15 “Day-In-The-Life” Career Videos

15 “Day-In-The-Life” Career Videos

Key Takeaways:

  • In an era valuing authenticity, day-in-the-life videos offer genuine and transparent insights that connect individuals to brands.
  • Day-in-the-life videos focusing on transparency by capturing unscripted moments build trust and credibility with viewers.
  • Employee-generated content (EGC) in recruitment videos empowers employees to share personal stories, becoming brand champions and enhancing authenticity.

Nearly 87% of consumers want more videos from brands. In an era where authenticity and transparency are highly valued, day-in-the-life videos have emerged as a captivating and insightful medium that connects individuals to companies. 

These videos help companies stand out from the crowd and have become an essential pursuit for employers seeking the best talent. The video content is immersive and authentic with visual narratives that go beyond traditional recruitment strategies, offering a genuine glimpse into the inner workings of a company and the lives of its employees.


Employee-Generated Content (EGC) for Recruitment Videos

Seventy-seven percent of individuals seeking employment prioritize evaluating a company's culture before submitting their application, and 79% consider a company's mission and purpose when considering potential employers.

From showcasing a company’s unique culture and values to offering an insider's view of the daily experiences of employees, these videos have become essential for companies when seeking to showcase transparency. This is crucial, since 80% of individuals agree that a video about a job is instrumental in enhancing their understanding of the job.

A great way to create day-in-the-life videos is by involving employees in the content creation process. By doing this, companies empower their team members to become champions of the brand and help authentically amplify its message.

Although many employees feel a strong sense of pride in their workplace and the company's values, they may struggle to effectively share their personal stories with a wider audience. Empower employees, as their contributions with EGC allow other colleagues to become advocates for the brand and foster connections with like-minded individuals. This organic connection might be the key factor that motivates prospective job seekers to choose and apply to the company.

When creating day-in-the-life videos, consider the following: 

  • Personal Stories: Videos that focus on humanizing the brand with real employees sharing their personal stories ensures content is relatable and compelling. 
  • Relevance: Ensure the content is relevant to the company’s brand, focusing on their mission, values, products, etc. Demonstrating the relationship between these various components is crucial to ensure the audience makes the connection between the story and the brand.
  • Authenticity: The main focus in these videos should be showcasing the culture and company for what it currently is, not what the company would like it to be. Make sure to show real employees at all levels in the company, and let their voices and experiences be heard.
  • Themes: Focusing on core themes that might have been developed with the EVP or messaging architecture can inspire viewers and connect them to the company culture. This is an effective marketing strategy that creates positive associations with the brand.
  • Transparency: By capturing unscripted and candid moments of a typical day, these videos provide an authentic glimpse into the inner workings, routines, and processes that shape daily operations. This transparency builds trust and credibility as viewers gain a more comprehensive understanding of what happens when working at a company. 

day in the life career videos

Tip: Consider having a teammate film a brief story (under a minute) in vertical format with a mobile device, or use a laptop’s webcam to record. Just make sure they aren’t reading a script, which helps keep the delivery and message authentic!

Research indicates that people retain an impressive 95% of information presented through video, compared to a mere 10% retention rate when the same information is conveyed through textual content. When combining authenticity, transparency, and connection, companies can engage with prospective employees, connect with high-quality candidates, and remain top of mind when these prospects are starting their job search.


15 “Day-In-The-Life” Videos 

Before seeking to utilize day-in-the-life videos in a recruitment strategy, take a moment to discover optimal areas to post these videos. Here is a curated list of fifteen videos with links for valuable inspiration and direction.


Employee Ambassador Social Media Profiles

Recruitment videos don’t need to be confined to official company accounts alone. In fact, diversifying their placement across various platforms can yield even more impactful results. By sharing these videos across a wider network of employee accounts, companies can tap into a broader and more engaged audience. 

This approach adds an authentic touch, showcasing the enthusiasm of current employees who genuinely believe in their workplace. Such videos can then be shared with employees' personal connections and networks to extend their reach. 

This strategy goes beyond traditional recruitment tactics by presenting a genuine and relatable portrayal of the company, fostering a stronger sense of trust and connection with potential candidates. As a result, recruitment videos distributed beyond official company accounts become a dynamic tool in attracting top talent and creating a vibrant, inclusive, and enthusiastic workforce.

Elevating employee ambassadors also empowers them to share their stories in day-in-the-life videos that offer an invaluable behind-the-scenes look, catering to the curiosity of anyone interested in understanding the intricacies of a company. 

Ultimately, this can contribute to a stronger and more engaged community around the brand – and even pique the interest of top candidates.


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Company Social Media Profiles

There are many benefits to posting these day-in-the-life videos on corporate social media accounts. This approach fosters a stronger sense of connection and trust among stakeholders, potential customers, and even potential recruits. As mentioned above, day-in-the-life videos can highlight the company's commitment to transparency, which can reinforce its dedication to open communication.

This level of authenticity resonates with audiences and contributes to building a positive employer brand image. Also, day-in-the-life videos add a human element – which can create an emotional connection with the viewers and help foster a stronger relationship with the audience. 

Sharing these videos on corporate social media accounts can enhance engagement, increase brand loyalty, and attract like-minded individuals who align with the company's values and aspirations.


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Video Production Technology

For streamlined, high-quality video content creation, consider platforms like Jamyr. Jamyr serves as a comprehensive video platform, enabling employers to directly gather videos from their workforce. This user-friendly platform empowers employees to craft and distribute genuine narratives effortlessly. By simplifying the expansion of video content for recruitment purposes, Jamyr facilitates seamless connections, heightened engagement, and efficient hiring of a larger pool of well-suited candidates. 

Jamyr is beneficial when trying to scale day-in-the-life content and to ensure a company is creating a large scale of engaging content.


Moving Forward

As the digital age continues to reshape how audiences engage with brands, embracing the immersive and relatable medium of day-in-the-life videos is powerful. It enables an organization to stand out, attract top talent, and better company culture fits, as well as build an authentic employer brand that resonates with those who seek purpose, growth, and a true sense of belonging. 

Hiring professionals should seize the opportunity to let employees become the company's voice and build toward a new era of recruitment and brand elevation.

Get in touch with the Recruitics team today to kickstart the enhancement of your recruitment video strategy. Our specialists are adept at crafting captivating video content that highlights your employer brand, draws in top-tier talent, and simplifies your onboarding procedures.

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