Why We Offer Free Recruitment Marketing Analytics

Why We Offer Free Recruitment Marketing Analytics

In an ever-competitive market, having access to solid recruitment marketing data is paramount to success. Recruitment marketing analytics enable recruiters to make careful fact-based decisions, rather than going on a hunch. This can save time, money, and most importantly, increase the likelihood of attracting the right talent with programmatic job advertising and other recruitment marketing strategies.

Just about 2 years ago, Recruitics disrupted the recruitment industry by releasing our free recruitment marketing analytics platform in the US and UK - Recruitics Analytics. During this launch, Joel Cheeseman of the Chad and Cheese podcast dubbed us “the Google Analytics for Recruitment” on ERE Media. Read on to find out why!


How is recruitment marketing data useful for organizations?

In the past, recruitment data on this level was hard to find in a single platform, and if you could find it, it was expensive. At Recruitics, however, we believe that having access to deep, job and source-level analytics is THAT important, therefore everyone should have access to this information. This ensures that all talent acquisition professionals have a better chance of being in control of their recruitment outcomes.

Advanced recruitment marketing data allows companies to evaluate the results of various recruitment channels, which may include how many offers were made to quality candidates or which programmatic job advertisements produced hires at the lowest cost-per-hire (CPH). Targeted recruitment marketing enables a company to increase its influence on the job market with a recognizable employer brand. Data can show that certain campaigns are working better than others.

There is a trend toward adding talent acquisition analytics to everyday business decisions and allowing data-centric approaches to give added insight into all parts of the organization. Everything from the recruitment process can be tracked, evaluated, and adjusted to create an ongoing candidate and employee experience. The problem is that some companies are working with systems that don’t “speak” well with each other or don’t have reporting functions that provide the detail needed to make moves that lead to strong business outcomes. But we help solve for that.


Data is at the epicenter of all that we do at Recruitics

Data is at the epicenter of everything we do at Recruitics. Not only are analytics used in all of our programmatic job advertising technology, but as a recruitment marketing agency, all the strategies we develop and the decisions we make as a company are data-centric. This gives us a better understanding of the challenges that organizations are facing currently in the war for talent. We use our own system and we know it works, and that’s why we could not keep it to ourselves, which is why we offer Recruitics Analytics - our free recruitment marketing analytics platform.

Our recruitment marketing analytics platform includes:

  • A single, trusted source of end-to-end recruitment data
  • Full source tracking and conversion monitoring on a career site
  • Real-time, job-level analytics from which to make decisions
  • Integration with almost all applicant tracking systems worldwide
  • Centralized, one-click reporting in a user-friendly dashboard
  • Data gathered from paid and unpaid sources, including job advertising spend
  • An opportunity to offer feedback for future product improvements


How can you sign up for our free recruitment marketing analytics platform?

It’s easy. Just visit our website page for Recruitics Analytics and sign up! There’s no cost, and once you’re up and running, you can get started making more data-driven recruitment marketing decisions immediately. Get started for free today!

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