Our Favorite Recruitment Marketing Things of 2016

Our Favorite Recruitment Marketing Things of 2016

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At long last, the new year is upon us! Needless to say 2016 was a crazy year, so we’re taking a look back at what made this year an excellent one for the recruitment marketing industry.

The list below is far from exhaustive, but we’ve put together some of the best content we’ve read, written and shared in 2016.

So, without further delay, here are a few of our favorite things from 2016:


Some of our favorite content is delivered in the form of an infographic, and to be honest what's not to love about them? Infographics are easily digestible and give us a high-level view of the information we need to consume. While this certainly isn’t every infographic that caught our eye in 2016, this quick roundup will give you a good taste of what you might have missed this year:

Why 2016 Will Be The Year of Recruitment Marketing: This year was absolutely a big year for recruitment marketers everywhere. From detailing why recruitment marketing would be important to HR and talent acquisition professionals, to some hard stats, this infographic has it all.

12 Recruiting Stats That Will Change the Way You Hire: If there’s one common theme to all of the content published in the recruitment marketing space this past year, it’s data. With that in mind, Officevibe took a cut at putting together some eye-opening stats that no HR or talent acquisition professional should go into 2017 without.

Types of Recruitment Marketing: One thing we noticed in 2016 was that it was a year where many took their first steps into recruitment marketing. For first-time recruitment marketers, the space can be a bit overwhelming. This infographic will help you get a basic understanding of the different types of recruitment marketing you can leverage.

Industry Trends

Keeping an eye on your industry’s trends is like checking your heart rate during an intense workout--and we’ve got our fingers on the pulse. The following posts made our list of favorite things because you’ll be able to leverage these at the start of 2017, as well:

Hiring in the Digital Age--What’s Next for Recruiting: Many tend to think of recruitment marketing as a narrow focus of talent acquisition, but in reality, there’s a lot of recruitment marketing happening in your HR department already. The trick is to identify and focus on the areas that need advancement and improvement, and this post highlights some of those areas while summing up some trends that will continue to hold true in the year ahead.

4 Recruitment Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017: If you’re looking for more updated trends on the year ahead, then look no further. We put this post together last month, taking what we learned in 2016 and applying that to what we expect in the year ahead. Read on to learn about the top trends we have our eyes on for 2017.

3 Talent Acquisition Trends You Need to Know: If your job involves finding top-quality talent for your business, regardless of whether you call yourself an HR professional or recruitment marketer, you’re working in talent acquisition. It’s an interesting term that’s gained momentum over the past few years, and this post highlights some important trends you should be aware of.

Acquisitions and Other News

2016 might go down as a year dominated by headlines of major mergers, acquisitions and the like. In fact, if we were to round up every last bit of newsworthy content that popped up in the space over the last 12 months, I’m not sure this post would ever end. Rather, we’ve gathered four pieces of news that you’ll want to be aware of heading into next year.

Recruit Holdings Acquires SimplyHired: Perhaps one of the most shocking stories to come out of the recruitment marketing space in 2016 was Recruit Holdings--Indeed’s parent company--acquiring SimplyHired. This acquisition happened in early July, leading to SimplyHired shutting its doors and some of its talent heading to Recruit. SimplyHired’s website still operates today.

Microsoft Acquires LinkedIn: Just a couple years ago industry thought leaders were talking about how Microsoft was a tech giant on their way to pasture, but thanks to their dominance in cloud computing, they’re making a comeback. Their pièce de résistance of 2016 may very well be their acquisition of LinkedIn that sent the talent acquisition space into a whirl. Many have speculated on why this acquisition happened, but we’re about to see first hand how it plays out in the year ahead.

Randstad Acquires Monster: Randstad is one of the biggest staffing agencies in the world, and until they stepped into the picture, acquisitions in the recruitment marketing space had been dominated by tech companies. Their purchase of the employment website was admired by many in the press, but we’ll have to wait and see what impact this will have on Monster’s customers.

Facebook and Google Invest in Job Search: While this consolidation dominated headlines in 2016, there were a few stories that warranted similar attention. This story on Facebook and Google dipping their toes into job search was definitely one of them. Until today, the job search was owned by employment websites, but with social media and search engine giants like this stepping into the fold, many are interested in what the landscape for talent acquisition might look like next year.

Recruitment Marketing Thought Leadership

As the recruitment marketing space continues its growth, it’s important to keep an eye on thought leadership content. Doing so will help you think differently about the work you’re doing, better understand the space, and generally either produce better products or offer better services. Here are a few of our favorite pieces of thought leadership from 2016.

The Programmatic Buying Basics for Job Boards: Programmatic buying for jobs has taken over the recruitment marketing space, but for many job boards it’s still a new piece to the puzzle. This free eBook takes a look at programmatic buying for job boards, giving you the basic understanding you need to get started with this technology.

Is Proactive Hiring More Than a Mindset: Recruitment marketing is a proactive discipline--it’s one of the main reasons why it helps drive business. However, being proactive in talent acquisition goes beyond just adopting a certain kind of mindset. This whitepaper explains how best-in-class organizations stay away from the old habits of reactive hiring.

Recruiting Marketers--What, Where and How: Where have all the marketers gone? That’s the question being answered in this piece of content. Take a look at why marketers are flocking to recruitment (aka recruitment marketers), where they’re finding their new passion, and how it’s helping businesses everywhere drive greater ROI on their talent acquisition efforts.

At this point, I think we can all agree that it’s been a long 2016--but a great one at that for the recruitment marketing space. Here’s to enjoying a few of our favorite things as you find some time to rest and relax before the start of the new year.

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