20 Tips to Help Innovate Recruitment Marketing Strategies

20 Tips to Help Innovate Recruitment Marketing Strategies

In today's dynamic job market, recruitment marketers play a pivotal role in helping organizations attract top talent. Their ability to craft compelling strategies, leverage cutting-edge tools, and adapt to evolving trends can make all the difference in securing the best candidates for their teams. 

Whether seasoned as a recruitment marketer or just starting in the field, the journey to success is paved with inspiration and innovation. To thrive in this ever-evolving industry, hiring professionals must constantly refine their approach. Luckily, there is always an opportunity to gain insights from thought-provoking content and advice from seasoned talent industry leaders. 

If hiring professionals are looking to enhance their company’s employer brand, improve candidate experiences, or simply reignite their passion for recruitment marketing, this blog is the go-to resource for inspiration from the thought leaders and subject matter experts on the Recruitics team.


EVP & Employer Branding

1. “Consistency in the employer brand's look, feel, and messaging across all platforms is crucial, as it builds trust and reinforces the company's identity.” 

Jodie Cherry Roth, Director of Marketing Strategy at Recruitics

2. “Companies who focus on corporate responsibility are more likely to obtain talent who are interested in working for organizations that align with their values.” 

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Michelle Sargent, VP of New Business & Partnerships at Recruitics 

3. “Fulfilled employees can be a company’s best brand advocates. They should be empowered to share their experiences and can be highlighted in recruitment marketing and on social channels.” 

Cory Kapner, VP of Sales 

4. “Employer brand lives and grows from past and present employees, which is why this is an area companies need to remain focused on – since maintaining an employer brand never ends.” 

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Katie Cooper, Sr. Director of Sales at Recruitics

5. “Candidates' changing sentiments represent a new market demand, and if employers neglect to effectively communicate their value and benefits, then their competition will take advantage and emerge to fill that gap.” 

Chris Satterlee, VP of Performance Marketing at Recruitics


6. “To revamp an EVP successfully, organizations should assess their current offerings, listen to employee feedback, consider adding relevant components, and promote it both externally and internally.” 

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Bruce Carey, VP of Brand & Creative at Recruitics 



7. “By consistently monitoring and evaluating this data, organizations can gain valuable insights into the dynamics that impact programmatic effectiveness and make informed decisions accordingly.” 

Matt Anderson, VP of Performance Marketing at Recruitics

8. “It’s important for hiring professionals to cater their strategies to their specific hiring needs. Consider the market, the roles, and the timeline for the hiring event – to create a strategy that works for the company and meets all its needs.” 

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Miranda Gibbs, Account Director at Recruitics

9. “To drive the best ROI, hiring professionals need to diversify the number of vendors they are advertising on, which can help accelerate applicant growth and lower costs.” 

Michelle Sargent, VP of New Business & Partnerships at Recruitics

10. “Frequency and repetition are essential to turn a campaign into a successful long-term strategy because it ensures the ad is being seen/heard by the right audience in the right place.”

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Keon Semsarha, Performance Marketing Manager at Recruitics



11. “Enhancing efficiency requires attention to various aspects, including tech utilization, AI integration, candidate engagement, and a positive candidate experience, contributing to a desirable employer reputation.” 

Matthew Hurst, Director of Performance Marketing at Recruitics

12. “Mapping out the candidate journey can help organizations identify pain points (or obstacles), areas for improvement and opportunities to enhance candidate engagement.” 

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David Pantano, President of Fusion at Recruitics

13. “Proper data analysis also helps organizations review where they’ve been so they can determine where they need to go. It helps them to know where to focus their efforts.” 

Matthew Hurst, Director of Performance Marketing at Recruitics

14. “Data analytics provides real-time insights about the performance of job ads across different channels, so organizations can determine which candidate sourcing methods are most effective in generating candidate quality and quantity.” 

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David Pantano, President of Fusion at Recruitics


Video Production

15. “Highlighting employee experiences on video strengthens a company’s brand and employee value proposition (EVP), ultimately helping candidates become enthusiastic applicants and future promoters.” 

Brian Mooney, Product Manager at Recruitics

16.  “To ensure authenticity in the videos, companies need to steer clear of scripts. Instead, seek out employees who are comfortable on camera and are willing to speak from the heart. This helps create content that’s easier to relate to.” 

Rick Mooney, Sr. Lead Engineer at Recruitics

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17. “When employers incorporate video into each stage of the candidate journey, they maximize opportunities to engage candidates and encourage more applications.”

Brian Mooney, Product Manager at Recruitics


Recruitment Data & Artificial Intelligence

18. “Access to actionable data enables companies to make better and more informed decisions – improving the quality of applicants, filling positions faster, ensuring a quality candidate experience, and reaching top talent with recruitment messaging.”  

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Mona Tawakali, Chief Strategy Officer at Recruitics

19. "To maximize the effectiveness of AI in recruitment, companies need comprehensive and accurate data, clear understanding of goals, and a well-balanced strategy that incorporates AI where it's most beneficial.” 

Austin Anderson, Head of Artificial Intelligence Engineering at Recruitics


20. “Using a scalable, fast, and efficient analytics platform provides the data to track key hiring metrics such as time-to-hire, diversity of candidates to hires, cost-per-hire, and cost-per-quality.” 

Organizations should consider expanding their talent pool by recruiting individuals who have been in the criminal justice system on misdemeanors. Matthew Hurst (1)

Katherine Rose, VP of Sales at Recruitics



In the world of recruitment marketing, staying ahead of the curve is not just a choice; it's a necessity. Recruitment marketing is a dynamic and multifaceted field. It's not about following a one-size-fits-all formula, but rather adapting and innovating to meet the unique needs of an organization and the candidates hiring professionals seek to attract. Flexibility and the ability to pivot when necessary are a recruiter’s greatest allies.

The tips and strategies explored in this blog can provide valuable inspiration and guidance. With these strategies in mind, one can embark on recruitment marketing endeavors with new ideas and perspectives.

If you’re looking for more actionable takeaways and need more inspiration, reach out to the Recruitics team. Our skilled recruitment professionals are always abreast of the latest trends in the industry and are ready to help your company thrive in the new reality. Connect with us today to learn how we can pivot, innovate, and collaborate with your team to ensure recruitment success.

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