10 Takeaways from Indeed Interactive

Posted by Emily Tanner  |  May 28, 2015  |  Job Boards & Aggregators

Whether you attended Indeed’s event last week or simply followed along in the Twittersphere with #IndeedInteractive, you were sure to learn a lot. Mainly, that Indeed is a recruitment must; but also that the recruitment industry is constantly on the move. Here are 10 takeaways (in tweets!) from #IndeedInteractive:

  1. Recruitment and HR folks sure know how to work hard and play hard! (via @JoshGampel)

#IndeedInteractive tweet @joshgampel

  1. Recruit for value and business impact, not for cost efficiency. The cheapest recruitment source may not produce the best quality candidates. (via @AshleyCheretes @JenniferMcClure @Accenture)

@ashleycheretes #IndeedInteractive tweet

  1. It’s key to track all applicant sources to know which ones produce the best ROI (and that’s what we’re here for!). (via @JasonWhitman)

@recruitics #IndeedInteractive tweet

  1. The average job search for an Indeed job seeker is about 70 days, 10 applications and 1.3 interviews. (via @JenniferMcClure)

@jennifermcclure #IndeedInteractive tweet

  1. 1 in 4 job seekers do a city only (blank) search on Indeed. (via @chrisrussell)

@chrisrussell #IndeedInteractive tweet

  1. Where are your hires coming from? Indeed! Study shows 54% of hires come from Indeed – more than any other source. (via @traslavina @silkroadtweets)

@traslavina #IndeedInteractive tweet

  1. The fastest growing search term on Indeed is “remote.” At talent shortages emerge, an obvious place to look. (via @JenniferMcClure @JustinWolfers)

jennifer mcclure #IndeedInteractive tweet

  1. Notice how [the career decision making process] is the same as inbound marketing. (via @MattCharney)

@mattcharney #IndeedInteractive tweet

  1. Automation doesn’t mean removing the human touch in hiring, just removing the human bias. (via @RecruitingBlogs)

@recruitingblogs #IndeedInteractive tweet

  1. Job searches in high demand areas are not growing fast enough to keep up with demand. (via @Indeed)

@indeed #IndeedInteractive tweet

There were so many other things discussed at #IndeedInteractive – it was truly an amazing and valuable event. If you didn’t get to attend this year, we’d suggest you go next year! And if you can’t make it, be sure to follow along with us on Recruitics on Twitter.

Want more? Check out “50 Key Recruiting Takeaways from #IndeedInteractive” from Jason Buss of Talent HQ.

Posted by Emily Tanner

Emily Tanner

Emily Tanner is no longer with Recruitics. During her time with us as VP of Marketing, Emily worked on both the client and business side of marketing, partnering with top enterprise customers on their talent acquisition and recruitment marketing strategies as well as developing inbound content marketing plans, paid advertising campaigns, and lead generation initiatives for Recruitics. A true data nerd at heart, Emily finds joy in analyzing deep performance metrics and finding the story in the numbers. When not working on marketing strategies or in Excel documents, you can find Emily hanging with her husband, two sons, and their 3 dogs.

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