into a company is essential for standing out from the competition – especially since today's candidates are more discerning and have higher expectations of their potential employers. They seek authentic insights into what it's truly like to work for a company. In fact, a staggering 86% of employees and job seekers rely on company reviews and ratings to make informed decisions about where to apply for a job.

To generate interest for candidates, hiring professionals must ensure that the company’s presence is known to the world – and be active and engaged with employees and prospects. This is crucial, since 70% of individuals admit to altering their opinion about a brand after witnessing the company's response to a review. When candidates clearly understand who the company is and what it stands for, they become more informed and make better-informed decisions. 

Tip: One way to do this is by utilizing an employer profile’s advanced features to elevate the company's visibility, placing job opportunities front and center for candidates to discover. 

The employer's perspective on what it's like to work at a company holds significant weight for 88% of Glassdoor users. This valuable insight helps attract candidates who are the best fit for the organization. It's important to avoid selling falsehoods that may initially attract candidates but ultimately lead to disappointment when they discover a disconnect between expectations and the reality of the workplace. By cultivating an accurate and positive employer brand and providing an authentic depiction of the work environment, companies can attract a higher proportion of quality candidates who have a genuine desire to be a part of the organization. 

Tip: Companies can get an elevated analytics experience with sponsored employer profiles, which helps hiring professionals have data to support their hiring decisions and craft a story to tell leadership.

Also, developing a strong employer brand and showcasing it across the profile helps companies significantly increase the volume of quality candidates applying to the company. A robust employer brand has been shown to reduce the cost per hire by up to 50%.


Educating Candidates on the Employer Brand

Even if the company has an exceptional culture, it is crucial to communicate this externally to make it a compelling selling point. If the employer brand is not evident to candidates when learning about the company, it can impact their experience.

An authentic employer brand allows candidates to self-select out if they feel they may not be a good fit. This self-selection process helps companies hire top talent and increases the number of high-quality candidates entering the recruitment pipeline.

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Why is Now the Time to Take Control of a Company’s Brand?

The pandemic has brought about significant changes, and as a result, brand value propositions need to be updated accordingly. To elaborate, what might have been true and relevant on employer profiles before the pandemic may no longer hold the same weight. It's crucial to evaluate and evolve the company's messaging and visual content in a post-pandemic world. First impressions matter greatly, and candidates often form an initial perception of a company even before their first interaction.

Considering that candidates are now conducting more extensive research before applying to roles, ensuring that the employer brand accurately reflects the organization's current reality becomes even more essential. Take this opportunity to revisit and revamp content and visual elements to align with the changes that have taken place. By adapting and staying relevant, companies can make a strong first impression and attract candidates who resonate with the updated employer brand in this new era. 


Managing the Employer Brand During Hard Times

During economic uncertainty, the common instinct for advertisers is to scale back on advertising. However, brands with the foresight to maintain or adapt their messaging can reap long-term benefits. This is a critical time to remain proactive and actively steer the conversation. 

While companies may not have complete control over everything on their profile pages, as they are influenced by employees and audiences, it is essential to be an active participant in shaping the narrative. By taking control of what they can and guiding conversations, hiring professionals can position the company for success. 

Tip: Premium employer profiles allow companies to take control of their employer brand narrative to create a richer, more dynamic page experience that ultimately converts uninformed candidates into interested applicants.

Stability becomes a top priority for individuals in times of uncertainty. Hiring professionals shouldn’t drop their focus on fostering the employer brand – even if ad spend is lower or on pause. 

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A great example of being consistent during a crisis from the consumer side of marketing is during the 17-month recession of 1973-75. During this time, the U.S. government released its first miles-per-gallon report, ranking the Toyota Corolla behind the Honda Civic in fuel efficiency. Despite facing the challenges of the recession, Toyota resisted the temptation to cut its advertising budget, recognizing the importance of adhering to its long-term strategy. The decision proved to be a game-changer as Toyota surpassed Volkswagen and emerged as the leading imported carmaker in the U.S. by 1976. This success story exemplifies the power of maintaining a strategic approach and resisting short-term cost-cutting measures, even in the face of economic adversity.

Now, more than ever, it is vital to be present, show up, and showcase the company brand. Paying attention to the internal brand is key, as employee experience and engagement take on heightened significance – particularly in the face of hiring freezes and other constraints.


Best Practices for Using Employer Profiles


Elevate Employee Ambassadors

Authenticity plays a pivotal role in today's climate, as people crave genuine connections. However, for some companies that are protective of their brand image, this authenticity can be challenging to embrace. Nevertheless, authenticity is what candidates are seeking.

Hiring professionals should lean on employee ambassadors and empower anyone within the company to speak on its behalf. By leveraging the voices of employees, hiring professionals can tap into real stories and testimonials that resonate with candidates. Elevating employees and showcasing their experiences and perspectives on employer profiles is key because candidates tend to trust what they hear from employees more than what they hear from employers. 


Showcasing the Current Company

When crafting the messaging and content for employer profiles, it's crucial to focus on what's true for the company rather than only what leaders aspire it to be. 

It's important to highlight three key factors that have broad appeal to candidates: work-life balance, career sustainability, and a genuine passion for the work. Emphasizing these aspects of the company accurately will resonate with candidates seeking a harmonious blend of personal and professional life, long-term growth opportunities, and a meaningful connection to their work.

It's essential to recognize the significance of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) in the hiring process. Many candidates, especially Gen Z, prioritize companies that actively promote and support DEIB initiatives, as they seek an inclusive and equitable work environment. 

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Create Dynamic Content

Incorporating dynamic videos and messaging that effectively communicate why a company is a great place to work is a powerful strategy to enhance the employer brand. By utilizing videos, companies can provide a more engaging and immersive experience for candidates – showcasing the work culture, environment, and people behind the scenes. 

Tip: Evolve messaging to attract multiple generations (and focus on the new cohort of Gen Z applicants). For example, messages on DEIB, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability should be incorporated into content to attract the Gen Z cohort who are looking for more out of the companies they work for.

Videos allow hiring managers to visually capture the company's unique aspects, such as team collaboration, professional development opportunities, employee testimonials, and company events. Incorporating videos enables candidates to gain a holistic understanding of a company and increases its likelihood of attracting the right talent.


Listen to Feedback

Feedback and reviews on employer profiles play a vital role in helping companies identify areas for improvement and how to foster a stronger employer brand. These platforms provide valuable insights into the candidate and employee experience, allowing organizations to gauge their strengths and identify areas where they can enhance their efforts.

It is essential for companies to actively maintain these profiles by responding to reviews, ensuring that content remains up to date and that there’s consistent communication – regardless of the platform. Consistency in the employer brand's look, feel, and messaging across all platforms is crucial, as it builds trust and reinforces the company's identity. 

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Refresh Employer Profiles Regularly

Integrating or leveraging automation between social media platforms and employer profiles can bring numerous benefits to recruitment efforts. By connecting these platforms, companies can streamline employer branding and marketing strategies – ensuring a cohesive message across multiple channels. 

Automation tools enable hiring professionals to efficiently schedule and publish job postings, company updates, and engaging content – saving time and effort while keeping content fresh. Utilizing these integrations allow companies to maximize their reach and visibility, since posts and updates can be automatically shared across different platforms.


Moving Forward

By personalizing and nurturing the employer profiles, candidates can make informed decisions and select the job that best aligns with their aspirations and values. A tailored and transparent employer brand creates a mutually beneficial match, fostering a stronger likelihood of candidate satisfaction and long-term success within an organization.

Utilizing employer profiles is an essential part of your recruitment strategy. The team at Recruitics can help you evolve, refine, and communicate all facets of your employer brand message. Reach out today to learn more about how we can help you protect, monitor, and manage the many vital moving parts of your employer brand message and reputation.

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