Recruitment Analytics and Job Advertising News: March Edition

Recruitment Analytics and Job Advertising News: March Edition


Welcome back to Recruitment Marketing Analytics and Recruitment Advertising News–our monthly content roundup that pulls together all of the articles and blogs we’ve been reading about recruitment analytics and job advertising.

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March’s Recruitment Marketing Analytics News

Recruitment Analytics Checklist: What to Track and Why
HR and talent acquisition professionals need to hire the right talent and do it quickly in a competitive market. With the ever evolving world of recruitment and strict company budgets, HR professionals are under a lot of pressure to know how well budgets are being managed and the ROI of their job advertising spend. With access to recruitment marketing analytics, you’re able to track the spend and ROI of your strategy. Read on to see what metrics should be on your recruitment analytics checklist for measuring ROI.

How Clicks Differ by PPC Source and the Impact on Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy
Staying in-the-know with recruitment marketing basics is important when planning your strategy and reviewing its performance. So, did you know that the “click” in your pay-per-click (PPC) media doesn’t always mean the same thing from source to source? The difference in click meaning by source can impact other metrics, making it important for you to have access to source- and job-level data. Read on to see how “clicks” on different sources may impact your recruitment marketing strategy.

Analytics and Automation Reshaping the HR Process
From sourcing to employee retention, recruitment and staffing professionals are utilizing AI and predictive analytics at various stages in the talent acquisition process. Technology allows companies to pull detailed data in order to form trends and insights within the employee lifecycle. With AI assisting in sourcing and matching candidates and predictive analytics offering insight into employee retention, automation is being streamlined in the recruitment process to save time. Read on for a deep dive into how AI and predictive analytics is saving HR professionals time throughout the recruitment process.

March’s Recruitment Advertising News

How to Build a Strong Employer Brand Presence Online with Company Profiles
If you’re looking to hire top talent for job openings at your company, chances are you’re looking for candidates who have the required skills and who also fit within your employer brand and company culture. Employer review sites offer insight into employer brand, company culture and hiring processes, both from past and current employees’ points of view and experiences. To help you take advantage of these employer branding opportunities, Recruitics has listed the top online company profiles that job seekers use to research potential employers and what you should include in your company’s profiles. Read on to find out how you can build a strong employer brand presence online using company profiles to attract the right talent.

Top Takeaways from SIA Executive Forum 2018: A Focus on Analytics & AI
The annual Staffing Industry Analyst (SIA) Executive Forum North America (SIA #ExecForum) conference was held this month in Miami, bringing together CEOs, business owners and the top executives of staffing companies from around the world. The event’s breakout sessions and presentations are designed to educate attendees, and over half of this year’s presentations focused on either AI, analytics or predictive technology platforms (which are actually driven by AI and analytics). Read on for the top takeaways from SIA #ExecForum 2018, and what industry leaders had to say on AI and analytics in the staffing space.

Top 10 Books Recruitment Marketers Should Read in 2018
As the first quarter of 2018 is coming to an end, QBRs are upon us, and you’ll soon be reviewing the ROI of your recruitment marketing strategies. If you’re like us, then you’re constantly looking for ways to continuously make improvements and also for inspiration how to do so. We’ve put together a list of books for insight into new strategies and techniques for building and optimizing your recruitment marketing strategy through the year. Dive into one of these books to find inspiration as you plan and execute your Q2 recruitment efforts!

Bringing Together People, Processes, and Technology
As the way we live and work changes, it’s important to your success to have the right people working in the right positions’ processes and technology. To make sure the right employees are attracted and remain engaged, HR professionals are responsible for building the right company culture and enhancing workforce experience. People Matters identifies the four priorities HR should focus on in order to create a workforce for tomorrow. Follow along to see how to enhance employee experience with technology for a smooth transition into the future of the workforce.

Recruit From Your Inbox with Google Hire – A Product Review
If you’ve been following our blog, you’ve seen our posts (here and here) and eBook on Google for Jobs, and Google Hire post. As Google’s expansion into recruitment technology grows, recruitment professionals are excited to try out the new technology and see how it can benefit their strategies. This article’s author was asked by Google to demo its new ATS, Google Hire, and mentions the new ATS’ simplicity and time-saving benefits. Find out more about this recruitment professional’s firsthand experience with Google Hire and how it can improve your efficiency.

Facebook Takes on LinkedIn and Glassdoor, Expanding Its Job-Posting Tool to 40 Countries
Just a year ago, Facebook gave companies the ability to create job posts and for job seekers to apply to those job posts directly on the social network, but only in the U.S. and Canada. Now, Facebook has announced that this tool will be expanding to over 40 countries. Since it launched, Facebook has added features, including creating posts, managing applications and scheduling interviews, all with mobile capability. Find out how Facebook’s job posting tool expansion and features can benefit your recruitment marketing strategy.

Plan Your Employee Recruiting Strategy
The cost of hiring the wrong talent can be a critical setback for your company, which is why having a recruitment strategy is crucial when hiring new employees. Utilizing recruitment marketing, defining clear recruitment goals and outlining attractive job descriptions are great ways to promote job openings and attract the right talent. Discover the methods you can incorporate while planning your recruitment strategy.

Recruit Like a Marketer: A/B Test Your Job Descriptions
In the past, we’ve written posts on writing effective job titles and great job descriptions in order to attract the best candidates to apply to your job openings. Fistful of Talent describes A/B testing as “one of the first pieces of arsenal in your toolkit” when considering ROI and should be done on a recurring basis since market trends and candidate preferences evolve. Learn how you can incorporate A/B testing job descriptions for better ROI.

Innovative Ways to Attract New Talent
Finding the right talent is important when your company is looking to make quality hires. In this article, ULoop discusses the need to “tailor” recruitment efforts to the type of talent you want to attract and what strategies you can utilize to attract that tailored talent. For instance, place your job advertisements where your desired talent will actually see them, and mention unique and relevant benefit information in your job ads that will intrigue your specific tailored audience. Read more to find out other strategies you can include in your recruitment marketing efforts to attract new talent.

7 Ways Technology is Impacting Recruitment, Retention and the Workplace
As the need for attracting and recruiting digital workers has increased, so has the importance of digital tools and technology in the workplace. CMS Wire shares more on this, as well as how technology impacts the ways employees expect to work. Of these tools, automated recruiting is mentioned as a major change to human resources, especially with the automation of candidate sourcing and screening through the use of big data. Read on to see other ways digital tools and technology is impacting the recruitment industry.

Are You Targeting Younger Workers in Social Media Job Ads? You May be Going Too Far
With the growing use of social media for job advertising, major companies are finding themselves under fire for age discrimination as they use social media job ads to exclude older workers. While social media ad targeting can be very effective in reaching your target audience, especially to distinct age groups, it also creates a gray area regarding ethics. So how can you use social media for your recruitment marketing strategy while avoiding age bias? Find out what Recruiting Daily recommends to take advantage of social media job ads while maintaining unbiased hiring.

Indeed Prime: Expanding Access to Tech Talent
With a competitive tech hiring landscape and rise in demand for qualified candidates, companies are having a hard time finding skilled tech workers. The 2016 launch of Indeed Prime, a subscription-based service for employers to access pre-vetted talent, was designed to help close the talent gap. Indeed Prime candidates have received over 85,000 job offers, so Indeed is expanding this service to also offer a free Basic plan, which intended for individual users and smaller companies. Find out what this Indeed Prime expansion means and if it's right for your recruitment marketing strategy.

4 Ways to Use Mobile Geofencing for Recruitment
We’ve mentioned in the past that social media continues to grow as a recruitment platform, and as social platforms expand their capabilities, recruitment professionals gain new tools to use for reaching talent. Geofencing, which allows you to target a small geographical radius for mobile advertising, is still being experimented with by marketers, and has crossed over into the recruitment industry. Read on as ERE expands on how you can implement mobile geofencing in your recruitment strategy.

3 Roles for Recruiters in the AI Era
While some talent acquisition professionals worry that Artificial Intelligence may replace them, ERE is finding that this growing technology is making these professionals more powerful within their companies. Because of this, HR professionals’ roles are expanding to data analysts, marketers and storytellers, as well as taking on more ownership of the recruiting process. Discover what roles are opening up to industry professionals in the AI era.

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