Recruitment Analytics and Job Advertising News: September Edition

Recruitment Analytics and Job Advertising News: September Edition

Welcome back to Recruitment Analytics and Job Advertising News–our monthly content roundup that pulls together all of the articles and blogs we’ve been reading about recruitment analytics and job advertising.

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September’s Recruitment Analytics News

Metrics: Key Performance Indicators for Sourcers
In the ever-expanding world of recruitment marketing, sourcing is often a piece of the puzzle that’s left out of headlines. While not necessarily glorifying, sourcing is critically important, as even the best recruiter will fail to make a hire without a pipeline of quality candidates. In this blog, you’ll learn about four important sourcing metrics that can help you create a solid talent pipeline more efficiently.

Want Great Hires? Target Your Hiring Methods
If you’re reevaluating your recruitment strategy in hopes of making better hires, there are a million little things you can examine. But one in particular you should be paying attention to is your hiring methods--specifically where you’re recruiting specific candidates. In this post from Recruiting Trends, you’ll learn why placing the right job ads on the right sites can help you find more qualified talent.

3 Key Takeaways from the 2017 Talent Acquisition Technology Survey
This year’s Talent Acquisition Technology Survey, run by Talent Tech Labs, gathered responses from 189--mostly senior-level--talent acquisition professionals on a wide range of important topics. In our latest blog, we take a deep dive into the report and pull out the most important takeaways for you to easily digest.

Measuring the Marketing ROI of Recruitment Advertising
As recruitment marketing takes a greater foothold in the world of online talent acquisition, more and more HR professionals are interested in learning how to properly gauge the ROI of their efforts. In this post, Recruiting Tools outlines the typically complicated process for determining ROI if you don’t have access to a recruitment marketing analytics dashboard.

September’s Job Advertising News

Why Google Getting Into Recruitment Is Great for the Industry
When Google made its debut into the recruitment space early this year, it was big news for the industry. In fact, we covered Google’s moves quite extensively on our blog and you can read our previous posts on Google for Job and Google Hire here, here and here. While much of the coverage across the industry was, predictably, apprehensive of the search giant entering the space, ERE provides a different take. Read on to learn why Google and recruitment might mean big things for the industry as a whole.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Seasonal Hires
With Fall officially here, businesses recruiting seasonal workers are getting ready to send their talent acquisition machines into overdrive. We discussed how to hire seasonal workers in today’s economy in a previous post, but this blog helps close the loop by providing helpful insights on how to get more out of your new employees, once the hiring process is complete.

The 4 Faces of the Alternative Workforce
In this post, highlights the four new types of workers that have emerged as the Gig Economy continues to grow and the traditional workforce begins to evolve. The importance of this post, however, goes beyond the difference between traditional and freelance workers. Rather, as a recruitment marketer, what has provided here are candidate personas you can use to better target ideal talent for your open roles. Read on to learn more.

How to Get Results From Your Careers Pages
The careers pages are often overlooked by all except those who care about them the most: the job seeker. Yes, your careers pages might not seem like priorities, but they can honestly be the difference between landing top talent and landing a candidate who themselves feels like they’re “settling.” In either event, you want your careers pages to be points of promotion, not crutches, and Indeed has outline four tips to help make your careers pages shine once more.

How to Get Started With Your Digital Recruiting Strategy
Dipping your toes into the online recruitment pool for the first time is overwhelming, no doubt. But getting started doesn’t need to feel like pulling teeth if you have at least a basic blueprint to follow. That’s exactly what Workology has put together for you in their recent post. Check out this blog to learn more about why a digital recruiting strategy is important and where your first steps in the space should be placed.

Chatbots Will Change The Dynamics of Recruitment
In recruitment today, it seems like everything can be automated--even recruitment interactions themselves. That’s the takeaway from a recent interview with Francis Padamadan, a Country Director for KellyOCG, a global advisor of talent supply chain strategies. Read on to learn why Padamadan believes businesses today need to focus on adding AI and automation to their recruitment marketing strategies if they want to be successful in increasingly competitive talent markets.

3 Staffing Executives Reveal Why Firms Should Embrace Automation
For many, automation can be a scary word--either prompting images of an AI apocalypse or the fear of having your job replaced by a robot. But in the staffing industry, where demand is rapidly on the rise and a skills gap presents incredible obstacles for recruiters, automation is your friend, not your enemy. Read on to learn about how recruitment marketing automation has been a windfall for three staffing executives.

As Employers Seek to Fill Positions, Companies Get Creative in Job Advertising
If you think it’s difficult to recruit in your neck of the woods, just imagine what companies in Hawaii are going through as their unemployment rate fell to a miniscule 2.7 percent last month. As it turns out, this dilemma for Hawaiian companies serves as a learning opportunity for businesses throughout the country. As the island state’s economy strengthened over the last decade, their labor pool shrunk, creating a massively competitive market. Here’s how one company is getting creative with their job ads, in hopes of attracting top quality candidates.

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