Top Employer Profiles for Recruitment Marketing

Top Employer Profiles for Recruitment Marketing

Attracting and retaining top talent has become increasingly challenging for employers. Job seekers are interested in more than just job descriptions and compensation packages; they want to gain deeper insights into the company's culture, values, and work environment before considering an application. This is where the importance of employer profiles in recruitment comes into play.

Employer profiles offer a comprehensive overview of its employer brand, mission, vision, and employee experiences. These profiles provide job seekers with valuable information to assess the compatibility between their aspirations and the company's culture. By having a compelling and well-curated employer profile, organizations can effectively capture the attention of qualified candidates, stand out from the competition, and establish their employer brand as a desirable destination for top talent.

It’s essential for hiring managers to understand what each platform does, how they can help employers stand out, and their unique features. Read on to dig into the following employer profiles:

Learn how these platforms can be beneficial to add to a company’s recruitment strategies.



Seventy percent of individuals searching for employment rely on local community connections. Jobcase has over 120M+ registered members, making it a great community tool. The platform offers a positive place to share experiences, advice, support, or inspiration. 

Jobcase is a platform where members come together to find employment opportunities, share valuable advice, and navigate the ever-evolving work landscape. The platform allows candidates to effortlessly discover job openings, apply instantly, and access the much-needed support on their path to success.

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On the platform, companies can build their employer hub, and in the case of larger companies, hubs can be created for every company location. This allows companies to connect with local candidates. Also, hiring professionals can utilize the hubs to have conversations back and forth with prospective job seekers. Employer hubs ensure the company nurtures a strong relationship with its audience and fosters a positive candidate experience. As mentioned previously, candidates are seeking more transparency and visibility into companies, so having the ability to have an open conversation with candidates is beneficial. 

Also, Jobcase offers a paid service that provides additional perks, including access to promoted job postings and customized company pages, empowering job seekers to make informed decisions about their career journey.


Utilizing Jobcase’s StreetSmarts

Jobcase offers StreetSmarts, a service harnessing the power of Jobcase's extensive network of over 75 million members. StreetSmarts enables employers to optimize their hiring process by leveraging this vast talent pool. Through this service, employers can tap into Jobcase's recommended candidates, carefully selected by the Jobcase team as potential great matches for open positions. Jobcase's system analyzes the information in the job description and matches it to the relevant details of members residing near the company. The result is a curated list of recommended candidates for professionals to review, saving time and effort in finding top talent.

For subscribers of the StreetSmarts package, there is an added benefit of "promotion slots." This feature allows hiring professionals to choose specific jobs from a company’s listings that will receive enhanced promotion. By strategically selecting which jobs to promote, professionals can optimize their hiring efforts and increase the visibility of key positions within an organization.



Job candidates trust employees three times more than employers for insights into working at a company. This is why many job seekers look to Comparably when researching a company before submitting an application.

Comparably offers a platform where current employees can provide unfiltered insights by answering generated questions, presenting genuine and third-party results in a user-friendly format. Companies can utilize the overall rating score and eNPS score on Comparably to gauge how well the company is performing, according to current employees' feedback.

Companies can also effectively manage their employer brand on Comparably to showcase verified employees' perspectives and provide potential candidates with authentic stories and reviews about a company. Comparably's Employer Brand Protection ensures a fair representation of the work culture, protecting against biased feedback from disgruntled ex-employees and fake sources (like competitors).

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Tip: As a premium partner at Comparably, companies gain access to Brand Protection, ensuring only current employees can leave feedback on a company’s public profile. 

According to RingCentral, since they began using employee quotes from Comparably, they were able to “expand the number of interns we bring on by 2x.” This highlights how beneficial it is for candidates to hear from employees and how it can help with recruitment efforts.

Choosing Comparably is a cost-effective solution, since companies only need one employer profile to manage the brand and collect employee feedback. Also, Comparably offers unique features such as Culture Overview reports and embeddable Culture Widgets for the company’s career site.

Tip: By partnering with Comparably, companies can also qualify for their awards and have the ability to pin them on the company page.



LinkedIn is a versatile platform with 930 million members. The platform enables recruiters to find talent and allows job seekers to research employers and colleagues. It also allows candidates to apply to a role directly after exploring the brand. Also, LinkedIn provides personalized job recommendations, helps users discover and network with like-minded employees, and offers insights to assess workplace fit before applying.

LinkedIn offers companies a platform to expand their reach and engage with professionals actively seeking business opportunities. By consistently sharing relevant content, industry insights, and thought leadership, companies can enhance their brand visibility and establish themselves as reputable and knowledgeable players in their respective industries. Additionally, LinkedIn serves as a valuable platform for companies to build and nurture professional relationships, fostering connections that can lead to collaboration, partnerships, and business growth. This can help companies stand out from the competition and attract top talent.  

For employers, LinkedIn also provides targeted recruitment solutions and features such as job postings, advanced search filters, and talent recommendations – streamlining and improving the efficiency of the hiring process. 


LinkedIn Commitments, Talent Pipeline, and Career Page Features 

LinkedIn can help companies highlight their values and work culture more effectively by utilizing featured Commitments. With up to five commitments, hiring professionals can provide job seekers with a deeper understanding of a company. They can also leverage LinkedIn to post and share evidence demonstrating how a company upholds these commitments.

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Research shows that 80% of Gen Z job seekers seek opportunities that align closely with their interests and values. By showcasing the company's values through featured commitments, professionals can provide candidates with the insights they desire before applying for a job. This enables companies to attract individuals who resonate with an organization's values and are more likely to thrive within the company.

LinkedIn has created Talent Interest Pipeline, a feature allowing members to express their interest in working for a company, even without applying for a specific role. This innovative tool enables recruiters to identify candidates who are already keen on joining an organization and share similar values.

Companies can also optimize their career page to ensure the right individuals are matched with the right job opportunities. Research indicates that when a candidate visits a Career Page, there is a 2.6x higher chance of receiving a positive response to InMail outreach. By curating job content on a Career Page, companies can attract top-tier talent and showcase the specific content candidates are actively searching for. This targeted approach helps capture qualified candidates' attention and increases the likelihood of engaging them effectively.



Indeed has over 300 million visitors monthly, providing a platform for candidates and employees to share company reviews, allowing job seekers to gain valuable insights into prospective organizations. With an Indeed company profile, recruitment professionals can showcase a company's purpose, values, and mission – while employees can provide feedback on their work experience, culture, salary, and CEO approval. 

With Indeed, job seekers can take skills assessments – allowing hiring professionals to assess their skills before the interview begins. Also, with easy-to-navigate job posts and the convenience of the one-click apply option, more applicants are encouraged to submit their information – streamlining the application process for employers and job seekers.

Indeed offers products that facilitate a more active hiring process, such as Indeed Resume and the Indeed Hiring Platform. With Indeed Resume, job seekers' credentials can be easily searched, and they can be invited to apply for open roles. Additionally, the Indeed Hiring Platform service provides candidate screening and interview scheduling assistance, which can be particularly useful when narrowing down the candidate pool and making the hiring process more efficient.

Employers using the Employer Branding Hub witnessed an average 20% increase in Indeed Profile Views (Indeed Global Data, 2021), highlighting the impact of building a strong employer brand. Premium Branded Company Alerts enable professionals to establish branded communication channels with the audience, fostering relationships with potential applicants. 

A great feature with Indeed is how employers can leverage the FAQs to either ask proactive questions and leave their verified company response, or answer the FAQs already out there and get the employer pinned to the top of responses. This allows companies to guide the conversation and take control of what they can to ensure they can position the company for success.


Innovation with Indeed

In response to the growing importance of wellbeing in the workplace, Indeed has introduced the Work Wellbeing Score. This innovative feature assesses how individuals feel in their work environments. Having visibility into these aspects has become crucial to job seekers when exploring employment opportunities. Also, by understanding the necessary measures to prioritize employee wellbeing, organizations can foster a strong employer brand that resonates with top talent.

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Indeed has also implemented Healthy Budget Requirements to ensure that all jobs advertised on their platform have what they deem to be a sufficient budget. By implementing a minimum budget, each job in a campaign can receive the necessary traffic and meaningful performance to meet the required budget threshold. A minimum budget ensures that job postings receive the appropriate exposure and resources to attract qualified candidates and support successful hiring outcomes.



Glassdoor has over 55 million visitors on a monthly basis. It’s become a go-to resource for job seekers seeking comprehensive insights into interview questions, salaries, employee benefits, company culture, CEO ratings, and more. All the content that is featured on Glassdoor profiles is submitted by past and current employees and candidates. This allows each review and submission to offer a unique perspective into a company's culture and operations. To ensure quality, every submission is reviewed by a Glassdoor team member for accuracy and reliability.

Glassdoor serves as more than just a platform for job listings; it offers a wealth of information that candidates value. Prospective candidates can use Glassdoor to learn about companies, including their mission, vision, culture, values, benefits, compensation, and more. According to Glassdoor, users who viewed the "Why Work With Us" section of a company were, on average, 49% more likely to initiate a job application for that company within 30 days (Glassdoor Data (worldwide), August 2021 - August 2022). This highlights the impact of employer branding on hiring outcomes, and the comprehensive overview helps candidates assess the alignment between their aspirations and the company's offerings. 

In fact, 79% of Glassdoor users are more likely to apply to an open job if the employer is actively engaged on Glassdoor, and 76% of users agree their perception of a company improves after seeing an employer respond to a review. This includes responding to reviews, updating the company profile, and sharing updates about the culture and work environment. By actively participating on Glassdoor, employers can enhance their employer brand, build trust with potential candidates, and increase the likelihood of attracting top talent. After all, Glassdoor job seekers who saw one company’s brand 10+ times were five times more likely to apply than those who saw it once.

Fishbowl by Glassdoor is another way for job seekers to engage with companies. When a candidate is interested in a company, they can start anonymous conversations with employees who work there to find support, answer questions, and ensure the company is the right career fit. Glassdoor has also just announced the launch of their new communities, called “bowls,” which enables individuals to participate in discussions with fellow professionals across diverse subjects. These discussions encompass a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from Industry Bowls™ or private Company Bowls™ where users can anonymously engage with colleagues and leaders within organizations. These features help job seekers gain authentic, transparent information about job roles and what it’s like to work at a company.

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Premium Profiles on Glassdoor

Premium profiles on Glassdoor offer fantastic features to boost engagement and gather valuable data. But is it worth the investment? Consider whether competitors are using paid profiles, as they can block job ads, target candidates, and attract talent using all the platform's features.

One unique feature of an Enhanced Profile is the ability to showcase a chosen review at the top, ensuring candidates see relatable feedback first. By responding to Glassdoor reviews, companies can shape how potential candidates, investors, and customers perceive a company.

Employers who invest in the Employer Branding Hub witness substantial increases in job clicks and applies. For Recruitics clients, of those with an Employer Branding Hub, an average cost-per-apply is 44% lower than for those clients who do not utilize the EB Hub.



The utilization of employer profiles plays a crucial role in today's professional landscape. These profiles provide a platform for employers to showcase their company culture, values, and opportunities, enabling job seekers to make informed decisions about potential employers. Employer profiles promote transparency and authenticity, fostering a more efficient and effective hiring process for companies – ensuring they attract and retain top talent.

Need help elevating your employer profile strategy? At Recruitics, our team specializes in helping you evolve, refine, and effectively communicate all aspects of your employer brand message. Discover how we can assist you in safeguarding, monitoring, and managing the essential components of your employer brand message and reputation. 

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